Friday, November 27, 2009

Are You Consuming Poisonous Strawberries?

Unbeknownest to most people, commercially grown strawberries are one of the most toxic fruits you can consume. Commercially grown strawberries are high in pesticides. Pesticides are one of the overlooked dangers in our industrial food system. People get sick or poisoned sick from consuming poison (pesticided crops) and then they take another prescribed poison (pharmaceutical drug) also known as so-called "medicine". No doubt about it though pesticides are poisonous! They have linked to childhood cancers including leukemia, Parkinson's disease, autism, endocrine and hormone disruption, behavioral problems, brain tumors, liver damage, breast and prostate cancer. According to the Environmental Working Group, strawberries are one of the crops with the highest amounts of pesticides residues found on them. Strawberries incorporate a really toxic pesticide known as Methyl Bromide which has been found to be highly destructive. The government are phasing it out now because it has been found to destroy the ozone layer only to approve another toxic, cancer causing chemical known as methyl iodide. (It has not been approved in the state of California yet but the EPA has approved its use). Strawberries have been found to contain over 38 different pesticides according to the Environmental Working Group.

Therefore it would be best to buy all strawberries and strawberry products (jam, syrup, etc) organic. You can buy them frozen or fresh too. Strawberries are great for you, they are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Studies have shown that strawberries are also good for arthritis and help prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering C-reactive protein which has been found to a good indicator of heart disease or its future development. Strawberries are definitely an organic investment you should make for your health!

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