Sunday, August 17, 2014

Estrogenic Chemicals Are Fueling Women's Disease Epidemic

In this video, I discuss why estrogenic chemicals are fueling women's disease epidemic. These chemicals cause women to be born with breast cancer, PCOS, fibroids, and diabetes. These chemicals also cause women to be born obese and increase the likelihood of obesity later on in life. The chemicals also cause multi-generational cancer and health problems by causing genetic changes which are based along to an infinite number of future generations. I also discuss how oil companies created these chemicals and how pharmaceutical companies currently create them to fuel future demand for their toxic drugs and chemotherapy. I also discuss how many seemingly independent breast cancer awareness organizations actually deny there is a link between these chemicals and breast cancer in support of their pharmaceutical, corporate, and chemical industry donors.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

LeBron Loses On a Low Carb Diet But Promotes Obesity-Causing Soda

In this video, I discuss how basketball star has lost a significant amount of weight on a low-carb diet, the effectiveness of low carb diet, celebrity hypocrisy, why soda is the number one cause of obesity globally, why weight loss has nothing to do with calories or a lack of exercise, how soda is most popular "food" in America, Killer Coke's deliberate targeting of minorities with soda advertising, and effectiveness of food advertising.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Day With My Free Primal Weight Loss Video!

Millions of people struggle to lose weight and it is estimated 2/3 of Americans are overweight. Obesity is a relatively new epidemic and obesity rates have exploded within the past 40 years globally. At the same time that obesity has skyrocketed, Americans have spent billions of dollars a year on exercise and diets.  It would seem that dieting and exercising has made us fatter! Or is it that dieting and exercising are just scams?

I have spent several years now researching why people get fat and cannot seem to lose. If you are like me, I know that you have been fed a bunch of bologna when it comes to weight loss. These lies and misinformation are what is truly keeping you fat! Lies like “calories in, calories out, “don’t overeat”, “avoid fatty foods”, and “work out 3 times a week” are designed to keep you fat! As you will learn in my video, all of these statements are lies. Obesity has absolutely nothing to do with calories, exercise, fatty food, and overeating. Obesity is about one thing. Hormones. That’s right, hormones! Levels of certain hormones in your body dictate whether you will store fat or burn fat.  This is already an established fact. Why do women gain weight during pregnancy? It is not because they are eating more. It is because levels of certain hormones rise during pregnancy which stimulates weight gain. It works the same way with your diet. Certain foods dramatically raise the levels of hormones which you cause to store and create fat.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that obesity is not a matter of willpower or personal responsibility. That is propaganda put out by the food industry to keep you eating their crap while you keep getting fatter trying to exercise or starve yourself towards weight loss.

In my video below, you will receive the absolute best weight loss information out there which has been hidden from you. You will be empowered to lose weight without lifting a finger or going on a miserable diet. You will have fun and watch the fat magically burn away. With the information in this video, you could lose up to 30 pounds in one month!

In this video you will learn:

  • Why diets don’t work and can actually make you fatter
  • Why exercise does not work and why you should not waste your time working out for weight loss
  • How sugar makes you fatter within 4 hours and why you need to avoid this poison to lose weight
  • Why too many carbs are making you fat and what levels of them to consume to lose weight
  • Why eating dairy can sabotage your weight loss goals (Hint: it is not because of the fat content either)
  • Why whole grains are bad for your waistline
  • Why artificial sweeteners and diet products actually make you fatter
  • An ancient scientifically proven dietary regimen to lose up to 30 pounds in a month
  • Why fruit juice and too much fruit can make you gain weight
  • Why stress is making you fat and unable to lose
  • How to naturally lower your levels of fat making stress hormones
  • The hidden estrogens you are exposed to which are making you fat and how to avoid them
  • The pharmaceutical drugs which make you obese
  • Why poor functioning of this important gland can make you fat and how to fix it.
  • How a popular health food is making you fat
  • How bottled water is making you obese
  • What supplements you can take to lose weight
  • The importance of sleep for weight loss
  • The importance of having a healthy gut for weight loss and how to build a healthy gut
  • Why antibiotics make you fat and how to avoid them

You will learn all of the above and much more! With this information, you will learn what you need to be slim, sexy, and healthy! Say goodbye to scam diets and strenuous workouts. Say goodbye to being unsatisfied with your body size. Say goodbye to the year after year struggle to lose weight.  You now have at your fingertips, the best information out there on weight loss! This video was put together by someone who has researched weight loss for several years and has results to show. Order your copy now!  
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Monday, July 28, 2014

How Breakfast is Making You Fat

In this video, I discuss why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, the benefits of skipping breakfast for your health and weight loss, why traditional breakfast foods makes you fat including the healthy ones like low fat yogurt and whole wheat bagels, and why breakfast foods are the perfect drugs

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bras, Armpit Shaving, Estrogenic Chemicals, and Anti-Perspirants Cause Breast Cancer

According to a new study, bras, armpit shaving by women, and anti-perspirants are linked to breast cancer. This study is very relevant because in the Western World, women shave their armpits and wear bras and anti-perspirants all which cause breast cancer. It has been well documented that bras are risk factor for breast cancer particularly those extremely constrictive wire strap/push ups bras which are popular trend. The book "Dressed to Kill" documents how bras are linked to breast cancer. Women were quite wise to burn them in the 1960s because they are sign of female oppression particularly given that women are not allowed to show their breasts and are harassed and subjected to state violence for showing their breasts in public.  Most of the time these women are merely breastfeeding their children. Bras are also known to contain the cancer causing chemical, formaldehyde. Victoria Secret was caught selling bras laced with the chemical. Victoria Secret ironically kicked a woman out their store for breastfeeding in public too which is a sign that want to coerce women into covering up and wearing the toxic bras they sell.

The reason why armpit shaving is linked to the disease is because of the damage that results from shaving. Armpit shaving leads to cysts which increases the likelihood of breast cancer. It is not natural for women to be shaving their armpits, legs, vaginas, or their body. Gender expectations, capitalism, and our culture of beauty dictate that women do so. The idea that women should shave their underarms came from a mind control aka "advertising" campaign done by surprise, surprise, Gillette, makers of razors for women done in the early 1900s. Behind every gender expectation for women i.e. wearing makeup, high heels, being obsessed with their beauty and body, is somebody making a profit from it and that is why wealthy businessmen create those expectations via popular culture, media, and advertising so then they can sell women more BULLSHIT! Women naturally have hair on those areas and it is there for a purpose. When this hair is removed, it can lead to negative consequences like breast cancer. That is probably why women in Europe and other societies where armpit shaving is uncommon have lower rates of breast cancer.

Anti-persiperants are extremely toxic and should not be worn by anybody. It is natural for your body to perpsire and blocking this process results in negative consequences. Anti-persipants block the sweat ducts which again lead to the formation of cysts and increases the incidence of breast cancer.

The study also notes that many cosmetics also contain estrogen mimicking chemicals like parabens and aluminum salts which cause breast cancer as well. Breast cancer is an estrogenic disease and breast cancer rates have exploded because of the influx of estrogenic chemicals which are now in women's products and the environment.

My advice is for women to wear bras only when necessary. Don't expect your politicians to legal female frontal nudity anytime soon. Armpit shaving is unnecessary and if you are going to do so, try to do it as unfrequently as possible. Never wear anti-persiperants and avoid any cosmetic which contain parabens or any aluminum or "alum" ingredient. You should also avoid the myriad of estrogenic chemicals out there. I have an excellent, highly informative recording on how to avoid the numerous estrogenic chemicals which are hidden in women's cosmetics, foods, menstrual pads, beauty care, and more. Order your copy here now!

Vitamin D is also a very powerful weapon against breast cancer. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by almost 77 percent! I have an excellent guide on how to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Order your copy here!


Friday, June 20, 2014

How Advertising Makes You Obsessed With Being Thin and Simultaneously Fat

The job of modern advertising is to manipulate, deceive, mind control, brainwash, and lie and it works! That is why companies spend close to half a trillion dollars a year on advertising. Companies spend close to as much money brainwashing and manipulating people as the US government spends on war! Advertising is psychological warfare too. The obsession with thinness and eating disorders is completely an advertising/media driven phenomenon. Advertisers do this to make women, primarily, feel insecure about their bodies so they buy more bullshit i.e. liposuction, cosmetics, plastic surgery, diet pills, fraudulent weight loss products, and gym memberships. It is also designed to make naturally thicker women i.e. women of color, feel like shit so they will also consume more bullshit which statistics show has been quite effective considering the high levels of consumerism in Black communities. It is set up though because advertising paints this ideal image of women, i.e. thinness but then simulatenously promotes everything which will make them FAT! Advertisers heavily promote candy bars, soda, so-called natural "soy laden" foods, high carbohydrate foods, fast food and processed foods, diet foods, and sugar laden low fat foods all of which make people fat! Advertisers are the reason why people are fat and ashamed of it which then makes them even more obsessed with being thin! Advertisers create the problem of obesity so they create more demand for ideal images of thinness.

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Feeding Frenzy - Food marketing and the rise of a health epidemic (Trailer) from Mundovision Canada on Vimeo.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Vegetarian Myth and Why I Quit Being Vegan

Question from inbox: Greetings Curtis, I've been wanting to ask you what your conversion from being vegan was due to? Were you experiencing health problems. Very curious

Answer: I first started being vegan/vegetarian when I was a sophomore at the age of 19 in college since I read about the mistreatment of animals and some of the harmful effects of eating meat. The information was from PETA. I was a vegan for roughly about four months, lost a lot of weight but due to peer pressure, I decided to go back to eating meat. I then became a hardcore vegan/raw foodist again when I was in graduate school at the age of 22. I did it for four years for health reasons. I did lose a lot of weight and at one point weighed only 125 pounds. People even told me that I looked like I had AIDS. At the time, I dismissed them since I believed I was losing "waste". Towards the end of my fourth year into veganism, I came across a variety of information that veganism was not healthy and that eating meat was not bad for you. Most vegans become very close minded and religious in their approach to be vegan and become totally shut off to new information that may challenge their long held beliefs or lifestyle they may have embraced for a very long time. I am thankful I was open minded enough to receive new information and critique it. For many vegans, being vegan is their identity and they form egos around this identity hence the frequent elitists comments about what "meat eaters" do. Once people assume the vegan identity, they can't be wrong in following that a vegan diet. Their egos won't allow them too. That is why I have said that being a vegan is really an eating disorder because people who really get into are very insecure and seeking something to validate themselves. So if they are "wrong" in following a vegan diet, then triggers their toxic shame that is something is wrong with them and this causes them to delude themselves into believing that being a vegan is good. Nonetheless, I came across factual information which challenged my beliefs plus I started to apply logic about if eating meat was so bad then how come people have not been getting sick the whole time they were eating it which has been hundreds of thousands of years. Along with the information, I found myself craving eggs and salmon. I was craving cholesterol rich foods because your brain does not work without it! Our brains need animal fats and cholesterol to function properly and that is why vegetarian diets cause people's brains to shrink and often used by religious cults to brainwash people because being a vegan lowers brain activity. The cravings and the new information are why I decided to change and I will never look back! I did it for health purposes and once I realized being a vegan was not healthy, then I quit. I highly recommend that any vegan and raw foodist and even non-vegan check out the awesome book the "The Vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Keith. Phenomenal read indeed!