Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Managing Your Blood Sugar: The Key to Health, Longevity and Weight Loss

This is a recent lecture that I did at Sevananda Natural Foods in Atlanta Georgia. Sevananda is the largest natural foods co-op in the Southeast United States. In this presentation, I discussed how high blood sugar is the cause of all disease and even decreases your life expectancy. High blood sugar also causes obesity and sexual dysfunction. Millions of Americans have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and I discuss why grains, fructose, smoothies, sugar, and even a vegan diet can cause high blood sugar. I also explain why obesity is not about calories in, calories out but instead is about your levels of insulin.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Covert Eugenics: Are Estrogen-Mimicking Chemicals Cause Transgenderism & Homosexuality?

In this podcast, I expose how a class of chemicals known as a endocrine-disrupting chemicals are causing homosexuality and transgenderism. Many of these chemicals are made by Big Pharma and they profit tremendously from transgenderism. Having individuals who take life long doses of artificial hormones to undergo sex changes is a boon for them. These endocrine disrupting chemicals, which mimic estrogen and block testosterone, were created for population control purposes. I discuss the fact that they cause transgenderism, homosexuality, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, low sperm counts, and life-long infertility. I also expose the dangers of the vegan diet, plant based poisons found in many healthy vegan foods, and much more.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Homosexuality Chemicals, Chemtrails, GMOs, Anti-Fertility Vaccines, and The Global Depopulation Agenda

In this recent podcast below, I discuss homosexuality chemicals, chemtrails, the mass poisoning of the population with heavy metals, vaccines as eugenics, the chemical destruction and complete castration of men, and the deliberate and massive estrogenic pollution of the water supply. 

The information that I gave in this podcast includes the following: 

  • How mercury in vaccines causes homosexuality hence why it is pushed on pregnant women for purposes of population control
  • The pervasive dangers of aluminum in chemtrails, vaccines, and in beauty products
  • How the birth control pill is causing massive estrogenic pollution of the water supply leading to fibroids, breast cancer, and prostate cancer
  • How estrogen-mimicking chemicals feminize men and masculinize women in the womb 
  • How the male sperm count has been cut in half and men are estimated to be totally infertile in couple of decades
  • How white feminists promoted and advocated for the forced sterilization and population control of Black and Brown people
  • How birth control makes women choose Mr. Wrong, shrinks their clitoris, causes sexual dysfunction, and makes women more attracted to "feminine" men
  • How Big Pharma created endocrine disrupting chemicals like Bisphenol-A to manufacture more sickness and disease which they can profit from
  • The corporations who manufacture endocrine disrupting chemicals and their link to Hilter and the Nazis
  • How homosexuality chemicals like atrazine, which is sprayed on corn, are found in most of our water supply
  • How anti-LGBT Trump is polluting the water supply with homosexuality chemicals like atrazine.
  • How porn is destroying the male sex drive and causing delayed ejaculation
  • How chemicals are making men less motivated and less interested in relationships with real women and more interested in playing video games and watching porn
  • How to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals and foods which mimic estrogen
  • And Much More!

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Surviving The Pharma-Induced Flu Outbreak

The flu season is upon us and according to new published reports, it may extend until the late spring. The flu is said to have caused a tremendous amount of deaths and hospitalizations this year. News reports come out daily with reports of little children dying from the flu. Scared yet? Well you should not be. Whenever mainstream media starts fear mongering about a relatively harmless virus and a disease outbreak, you should ask some simple questions. Who benefits from me being afraid? Secondly, is the threat actually real or more media hysteria? In this article, I will explain why the recent much-hyped flu outbreak is actually a hoax and natural ways that you can protect yourself from infectious diseases.

Does The Flu Really Kill 36,000 a Year?
First and foremost, are people really dying from the flu? According to government’s data, there are 36,000 flu deaths annually. However, most of these deaths are “flu-related” deaths which is not the same thing as an actual flu death. What public health officials do is lump any death they think may be caused by the flu and then call it a “flu death”. This fabricated number includes respiratory, circulatory, cardiac, and pulmonary deaths which have absolutely nothing to do with the flu. These fraudulent statistics are complete lies which are designed to sell more flu vaccines. In reality, the true amount of people who die from the flu annually is closer to 500 people which is a far cry from the mythical 36,000.

Is The Flu Vaccine Really Effective?
Secondly, the flu shot is a completely ineffective solution to prevent the flu. The flu shot only protects you against a few strains of the flu when there are several strains that may cause the flu. Flu shots often target the wrong strain too. The flu vaccine this year is only about 10 percent effective which means it is 90% percent ineffective. Flu vaccines have a long history, going back for decades, of being woefully inadequate. The over-usage of the flu vaccine in our society actually leads to more virulent and deadly mutations of flu strains which again create more demand for flu vaccines which again offer virtually no protection. 

What Are The Hidden Dangers of The Flu Shot?
The flu shot is far more dangerous than the actual disease. Flu vaccines are actually the most dangerous vaccine based on the government’s own vaccine injury compensation data. It has been shown to cause instantaneous death, narcolepsy, febrile convulsions, asthma, and Guiliain-Barre syndrome (a fatal neurological condition and autoimmune disorder that leads to ascending paralysis). It is extremely dangerous for children to get the flu shot as it causes autism, ADHD, and seizures. The flu shot is often recommended for pregnant women too. What is not disclosed to expecting mothers is that the flu shot causes miscarriages, preeclampsia, and pre-term births. In seniors, the flu shot causes Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The flu shot also contains extremely toxic levels of the deadly heavy metal, mercury, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man and is not safe in any amount. Public health officials and media will often lie and say that the flu shot has no more mercury than a can of tuna. This meant to placate people when in reality, flu shots are far more dangerous than a can of tuna since you are injecting this mercury directly into your bloodstream and it thus cannot be eliminated like you can during digestion. The amount of mercury in a multi-dose flu vaccine is 50,000 ppb which is 25,000 times the amount that the FDA considers to be safe for drinking water and 250 times the amount that the EPA considers to be hazardous waste and extremely toxic. The amount of mercury in “mercury free” vaccines is 300 ppb. Studies have shown that ingesting foods with 200ppb of mercury can cause permanent brain damage. Now when you inject an extremely toxic amount of mercury (300 ppb or 50,000 ppb of mercury) directly into the bloodstream, you will totally destroy the brain and the nervous system. No wonder dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, anxiety disorders, depression, autism, and multiple sclerosis are at all-time highs in this country. This is completely insanity and these injections are making us insane! Also pregnant women are told to avoid eating tuna for mercury concerns but then told that injectable mercury in vaccines is safe. This is complete nonsense. Here are some of the other poisons found in the flu shot:
  • Egg antigens (causes allergies, asthma, and autoimmune ailments)
  • Monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxin which causes permanent brain damage Alzheimer’s, and autism)
  • Thimerosal (mercury compound known to cause neurological damage)
  • Formaldehyde (a carcinogen)
  • Polysorbate-80 (known to cause infertility)
  • Antibiotics (causes gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, stomach pain, yeast infections, and loss of healthy bacteria which maintains the proper balance of microflora to maintain digestive health and immunity)

Do these ingredients sound like poison or “protection”?

Does The Flu Vaccine Causes Flu Outbreaks?
 Big Pharma is in the business of producing customers, not public health. Public health is the enemy of Big Pharma and that is why Big Pharma is in the business of creating disease. Their sole purpose for existing is to maximize profits for their shareholders which they are legally obligated to do. Since they are in the business of disease, they are legally obligated to maximize the amount of disease so they can maximize their profits. In order to create disease, they inject millions of people with these disease-creating vaccines because these vaccines create outbreaks which leads to more vaccine sales. The flu vaccine definitely causes outbreaks because it actually used to contain the actual flu virus. Whenever you injected with a live virus, there is a process known as shedding where the virus spreads to other people. Furthermore, research has shown that the flu vaccine weakens your immune system causing a 250% increase in flu infections in subsequent years. Furthermore, the immune system weakening as result of the flu vaccine makes one more likely to contract the flu strains not found in the vaccine. Remember, the flu shot only offers protection against a few strains of the flu and often times targets the complete wrong strain. All of this and along with the fact that over-use of flu vaccines actually causes flu virus mutations which makes the virus more virulent and deadly demonstrates that flu vaccine-induced outbreaks and mutations are big part of Big Pharma’s business plan.

How to Naturally Protect Yourself Against the Flu
The best thing you can do to protect yourself against the flu is reduce sugar intake. Sugar suppresses the immune system and it was shown in the early 1900s that polio outbreaks directly correlated to increased sugar intake. You should also eat more anti-inflammatory foods like organic fruits and vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables and less pro-inflammatory foods like grains, wheat, dairy, commercial meats, and processed vegetable oils.  Vitamin D, which can be obtained naturally from the sun during the summer months, is the most critical component to having a strong immune system. Vitamin D supplements are beneficial for the flu but I recommend getting your Vitamin D levels checked first before supplementing with Vitamin D3. Your levels should be between 60 to 80 ng/ml. Vitamin C from fruits like berries, grapefruit, and vegetables like broccoli are also great immune enhancers. The most beneficial herbs to take to prevent the flu and stimulate the immune system are astralagus, elderberry, olive leaf, turmeric, goldenseal, reishi mushroom, and echinacea. Oil of oregano and aged garlic extract are also great natural remedies for the flu.
A weakened immune system is often due to stress too. Thereby it is important to walk in nature, meditate, and practice yoga. People who are often people pleasers and who have weak boundaries often have weakened immune systems according to groundbreaking research from Dr. Gabor Mate. Learn to say “no” and to seek your own approval and validation.

You can prevent the flu and keep you and your family healthy. Just do not expect Big Pharma or public health agencies to help you out though. The sicker you are, the more money they earn. That is why it is important for to take control of your health and not rely on the medical experts who seek to profit from your disease, not your well-being.  Thank you for reading.

When The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Mate

Curtis Duncan is a holistic health researcher who has studied close this topic close to a decade. He can be reached at or via email at

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Dark Side of Veganism

In a recent radio interview, I discussed the dangers of veganism and vegetarianism. The recent vegan propaganda film, "What the Health" has brought veganism into the spotlight and increased its popularity but the increased adoption of the vegan diet will actually do more harm than good. In this show, I discuss why the vegan diet is a New Age scam which only leads to brain shrinkage, disease, infertility, and malnutrition. It is not good for the environment, does not make more peaceful but rather more depressed and delusional, definitely does not make you more "spiritual", and does not improve health but rather destroys it. I also discuss why veganism is boon for Big Pharma and the soy and grain industry. I also discussed how the the vegan diet is promoted by global elites for eugenics and population control and by cults for mind control. It is a very informative and eye opening show.

In this show, I discuss:

1. The origins of vegan diet in America and how it was never about health but suppression of human sexuality
2. The dangers of the vegan diet and why it is a starvation diet
3. The importance of animal fats and cholesterol for proper brain health
3. My four year experience as a vegan and why it led to depression and even suicidal thoughts
3. The dangers of grains, soy, fruit and other seemingly "healthy" plant based foods
4. Why humans are not herbivores nor carnivores but rather omnivores or a mixed eater
5. The dangers of vegan diet for babies and why it could destroy their proper development
6. How Blacks are being targeted for genocide with soy infant formula
7. Why type of animal foods you should consistently incorporate into your diet
8. Why veganism is a clever marketing ploy by the soy and grain industry to increase consumption of their toxic foods
9. Why veganism is excellent for creating more life long customers for Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia
9. Why veganism leads to infertility, impotency, homosexuality, and smaller penises hence why it is used for eugenics and population control
10. Why we need animal protein and fats why plant based protein is inferior.  And why is protein through other foods not nearly as good and usable as animal protein?
11. Why cults and other oppressive organizations often advocate vegan diets for brainwashing and to control and dumb down their followers. 

Listen to this explosive show here

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Homosexuality Chemicals, Eugenics, Covert Population Control, & The Bio-Chemical Destruction of Humanity

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In this radio show, I discussed endocrine disrupting chemicals aka "gender benders" and how they are destroying humanity. These chemicals are directly linked to extreme rise in cancer, infertility, diabetes, reproductive ailments, and neurodevelopmental disorders i.e. autism/ADHD.

These chemicals are also homosexuality chemicals by causing people to be born gay. Furthermore, these chemicals totally castrate males and cause men have undescended testicles, feminized gentalia, genital defects, and abnormally small penises. I will discuss this, eugenics, the eugenics/Nazi corporations behind them, Big Pharma's manufacture of endocrine disrupting chemicals, their deliberate very high presence in Black and Brown communities, and much, much more.

Below are some excellent recordings for men and women on how to avoid and detox these harmful chemicals from your body.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nazi Vaccine Maker, Big Pharma & Vaccine-Mandate Groups Major Backers of Trump Cabinet

Trump HHS Pick Huge Pharma Prostitute and Tied to Pro Vaccine Mandate Groups

When Trump was running for president, he rightly exposed how vaccines were linked to autism which in fact they are. He also had a meeting with Dr. Andrew Wakefield who was one of the first doctors to expose a link between vaccines and autism.  Trump also promised to drain the swamp of corporate lobbyists. This made many in the anti-vaccine and vaccine safety community feel optimistic that Trump presidency could possibly bring some accountability to Big Pharma and justice for hundreds of thousands of children who have been vaccine-injured. However, like most criminal politicians who make appealing promises before getting elected, he has abandoned those promises since being selected as president. Obama did this when he promised to label GMOs as a candidate and when he became president, he appointed numerous Monsanto lobbyists into his administration, and passed the Monsanto-written Monsanto Protection Act and the Dark Act which effectively crushed any possibility of GMO labeling in this country.  Trump’s recent HHS cabinet pick, Tom Price is a prime example. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the FDA and the CDC. Price is a huge prostitute for Big Pharma and has received $180k in bribes aka “political donations” from pharmaceutical companies. He has received more than $20k in bribes aka “donations” from some of the world’s top five vaccine makers i.e. (Merck, Glaxo, Novartis, and Pfizer). He also received $12k from the AMA who is a major proponent of vaccine mandates and announced that they would lobby local governments to eliminate exemptions to vaccines. Price is also a prostitute for the billionaire Koch Brothers who give him $20k. The Koch Brothers is a major investor in Big Pharma and one of the biggest manufacturers of formaldehyde, a major toxic component of vaccines. The Koch Brothers have spent years lobbying to keep formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in medicines and vaccines even while actively sitting on the board of cancer foundations.  Tom Price is also an alumni, aka former member of ALEC, corporate front group which bribes local legislators to enact vaccine mandates.  Furthermore, he is a major stockholder in vaccine makers and pharmaceutical companies. 

Money Control Politics in Hidden Ways
This is another way in which money controls politics. Politicians are self-interested, sociopathic businessmen (hence why most are multi-millionaires) and usually have investments and stocks in the very industries and corporations who they oversee and often claim to be against (i.e Bernie/Stein railing against Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Wall Street while simultaneously owning their stock). This means that there are never going to do anything to hurt the very companies which they own and will even push for laws that will boost the value of the companies. It is in their best interest to do so since they actively control whether their stock portfolio goes up or down.  A video exposed this practice in terms of the Wall Street bailout where politicians who owned stock in the financial institutions supported the bailout because it would ultimately benefit for them along with their Wall Street donors, of course. Politicians are also legally allowed to engage in insider trading which permits them to trade stocks based on pending legislation usually written by corporate lobbyists. This means they can buy more stocks in pharma company for example because they know that stock will be more valuable due to a pending law written by that same pharma company which is about to passed. It is a win-win situation for the prostitute aka “politician” and for the corporation who gets a payback i.e. corporate-written law for their bribe aka “political donation”. This is why politicians are always richer after leaving office because they can legally engage in otherwise illegal insider trading and pass legislation which boosts the value of their portfolios. Politicians are just here to make themselves and their criminal corporate backers richer while making you poor in the process. Politics is about making money; not “making America great”. 

Nazi Vaccine Makers Big Supporters of Trump Cabinet Pick
Even more shockingly, Nazi vaccine maker, Sanofi was a major donor to Price. The company donated $7,500 to Price. Sanofi is one of the world’s largest vaccine makers and was a spin-off of IG Farben, a former Nazi corporation who owned concentration camps and who had been a major supporter of Adolf Hilter. Sanofi has an extensive list of criminal activities in intentionally selling drugs contaminated with HIV, selling contaminated vaccines with mold and otherwise, developing deadly vaccines for the bird flu hoax, pedophilic abuse and destruction of children during drug trials, and scamming Medicaid program and robbing taxpayers of $96 million. Furthermore, Sanofi used to be another major sponsor of ALEC or the American Legislative Exchange Council who has been pushing for vaccine mandates in nearly every state legislature. They are no longer a member but Sanofi is a member of the pharmaceutical lobbying front group PhRMA which is heavily invested in and involved with the corporate front group ALEC which wine and dines politicians and then gives them bills to pass.

Medical Fascism
Fascism as defined by Benito Mussolini is the merger of state and corporate power. The front group ALEC is the perfect definition of this as it is a corporate-funded front group which invites politicians to be members so they can do the corporations’ bidding.  Given that he has appointed a pharma prostitute as the head of the CDC and FDA, this means that medical tyranny, the war on health freedom, and pharma control of government and medicine will continue in America. Business as usual will continue.  Furthermore, vaccine mandates will be coming to America under a Trump Cabinet given that Sanofi and Big Pharma are major supporters of Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human cabinet pick. The government announced that wish to achieve mandatory vaccines by 2020 under their Healthy People 2020 initiative and the person who will be in office at that time will be Trump. His recent cabinet pick will definitely assure this as well. Trump, like all presidents, lied, corporations will get majorly paid, and the masses will be screwed.