Monday, November 9, 2009

Abundance is About Your Mindset not Your Bank Account

Many people want financial abundance but we often do not realize what abundance is. Abundance is a state of being or state of mind. Abundance is within you too and you are free to be abundant anytime you want. Abundance can be thought of as a feeling. It has been told to many of us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. That is true! Why? Because abundance, wealth, happiness, and joy are all within us and that is what we really want. We might WANT the money but we REALLY WANT is the good feeling or experience associated with having the money. You would not money if it did not bring security, peace, freedom and happiness. If money did not bring that, it would just be some green paper with pretty ink on it which is what it is anyways. I did a video on this concept below, you can check it out here, You Want What Money Brings Not the Money. Money, cars, a great business, and great money making opportunities are just physical manifestations of those states of mind within. A lack of money is also a reflection that you have not been really BEING ABUNDANT but have spent more time being broke. How do BE Broke? By focusing on what you do not have which only creates more of NOT HAVING. You also may have limiting beliefs like "Money is the root of all evil" and "Rich people are crooks". If you have those beliefs then you will unconsciously and literally kick money away from you. Your beliefs and programming regarding money is the reason for the financial results in your life. You are the sole creator of your financial results; your job is not responsible for this nor is the economy. So if you want to create better financial results, then you have to create new supportive beliefs and also take full responsibility for your financial well-being. I attended a great seminar known as the Millionaire Mind, several years ago which greatly helped to increase my wealth, self-esteem and my happiness. It is a great event that is not just filled with sales presentations. They are a few sales presentations but most of the event is about teaching you about how your beliefs and mindset have blocked from having financial success. They also give you tools for changing those negative beliefs so that you can have the abundance that is your birthright! They are touring around the country now. You can go here for more information, Make Millions Through Having a Millionaire Mindset.

Realize that the Universe is abundant and abundance is yours and has been always available to you. Most of us just have resisting it all our lives often times unknowingly. We do not have to struggle in life though, the choice is ours.

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