Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do You Believe in God More Than You Do Yourself?

I find it amazing that people believe in God more than they do themselves. People will spend hours praying to God, will give money in the name of God and spends inordinate amounts of time worshipping and praising God. Yet, when it comes to believing in themselves, they are filled with doubt, low self-esteem, and disbelief. In actuality, believing in yourself, self-worship and praise, having a good self-esteem, and having confidence will take you further in life than your belief in God. You can have it both ways, you can believe in God and also believe in yourself. However most religions do not promote that. Religions orient people away from themselves and towards some mysterious God in the ethers. What is people's belief in God getting them though? Are people more fulfilled? Are people happier and healthier? How come many religious people have no confidence, low self-esteem and and filled with disbelief? Plain and simple, having a belief in God is your prerogative but a bigger question to ask is do you have a belief in YOU. Do you think you are worthy of praise and worship? The inner world creates the outer world and if you do not deem yourself worthy, and you do not believe in your abilities, then the world will not either. Your relationships, financial situation, success, and job will reflect your unworthiness and disbelief. We have been programmed to see ourselves in a negative light and you must overcome this programming if you are to be happy, have a greater peace of mind, and have the life of your dreams.

The Emotional Freedom Technique can be an awesome tool for overcoming low self-esteem, self-doubt, and feelings of unworthiness. It works often times within minutes as it addresses the root issues behind those limiting beliefs and low self confidence. You might not think that you have these issues but most people do even if they have a strong belief in God. Their disbelief in themselves creates more misery than their strong belief in God or the divine. I am a EFT practitioner and I can help you overcome any of that negative programming and disbelief that you have about yourself. I am an experienced and intuitive practitioner and I am a master at getting to the core issues. I also offer personal transformation coaching where I help people overcome internal issues whichcreates external hell. I teach a simple process known as awareness and acceptance. The problem with most people is that they are unaware of their negative programming running in their minds, but I am a master at making people aware of this. Once you aware of it and can bring it to the light of truth, and accept it, then you can move beyond it and create new life for yourself. The powerful principle of acceptance can truly change your LIFE! If you are someone who gets angry a lot, has bad relationships, holds feeling of resentment, or is extremely fearful, then this would be the coaching program for YOU. Schedule your EFT session with me NOW by going here: EFT session.

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