Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do You Have Genetically Modified Sweet Tooth

The processed sugar of the world is derived from two sources, sugar cane which has been used for thousands of years and sugar beets, a root vegetable. Sugar beets are used to produce 30 percent of the world's sugar and 50 percent of the sugar found in America is from beets. Since 2008, Monsanto's genetically modified Round Ready sugar beets have been planted. 95 percent of the sugar beets being grown in America today are genetically modified which means that you could be consuming food products which contain GMO sugar and not even know it. Genetically modified ingredients are not required to be labeled due to Big Agribusiness lobbying of the government which is bad news for the average American consumer who is unknowningly consuming loads of sugar that could be genetically modified. Genetically modified crops are DANGEROUS. They are dangerous for the environment and human health. GMO crops have never been tested by the government and also have been found to cause genetic pollution. This genetic pollution could place the world's agricultural system at a future grave danger and also under the deliberate control of corrupt Monsanto. You can refer to the awesome film, "The Future of Food" for more information on the politics and danger behind GMO crops. You can also visit the Institute for Responsible Technology's site for more information on the dangers of GM foods.
Beet sugar whether genetically modified or not is also cheaper than regular cane sugar so that food manufacturers often use it their processed food products.

What food products contain GM sugar:
Food products that were made in 2007 and beyond will not contain GM sugar as the crop had not planted yet. However, you should not be consuming products that have a shelf-life of 2 years or more. Some products that will likely contain GM sugar are breakfast cereals, donuts, and cookies so those should be avoided. Due to the fact that GM sugar will likely be in cereals, kids are at great risk of being contaminated with GM sugar. My special report, A Guide to Sweeteners, will detail how you can TOTALLY avoid the health hazards of GM sugar. There is a way to know whether a product you are purchasing has genetically modified sugar through looking out for certain ingredients and avoiding others. I also detail how to avoid the myriad of other genetically modified, fat-making, disease causing sweeteners that are so prevalent in our food supply these days in this report. There are some so-called "natural" sweeteners that are also genetically modified. This special report is an EXCELLENT resource for avoiding the many dangers of sweeteners, dramatically improving your health, and preventing conditions like type 2 diabetes. Order this special report NOW by clicking here.

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