Saturday, April 19, 2014

Does Eating Raw Foods Makes You Infertile and Impotent??

In this video, I describe why the raw foods diet is scam and anti-human diet, how eating raw foods can make you impotent and infertile, why eating cooked foods is better for you, and how cooking made us human.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Uterine Fibroids Treatments Cause Uterine Cancer According to FDA Warning

According to a new FDA report, a commonly used treatment for fibroids actually uterine cancer! The procedure known as laparascopic power morcellation actually has been found to increase women's risk of developing a fatal type of uterine cancer by almost nine times! This is good for business though because then Big Pharma can sell more drugs and chemotherapy which will also kill women too! This is why I do not recommend any type of medical intervention for fibroids including surgery or hysterectomies because all of the medical interventions for a benign tumor known as fibroids are extremely dangerous. The treatments for fibroids are more dangerous then fibroids themselves!

Big Pharma intentionally create fibroids and breast cancer via estrogen mimicking chemicals such Bisphenol A (made by Bayer maker of aspirin) so they can sell more drugs and treatments. The drugs and treatments i.e. chemotherapy, hysterectomies, laprascopic power morcellation then cause even more problems so again more drugs and treatments can be sold. Profit is made off creating the problem and then off selling the solution which causes more problems so even more profit can be made! That is the nature of the beast know as capitalism!
Fibroids can be cured naturally though. I have an excellent and highly informative product which will help you to shrink fibroids in a matter of weeks. It is called Live Fibroid Free is based on my close to 5 years of research into ailment and how to cure it naturally. You can purchase your copy learn more by clicking here.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Is Shampoo Making Making Women Fat?

Obesity is not calories but about hormones. Most female skin and hair care products are LOADED with female sex hormones and the FDA does not require these hormones or hormonal chemicals to be labeled. When women are exposed to higher levels of estrogen, they gain weight, hence the reason why women gain weight during pregnancy even though they don't eat more. Similarly, when women are unknowingly being exposed to estrogen in cosmetics and personal care products, it also makes them fatter. How ironic that the companies which make women feel the most insecure about their bodies, beauty and cosmetic companies, also make them fat with their hidden ingredients. The link below exposes a chemical known as pthalates that is commonly found in personal care items.

To learn more about the dangers of women's personal care items, makeup, and hygiene products, check out my awesome recording, Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harms Women's Health.  which details the hidden dangers found in virtually all of products women consume on a daily basis.

Homosexuality and The Chemical Feminization of Men

You can listen to the archive of a controversial and highly explosive show that I did few weeks ago on homosexuality and the chemical feminization of men below. It was a mind blowing show! I will discussed the feminization of males and the chemicals that are behind the reason why testosterone levels have declined, impotence is increasing, sperms count are dropping, men have smaller penises and increased birth defects. These chemicals are also behind the explosion of autism, ADHD, cancer, low libido, and more in men. These chemicals also decreasing the population of men and causing the to be gay. I start talking about thirty minutes into the show.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Is Yogurt Good for Men's Sexual Potency and Swagger

In this video, I explain why yogurt is an excellent aphrodisiac and can make men sexier to women.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Understanding Fibroids, Endometriosis, and Man Boob with Curtis Duncan

I visited PhatMan Radio Show recently. On this show, I discussed fibroids, how women develop breast cancer and fibroids in the womb, the connection between stress, carbohydrates, estrogenic chemicals and women's poor health, why tampons cause endometriosis, how chemical are shrinking men's penises, and why working a job is deadly. It was an awesome and informative show. Listen below:
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons Why the Super Bowl is Bad for Men's Health

It is that time of year again. When millions of men gather around to witness the ultimate staged spectacle of the American Empire, the Super Bowl. If you were not aware by now, the Super Bowl games are all staged and are not decided by the players but by the NFL and betters. We live in an empire of illusion and everything about our culture including our sports is fake. The Super Bowl is a completely scripted, entertaining, and staged mixture of organized violence, militarism, sexism, consumerism, racism, manipulative advertising and of course binge eating. Besides the other toxic things the Super Bowl promotes, million of men gorge on some of the most toxic substances ever created and below the top ten reasons why the Super Bowl is bad for men's health.

1. Alcohol: Million of gallons of beer are consumed during the Super Bowl. Beer is a feminizing beverage since it is made with hops and consuming canned foods actually causes man boobs, impotence, and low testosterone. I explain in this video below:

2. Feminizing Pizzas: Most pizza in this country is loaded with genetically modified ingredients, the cheese is produced from cows that have been produced with genetically modified feed, and the wheat is toxic hybrid genetically mutated mutant wheat. Even worse, the pizza boxes contain feminizing chemicals which lower testosterone and cause testicular cancer.

3. Antibiotic and Arsenic Laden Chicken: Chicken wings are a huge Super Bowl favorite and most chicken in this country is loaded with deadly antibiotics which actually increase your risk of getting sick because they lower your immune system. Antibiotics are bad for men because they decrease your gut flora levels thus making less virile. A recent study has demonstrated that yogurt made male animals more virile and fertile. Gut flora actually makes you have higher levels of testosterone. Secondly, chicken also contains arsenic which is a major heavy metal which lowers testosterone. Although the FDA recently banned most arsenic from chicken feed is not totally banned and therefore you could be exposing yourself to harmful levels of arsenic when you eat all those chicken wings.

4. Sugary Drinks: Fructose is a poison and it is really bad for men. Not does it cause heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure which all results in impotence, fructose is stored as belly fat which actually converts testosterone into estrogen. Belly fat dramatically increases your estrogen levels turning men into an estrogen factory!

5. Hormone Laden Beef: Most beef in this country is loaded with female sex hormones which are linked to prostate cancer. Beef is also a concentrated source of numerous other feminizing chemicals including pesticides, dioxins, and the toxic herbicide named Round Up made by Monsanto.

6. Potato Chips: Potato Chips are usually fried in genetically modified, polyunsaturated oils which lower testosterone. Potatoes are also one of the most heavily pesticided crops out there and contain numerous pesticides which cause impotence and low testosterone. Genetically modified oils i.e. soy, corn, canola, and cottonseed oil, are not only destructive because they are genetically modified foods, which are most dangerous foods ever invented, but they contain high levels of the toxic herbicide Round Up, which has been found to kill testicular cells.

7. GMO Corn Chips: 94 percent of corn in this country is genetically modified and are usually fried in GMO oils like corn, cotton, soy, or canola. GMO foods are linked to heart disease and obesity all of which lowers your virility.

8. GMO Hormone Laden Dairy: Most dairy in this country is also loaded with toxins, antibiotics, pesticides, and bovine growth hormone which is genetically modified. Milk laced with bovine growth hormone which is linked to prostate cancer. This comes from all the toxic ingredients given to cows which include GMO corn and soy. Milk is loaded with female sex hormones because they milk pregnant cows. These female sex hormones found in milk actually fuel prostate cancer in men. 

9. MSG Laded Snacks: Virtually all processed, snack, and junk foods contain the harmful food additive MSG which actually makes men testicles smaller, lowers testosterone and sperm count, and destroys your brain! MSG is added to snack foods to make them addictive so you will eat more of them. MSG is linked to obesity especially since it destroys the part of your brain linked to weight and energy regulation.

10. The Super Bowl Ads: All advertising is mind control and manipulation. Many forms of advertising in the country is subliminal and goes to directly and stimulates your unconscious mind. This is the reason why many people engage in completely mindless and unconscious consumerism and behaviors like binge eating and drinking i.e. Super Bowl behavior. Fast food and beer companies are notorious for using subliminal sex ads to get men to drink their products. Even further, the ads use seductive women, appeal to men's sense of feeling emasculated, and use notions of masculinity to get men to eat crap!  The ads themselves cause people to overeat and for this reason, the Super Bowl can actually trigger heart attacks. Super Bowl Ads are even more effective at manipulating people because they are entertaining and are apart of the entire Super spectacle.

As you can see, the Super Bowl is not good for your health so if you do decide to engage in the staged festivities, do so consciously, avoid all the processed foods and hormone and anti-biotic laden meats, avoiding drinking beer and definitely don't drink too much alcohol.

To learn more about more men's health and how to increase your sexual performance, virility, and sexual potency, Be sure to place your order for my excellent and highly informative recording for men, The Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men to learn how to avoid the chemicals that sterilizing, feminizing, and  emasculating men and causing impotence, beer bellies, prostate and  testicular cancer, and man boobs. This information is vital for parents  who want to have healthy male babies and for any man who wants to boost testosterone, have a more masculine and muscular body, and wants to boost and maintain his sexual potency, virility, and fertility.