Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birth Control Pills Make Women Choose Mr. Wrong

Women are truly getting screwed by the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma. Between the cancer causing mammograms, the unneccessary medical procedures (hysterectomies, C-sections) and NOW birth control pills, drugs and modern medicine greatly harm women. Birth control pills cause moodiness, irritability, cervical and breast cancer, weight gain, migraines, liver damage, stroke and heart disease. Even worse, they make women attract Mr. Wrong. Turns out that pill prevents a women from literally sniffing out a man who they are compatible with. Smell influences who a woman decides to be with and women tend to be attracted to men who have a dissimilar genetic makeup which is distinguished by a man's scent. A man who has a dissimilar odor or genetic makeup from a woman is more likely to be faithful to her and make her happy. Having a genetically dissimilar relationships also leads to having a healthy pregnancy as it prevents fertility problems and leads to a healthy baby since it will have a strong immune system. When she takes the pill though, she no longer has the ability to pick a mate who is right for her as birth control pills make her pregnant hormonally. When a woman is pregnant, she is more likely to seek out men who are genetically similar to her as they would help to protect and rear the child which could cause a woman to be attracted to her relatives! These genetically similar men are less likely to sexually satisfy her too and she is more likely to cheat on this man. Birth control pills could make a woman be incestous and even if she is not engaging in incest, she will be attracted to Mr. Wrong or to a man who has a similar genetic makeup. What will happen when the woman gets off the pill, which could be too late as she might marry the guy? She will probably think, "Why in the hell am I in this relationship"? She will no longer find him attractive. If women does find Mr. Right, what will happen? Women will sabotage their relationship and begin to go after Mr. Wrong. If these genetically similar people ever did decide to have a baby, then there would be fertility problems and the baby that they might have would be more susceptible to disease.

Lastly, birth control pills also makes a woman less attractive to a man. Studies have shown that men are more attracted to women around the time of ovalution and when she is fertile. However birth control pills make a woman hormonally pregnant where she does not ovaluate and is never fertile and thereby making her less attractive to a man.

Either way, birth control pills are really harming women! They are the worst thing that men ever invented for women and at all costs should be avoided by women!



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Malik Justice said...

I read both the articles and sources, and found them to be intriguing. Yet, I find them to be pure pseudoscience.... Reason being, more than 100 volunteers would be needed to do a sufficient case study. I would say the magnitude of about 50-75 different women in about five different areas of the country over a period of two years. It would cost a lot of money for something so simple, and not enough interest, but 100 women in England do not satisfy my curiosity. AFP & Dr. Duncan's other sources didn't provide any links of a source. So, I would have to look up the scientific journal myself to find out the demographics as well. Nevertheless, I would love for more study and research to be done upon this subject. Also, based upon my personal opinion, I have not found certain behavioral issues in this article to be true. Choosing a mate to be relative to ones survival is very fascinating... However, the method in which was used for the women to come to that determination in the study is not. Sniffing scents... I think that if they saw the man their reaction may have not been the same. Using scent as the only resource of experimentation, while negating the other five senses is invalid in making a thorough analysis. I loathe this kind of experimentation, all I see is error. I don't know their reasoning for using these methods, however, I am glad that light has been shown upon this subject matter. Thank-you for sharing this material. Peace

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