Friday, December 4, 2009

Environmental Pollution and Cancer

When I saw the movie Crude last night, which was a documentary about the environmental destruction done by Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon which has affected thousands of indigenous people, the people were very clear on what was giving their children and people cancer. Yet in America we see childhood leukemia and other forms of cancer as "RANDOM" or genetic which is a myth. When you ask a doctor, "what causes childhood leukemia or cancer", most of their answers will be that "we don't know". That is true, most doctors do not know. They will often say genes causing them which is usually bullshit. The genetic argument has been used by the Medical Mafia for years to make disease seem like a random deck of cards. Disease is not a random deck of cards. The causes of disease are usually always the same. One of the main causes of disease are environmental chemicals which the movie CRUDE illustrates. There has been a major upsurge in cancer in the past 100 years and this surge has been directly correlated with all the environmental chemicals that we are being exposed to food, air, personal care products, and our water supply. Many of these chemicals we cannot avoid but many we can the dangers of these products are intentionally being suppressed or officials within the government are downplaying their dangers. A really harmful chemical that the government has been really slow to move on is Bisphenol-A. This chemical is found in many plastics and canned goods. This chemical has been linked to impotence, birth defects, miscarriages, obesity, type 2 diabetes, neurological disorders, infertility in men and women, breast and prostate cancer. This chemical has also been shown to effeminize males and makes animals into hermaphrodites. Women are especially sensitive to the danger of this chemical as Bisphenol-A and most of the environmental chemicals we are exposed to on a consistent basis are xeno-estrogens or estrogen minimcking chemicals. This environmental chemicals reek havoc on a women's body. I will do some more blogs on this but for now you can check out my video on the dangers of Bisphenol-A which is found in all canned food items.

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Unknown said...

It's so true--and yet I find myself giving up every time after swimming against the current just a bit. And in answer to "do you have a genetically modified sweet tooth?" the answer would be YES.

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