Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why Police Brutality is Good for the "Economy"

In this video, I discuss why police brutality are great for the fake economy will live in and thus will not be eliminated. Police brutality and terrorism are the products of capitalism which is based on slavery and will not be eliminated by capitalism. Modern police evolved from slave patrols that existed early in the US which had everything to do with protecting capitalism i.e. chattel slavery and the interests of the propertied i.e. the rich. Blacks were considered to be the property or "capital" at the time and these slave patrols were responsible for controlling and terrorizing this "capital". This is where the racism of police first originated. Even more, billions are made by weapons and war manufacturers selling weapons and ammo to police departments and the more police terrorism, brutality, and militarization against the masses there is, the more profits are made. Furthermore police brutality is actually something to be profited from, not eliminated, hence why the proposed solutions to police brutality i.e. Tasers/body cameras either don't decrease and/or actually increase police brutality. These solutions are truly designed to further enrich criminal corporations like Taser International. Capitalism just like the police does not serve the masses; they never have and never will.. They only benefit and serve a select few i.e. the rich. Until capitalism and its protectionist institution known as the state are eliminated, blood will continue to be spilled on the streets due to police.

Solution? This is why we need an entire new economic system, a resource based economy as promoted by the Zeitgeist Movement. The global economic system cannot be reformed. It must be dismantled and replaced with a new system.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

National Security and Neo-Eugenics: How Vaccines are Black Genocide


I have received rave reviews about my lecture last night at the Vaccine Justice or Else Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta so I wanted to share a recording of my lecture.  In this lecture below, I discuss how the US imperialists and eugenicists are using vaccines to kill off and sterilize Black and Brown People throughout the world. This has two strategic objectives:
1) One to kill off non-white people because they are considered to be genetically inferior under the philosophy of eugenics or scientific racism.
2) To enable the US empire to more effectively engage in the wholesale resource theft from 3rd world countries since there will be less people to potentially resist them.
As stated Henry Kissinger state in National Security Referendum 200 in 1974: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of the U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S."

In the lecture, I discuss how the Rockefellers created the program of deadly allopathic medicine and compulsory vaccines, why cancer did not exist until mass vaccination, how 100 million Americans were deliberately injected with cancer causing vaccines in the 1950s, how the Rockefellers financed the American Eugenics Movement and Planned Parenthood which targets Blacks for genocide via abortion and forced sterilization, how deadly vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue likely from Black babies, why birth control was invented for Black genocide, how poor Puerto Ricans were used as guinea pigs and murdered to test birth control in the 1960s, how Henry Kissinger called for the genocide of Black and Brown people as a matter of "national security" in National Security Referendum 200 in 1974 via the usage of injectable contraceptives, etc, how the smallpox vaccination campaign in Africa in the 1970s was used for genocidal purposes, how Blacks were targeted for genocide via the first injectable contraceptive, Norplant, how Blacks are being targeted today for genocide via the injectable contraceptive, Depo-Provera, how a Dick Cheney supported "National Security" organization promoted the usage of race-based bioweapons in 2000, how the Rockefellers financed the development of anti-fertility vaccines in the 1970s and then used them to forcibly sterilize people in the third world in the 1990s, how a 2014 mass tetanus vaccination campaign recently sterilized 2 million Blacks, how the CDC promotes mass sterilization via vaccines, why mercury in vaccines is about population control since it causes infertility and homosexuality, why mercury-laced vaccines are being pushed in the Third World for population control, how the eugenicist Bill Gates is pushing vaccines in the Third World to kill them, how HPV vaccines are the first widely used anti-fertility vaccines that are being pushed on the Third World by a white supremacist, eugenicist like Bill Gates, and how the CDC recently promoted mass sterilization via HPV vaccines right here in Atlanta.

This video contains footage from the Vaccine Justice or Else Townhall Meeting which includes Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist who worked with the CDC Whistleblower, Marcella Piper Terry of, and Michelle Ford of the Vaccine Injury Awareness League . My portion starts at 1:23:45 mark.

To learn more and join about this movement, please visit

AIDS, Opium and Diamonds by Dr. Nancy Banks
Missing Assets: The Cultural, Psychological, and Biological Origins of Infertility by Keidi Awadu
Outrage: How Babies Were Used as Guinea Pigs in L.A. County vaccine experiment by Keidi Awadu
Epidemic: The Rise of Childhood Diseases by the US by Keidi Awadu
Medisin by Dr. Scott Whitaker
Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins
Maafa 21 (documentary)
Trace Amounts (documentary)
Maintaining our Temples by Sistah Q
Medical Apartheid by Dr. Harriet Washington
War on the Weak by Edwin Black
Vaccines are Dangerous by Curtis Cost

Monday, November 2, 2015

CDC Promotes Mass Sterilization of Blacks via Anti-Fertility HPV Vaccines

In late 2014, I noticed that there were a tremendous amount of ads on public transit in Atlanta encouraging people to vaccinate their kids with HPV vaccines. I ride public transit and the public transit system in Atlanta has a 70 to 80 percent Black ridership so obviously these ads were designed to target Blacks in the city.  Here is a picture of this CDC-funded advertising campaign.

What the CDC did not disclose in these ads is that HPV vaccines are very dangerous, genetically engineered, anti-fertility vaccines being given to Black and Brown people all throughout the world to sterilize and kill them off for eugenics/population control purposes. Here is why I state the purposes of these vaccines is eugenics and not public health.
1. HPV vaccines do not prevent cervical cancer but actually cause the disease.
2. Cervical/anal cancer is extremely rare and usually doesn't result in fatality from the disease. If people do die, it is from chemo/radiation not the cancer itself
3. Cervical cancer usually occurs in women in the 60s so why is the CDC promoting a vaccine to young girls for a disease that they get when they are 60?
4. As documented in my previous article, HPV vaccines sterilize boys and suppress their ability to produce testosterone which means no testesterone, no sperm!
4. HPV vaccines contain additives which cause infertility and spontaneous abortions.
5. Girls, unlike older women, have the ability to be fertile so if you wanted to sterilize women particularly Black women, it is best to do it when they are young.

6. HPV vaccines have killed close to 47 girls already. Al Jazeera in 2011 documented how a clinical trial was done on young girls in India and how several of them died after receiving the vaccine. The vaccine trial was sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation. The Indian government has condemned the foundation for their involvement in this barbaric, obvious population control effort.
7. Bill Gates is a population control eugenicist who openly stated that he wanted to use vaccines to kill off the world's population. His foundation is currently spending billions on providing HPV vaccines to Black and Brown people all throughout the world for eugenics purposes.
8. There have been numerous anti-fertility vaccines which have been intentionally released in places like Kenya where 2 million people were sterilized. Anti-fertility vaccines have existed and been used since the 1970s.
9. I have documented in an hour long radio show that HPV vaccines are in fact, eugenics vaccines used for population control.
10. HPV vaccines have recently been banned by the Japanese government for concerns that it causes infertility.

Based on the evidence above, the CDC's promotion of HPV vaccines has nothing to do with public health but with promoting eugenics or scientific racism which is still alive and well in America today. The eugenics movement started in America and later spread to Nazi Germany. Here in America, thousands of Blacks were forcibly sterilized or were intentionally killed through inhumane medical experimentation like the Tuskegee experiment which the CDC was involved with! In the late 90s, the CDC was involved in an experiment where Blacks babies in South Central were used as guinea pigs and then killed to test a deadly vaccine. Recently, in 2014, a CDC whistleblower documented how the agency deliberately withheld data which showed a 240 percent in autism in Black boys from the the MMR vaccine. As a result of this information being suppressed, 100,000 to 250,000 Black boys have autism who otherwise would not. The agency also promoted a tetanus shot which was given to Blacks in Kenya in 2014 and ended up sterilizing close to 2 million people! Now, the agency is promoting genetically modified, anti-fertility vaccines to Blacks? This is genocide, eugenics, and scientific racism at the high levels.

The fact that HPV vaccines are population control/eugenic vaccines make it even more scarier now that state governments are already started mandating them. Plus, the CDC wants to dramatically increase the vaccination compliance rate for these worthless, extremely toxic vaccines to 80 percent adherence by 2020. How will this be done? This will be done through HPV vaccine mandates throughout America which amounts to forcible sterilization!

Recently, I helped organize a rally in front of the CDC to protest the corruption within the agency and how they are working for Big Pharma to kill and maim our babies. Hundreds of people showed up at this rally. Later, we had a rally at Grant Park to bring attention to the dangers of vaccines, medical fascism, the allegations of the CDC whistleblower, and the corruption within the agency. The rally featured Barbara Lou Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center, Eric Gladen, Dr. Toni Bark, Ron Cummings of the Organic Consumers Association, Lynn Redwood, Marcella Piper Terry of, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and Minister Tony Muhammed. It was an awesome rally and this rally is the start of a broad and multi-ethnic vaccine movement. You can learn more by visiting You can also donate to this movement by clicking here to further advance it.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How The Fashion Industry is Killing the Planet, Its Workers, and Humanity

The fashion industry is the epitome of the destructiveness, slavery, wastefulness, pollution, genocide, structural violence, classism, sexism, and racism of market capitalism. This documentary "True Cost" documents this. Our cultural obsession with fashion is a direct by-product of the vanity, materialism, superficiality, consumerism, vain status display, and narcissism directly promoted and created by the brainwashing, hundred billion dollar a year advertising industry. Our addiction to shopping and buying endless amounts of clothing is a product of the disconnection, disenchantment, disillusionment, and disenfranchisement that most of us feel as a result of being mere human resources, disposable wage slaves a.k.a. employees, and commodities in this global predatory capitalistic system. The clothing is made to be disposed of in a matter of weeks, new fashions are constantly being invented every two weeks, we are constantly being told to buy more of it so we can be "cool", "fashionable", and "hip", and we crave the crab because of the emptiness and insecurity that we feel inside. All the stuff we have has only made us bigger, highly anxious assholes. We are less empathetic, more disconnected from loved ones, more depressed, more anxious, and more anti-social. This obsession with material goods has also destroyed relationships and made them less genuine and authentic. We see each other as commodities or objects to be bought, used or exploited, and discarded.

Meanwhile, the fashion industry is destroying the environment through the endless of amounts of pesticides, GMOs, monocrop agriculture, and industrial pollution from clothing factories. It is destroying literally via death hundred of thousands of poor Indian farmers who commit suicide after their genetically modified cotton crops fail which is bound to happen as GMO cotton produces less cotton even though it is more expensive. Thousands of people are poisoned and have health problems and birth defects through the vast amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which the cotton crops require. Cotton also requires very high amounts of water and the global production of cotton is responsible for the water scarcity that the world is witnessing. Thousands of workers unnecessarily die from the unsafe, sweatshop working conditions. The people who suffer these workplace deaths are poor women of color in the Third World. These women live in absolute, abject poverty and paid slave wages to make clothing for billionaire corporations where the owners have a collective combined wealth of $48 billion dollars. The fashion industry is a huge user of highly exploited child labor and even outright slavery too. Millions of pieces of clothing are discarded and dumped into ever expanding landfills because of the huge planned obsolescence built into the fashion industry where is clothing is made to be inferior and made to last for months thus forcing you to buy more clothing. Even more, millions of piece of clothing are donated or thrown away due to the perceived obsolescence where fashion companies constantly creating new fashions. These donated clothes are then usually dumped into third world countries thus exacerbating the grinding poverty found in these countries by destroying local garment industries. However, several of the richest men on the planet are in the fashion industry and this predatory industry has produced millions off the backs of the poor and highly marginalized. Every year, more and more clothing is sold to the planet's and humanity's detriment. This is the epitome of capitalism. It is all the pathological pursuit of profit and continued growth. The negative costs are socialized and the rewards i.e. profits privatized by a few billionaires. The farming of cotton under Soviet style state capitalism i.e. communism destroyed the fourth largest lake in the world and brought the area to ecological collapse. It is a rapacious machine totally disconnected from the realities of the natural world which cannot stop until it only eats itself. Endless economic growth on a finite world is utterly impossible and utterly insane, suicidal, and homicidal. Capitalism can only destroy itself and everything along with it. We must destroy it and or will bring us to the point of human extinction.

Learn more about a new sane economic reality as proposed by the Zeitgeist Movement here


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Coke Funds Junk Science Claiming Obesity is About Exercise, Not Sugar

Killer Coke has recently been found to be financing a front group that has been putting out studies that obesity has absolutely nothing to do with diet, specifically sugary beverages, and everything to do with a lack of exercise. This is an old trick that corporations use to deny that their product is harmful. It was actually originally recommended by Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda and advertising. He advised companies to use seemingly "independent" third parties to promote their product or deny that their product was harmful. Hence why there were actually ads in the early 1900s where doctors promoted cigarettes and many "scientists" denied for the longest that cigarettes caused cancer!

Coke along with the rest of the food industry has been doing this for a long time. McDonald's after the release of the documentary "Super Size Me" promoted fitness and physical activity and virtually all fast food and soft drink companies sponsor the Olympics and other sporting events even though you won't be able to compete in the Olympics by eating their products. The food industry has been promoting and financing the whole exercise industry for a long time. The message by these corporations is "Our products will make you be like Mike and can make you a great athlete"!  They are also encouraging more P.E. in public schools though they don't want soda, sports drinks, and all these obesity causing sugary drinks to be removed from public schools. It is a complete scam. This link between the foods industry and fitness was documented in the documentary below "The Men Who Made Us Thin"."

Now the food industry wants to continue to promote the same tired, calories in, calories out myth which has been thoroughly debunked. This myth has propagated by nutritionists (who are financed by the obesity causing food industry), the obesity-causing food industry, and the weight loss industry. The only problem is that the whole calories in, calories out myth is not true. Working out does not make you thinner and as a matter of fact, when you work out to "burn" calories, your body triggers your hunger hormones to make you replace the calories you burned. This makes working out to lose weight a waste of time because you will only be hungrier and will only end up replacing the calories you burned. If the calories are not replaced, then you will go into starvation mode and store fat. Even worse, many workout and gym foods are loaded with carbs, fructose, and sugar which are the very foods which make you pack on the pounds. So people work out to lose weight and do not actually end up losing and then eat foods which make them gain weight and so they workout some more and even harder to lose weight. It is vicious cycle. Exercise is ineffective for weight loss. It is great for your health though.

Obesity has nothing to do with calories in, calories out, diet and exercise, and overeating. Obesity has everything to do with insulin! Insulin is your body's fat storing and promoting hormone. That is why you are more likely to get fat eating whole wheat bagels than a 4 egg, ham, and cheese omelet. One food, whole wheat, dramatically raises your insulin levels making you pack on the pounds while the omelet has no response on insulin thus making you burn fat.

Sugar is the number one cause of obesity today. Sugar specifically raises your insulin levels and actually gets converted into fat within four hours of eating of it.  This fat then gets stored in your body causing you to pack on pounds. Whenever you consume sugar, you are actually consuming fat! Sugary drinks in particular are really harmful because all the sugar immediately goes to your bloodstream or the fructose portion of the sucrose molecule goes to your liver where it immediately gets converted into fat. Fructose in particular is the sugar which has been shown to cause obesity. Most sugary drinks are made with high fructose corn syrup which is supposed to be 55% fructose. However, most brands contain close to 70% fructose! The higher amounts of fructose make the product more addictive and causes more obesity, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, diabetes, high blood pressure, pancreatic cancer (the most deadliest type of cancer), fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, dementia, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. Sugar/fructose cause virtually all the diseases that people are afflicted with today. Consuming high amounts of fructose also doesn't suppress your appetite and makes you overeat. Even worse, high fructose corn syrup contains mercury which is one of the most toxic substances known to man.

This is why you should ditch ALL refined or concentrated sugars which include agave nectar, fruit juice, dried fruits, brown sugar, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, crystalline fructose (found in Vitamin Water), brown rice syrup, etc. Even excessive amounts of raw honey can be harmful.

My weight loss product contain the world's best weight loss information out there! With this information, you can easily lose 30 pounds in just ONE month through changing your diet! You can receive this phenomenal product immediately via E-Junkie, an e-commerce site. In this video, you will learn why weight loss has nothing to do with exercise, eating too many fatty foods, calories in, calories out, and overeating. Obesity has everything to do with HORMONES specifically insulin, cortisol, and estrogen. You will learn why whole grains, too many carbs, sugar, hidden chemicals, Big Pharma, antibiotics, soy, a lack of sleep, fruit juice, artificial sweeteners, and bottled water are making you FAT and preventing you from losing. You will learn what is making you fat and a simple eating plan, practices, and supplements to make you effortlessly lose. Order your copy today of this product by clicking here


Sunday, August 16, 2015

How Soybean Oil, Found in All American Food, Makes You Fat and Diabetic

A new study shows how soybean oil causes more obesity than sugar or saturated fat. Soybean or "vegetable" oil is toxic and usually genetically modified. 92 percent of soybeans grown in America are genetically modified and sprayed with a highly toxic pesticide known as Round Up. Round Up itself has been shown to cause numerous health problems and cancers.

Since government subsidizes the growth of soybeans to the tune of billions of dollars, it is extremely cheap and is added to all of the processed foods in America. Most fast food restaurants use soybean oil to make their fried foods too. When soybean oil is heated, it becomes extremely toxic as it oxidizes and generates free radicals. This oxidized fat clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. Soybean oil, even when uncooked, causes heart disease because it contains omega-6 fatty acids which are pro-inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of heart disease. Most restaurants/food companies use soybean oil to make their toxic fried foods since saturated fat i.e. lard, ghee, tallow has been demonized by the veggie oil industry.  Fast food restaurants used to make their fries with tallow until the soybean industry funded a supposed consumer front group to demonize saturated fat and the calories found in the fries. Restaurants then started using trans fats which are a huge cause of heart disease. This is why heart disease has not gone down in America even though Americans are eating less saturated fat and veggie oils. They are eating the very foods which CAUSE heart disease!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Police Militarization and the Coming Collapse of the US Empire

Over the past several months, there has been much discussion over the militarization of the police. There have been calls to demilitarize the police and to the end the federal government's program of transferring military equipment. This is a fraud though because even if the government stopped the program which they did not, Homeland Security is spending billions giving police departments grants to buy military equipment. Also, police departments can use money obtained via asset forfeiture, which is where the government legally robs people, to buy military equipment. Defense contractors also targeting local departments to buy their equipment too to expand their market. In effect, de-militarization of the police will NEVER happen.

But why is the police being militarized in the first place? It is not for officer safety as the rate of citizens killing police has gone down even though the rate of police killing citizens has skyrocketed dramatically. It is not to fight crime as crimes rates have been steadily decreasing. Police militarization first started in 1960s with the government's assault on the Black Panthers and has continued to escalate to fight the phony war on drugs, war on terror, and overall war on Americans i.e. war on civil liberties. However, the real reason for police militarization is because we are at the end times of the American Empire.

The police militarization is due to the impending societal collapse which the Pentagon is expecting due to climate change and the coming resource scarcity in particular oil scarcity which is soon to come. In the next coming years, there will be a financial/debt collapse, an economic collapse, water scarcity, food scarcity, continued droughts and extreme weather due to climate change. Climate change, soil erosion, acidifying oceans, ecosystem collapse, water and plastic pollution, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity will continue to accelerate. There will also be resource wars between China, Russia, and the US in the Arctic and the Middle East over increasingly scarce oil supplies. Peak Oil is a reality and major oil producing countries i.e. Saudi Arabia are running out of oil thus why the US empire is running around frantically to control all of the remaining oil supplies in the world hence the reason for the Iraq War, the future war against Iran, and the US invasion of the entire African continent. However, they are now in competition with the Russian and Chinese empires over these scarce resources and they have been wargaming in preparation of war with these two empires already. The injustice and collapse of the system was going to eventually generate protest movements throughout the country and the system knew that and was ready to suppress these movements with the huge police militarization that has been occurring over the past several decades. Militarized police forces for example are spying on and terrorizing people who have the audacity to oppose fracking or the deadly drilling for natural gas, which is destroying entire communities, polluting local water supplies, and will make climate change ever worse!

Why Police Militarization Will Continue
The military industrial complex is the biggest and most politically influential industry in the US and profits are made off war and when weapons are sold.  America is a war economy and an imperial state with over 100 military bases around the globe. The government spends half a trillion annually on weapons of mass destruction and genocide which is the way the weapons industry likes it. Naturally, since the Pentagon is not going use all these weapons, they will give some to the federal government's domestic military, local police. Even more, weapons companies directly market and sell their products to individual police departments throughout the country and police chiefs gets bribed to make sure that more military weapons get sold in the same way that the military industrial complex bribes politicians to continually increase the war budget and have more endless imperial wars. War is a racket and very profitable one! Besides, the militarization of police first started with the phony war on drugs (which is really a war on Black males) and now the domestic military i.e. police are fighting several more phony wars: the war on crime, the war on terror, the war on gangs, and war on protestors and dissidents. Pretty soon, the police are going to be using drones and dropping bombs on people. NYPD is in the process of ordering drones now. Police militarization is a problem but like all problems in the world, a profitable one and thereby one which will NOT go away. So as long as profits are made, the police militarization will continue unimpeded. 

What Can Be Done to Bring Social Change?
The first thing that must go after are the usage of all fossil fuels. Nuclear, biofuels i.e. ethanol must also go too. Next, you eliminate capitalism and the infinite growth debt based monetary paradigm. In effect, you eliminate the market economy and "money" and oppressive governments who all serve the needs of private capital and banks. 

The new economic paradigm would be a resource based economy which would serve human needs globally and all the world's resources would be shared. Alternative methods like wind, solar, and tidal energy would be the new energy resources of the future.