Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Michelle Obama is More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer than Hilary Clinton

Race is always a hot topic here but people always seem to neglect discussing the topic of race and health. If it is discussed, it is always a matter of stating that Blacks or other minorities are not getting enough treatment and early detection particularly in the realm of cancer. It is true though, that Blacks do have higher rates of every other disease you can think of. And money does not fix this health epidemic amongst Blacks as we have seen rich Black celebrities such as Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes die from degenerative and preventable diseases. However Blacks and Whites do have different health concerns and challenges. It is not because Blacks are inferior or have bad genes. Blacks have different diets and a large percentage of Blacks are on the low end of the economic bracket and do not have access to healthy foods (That is not to excuse bad dietary habits by Blacks). Historically, Blacks have also been unable to receive treatments from the medical establishment and have even been subject to crimes like the Tuskegee Experiment. So as a health researcher while researching general topics on health and wellness, I definitely sought to know why Blacks have a myriad of health problems. One of the main reasons for poor Black health is a Vitamin D deficiency. One of the main reasons a Vitamin D deficiency is so common in Blacks is because Black skin absorbs more sunlight making more it more difficult to produce Vitamin D. Blacks have to spend more time in the sun in order to produce Vitamin D. The implication of Blacks, like Michelle Obama, not having adequate amounts of Vitamin D are severe. My video below explains those consequences as it pertain to Black women

Another consequence of having Vitamin D deficiency for Black women is that they are more likely to develop a deadly type of breast cancer. This is why I firmly know that Black health in America can be dramatically improved for FREE through obtaining Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important whether you are Black or White too. My recording will teach you how to adequately obtain Vitamin D for the prevention of disease and boost your overall welfare. You can order that here, How to Obtain Vitamin D.

I believe in keeping it real when it comes to health and we cannot act like race does not play when it comes to health. Blacks must also realize that the sick care system does not give a hoot about Black Americans and has traditionally been anti-Black. The existence of Black doctors means nothing. Black doctors operate in the same fraudulent system which has done nothing for Blacks and other ethnic groups for that matter. I say everyone avoid the sick care system (doctors, hospitals, etc) unless you have been shot, been stabbed or suffered some really severe incident or accident.

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