Saturday, May 9, 2009

Effortless Weight Loss Coaching

Do you want to lose 30 to 100 pounds without dieting or exercise?

Did You Know dieting and exercising are proven to be ineffective for weight loss?

Did you know that eating lots of eggs, butter, and saturated fat actually makes you slim?

Did you know that fruit juice and bagels actually makes you fat?

I am quite sure you did not know this and that is why you need to work with me! My effortless weight loss coaching will have you on your way to weight loss success! I have one of the best weight loss coaches around and I have the world's best and most effective weight loss information. By working, you will gain the necessary, proven information so you can be on your way to weight loss success. I am a health and wellness expert who has been studying everything and anything related to health and wellness for the past 8 years now. I have studied why people get fat and stay that way. Just about all the information out there regarding weight loss is complete lies! Lies like "You get fat from overeating and not working out", "Eating fatty foods make you bigger", and "If you want to lose weight, then just go on a diet and exercise more". Those lies are doomed to make you fat and stay that way. If diet and exercise was so effective than millions of Americans would be losing weight because millions of people diet and exercise. Yet obesity has been increasing since people have been dieting and exercising! So obviously, dieting and exercise are scams!

Obesity has everything to do with what you eat and what types of foods that you eat. A calorie is not a calorie but certain calories do you make you fatter within four hours of consumption! Other calories will make you slim, trim, and sexy even though those calories and foods are demonized by health experts. Certain chemicals that people are exposed to on a daily basis also make you fat. Your lifestyle is also vitally important to whether you will be fat or not. People who did not sleep enough become obese. In this country, the number one addiction that people have is to food and food corporations intentionally make their food highly addictive to keep you coming back for more! That is how they boost sales and profits; they have carefully designed their food to be extremely addictive particularly by adding high amounts of sugar. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and is one of the main reasons why people cannot lose. Good news though, the Emotional Freedom Technique which is a simple acupressure technique that has been used for thousand years in traditional Chinese Medicine, is the best tool around to break any food addiction that you have in minutes! I have used it on many clients and it works in minutes to break your sugar addiction.

I know that I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. I have the tools and information that you need. Armed with my weight loss information, you will lose up to 30 to 100 pounds effortlessly! As you need is the right information and tools for success! You can eliminate your food addictions in minutes, eliminate the emotional and mental blocks that prevent from achieving weight loss success, eliminate the self-defeating beliefs that prevent you from losing weight, harness the Law of Attraction to achieve your weight loss goals, know the exact diet and lifestyle changes to make for weight loss success, and avoid the hidden chemicals that make you fat by working with me! You will be working with the best! Get a free weight loss consultation with me today by simply emailing me at

Testimonial: "I am doing well as I am down about 25 pounds and keeping up my healthy habits.  I send ppl links to your YouTube page all the time now.  Summer was tough with traveling and all but after labor day I hope to get down 25 more pounds!! My Christmas gift to myself!!" Teresa H. 
You can have the body that you want. You deserve to have it and my health and weight loss session is all about giving you the tools and information to achieve or maintain this.

Here is what you will gain during a weight loss session:

  • A block of time in which you will receive the world's best weight loss information and have all blocks that prevent you from losing weight removed within minutes with the Emotional Freedom Technique which is a simple acupressure technique that eliminates emotional problems and food addictions within minutes!

Sessions can be broken by 30 minutes if desired and you can get as many sessions as you need. Act NOW and be on your way to looking sexy, trim, and slim! Order you consultation below and send me an email at to get a free weight loss consultation today

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