Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is TVP Hidden MSG?

Yes, texturized vegetable protein is actually nothing but pure monosodium glutamate or MSG. Texturized vegetable protein is a fraud too because it is not even made from a vegetable. It is made from soybean which is not a vegetable. TVP is hydrolyzed soy protein and the hydrolysis of soy protein creates MSG. MSG is a neurotoxin that destroys your brain cells, and makes you fat, dumb and give you a host of neurological disorders including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. MSG also causes behavioral problems, learning disabilities, brain lesions, blindness, sleep disorders, asthma, blood pressure problems, depression, and cancer. There are over 100 adverse reactions caused by MSG and it is in eveything! The average American consumes over 500 grams of MSG per year which is a 4000 percent increase from the level of MSG that we used to consume in the 1960s. I will be publishing a special report on how to avoid MSG very soon but for now, avoid any product made with or containing "texturized vegetable proteins" as they are MSG which does not belong in your body.

It is nearly impossible for a consumer to avoid this neurotoxin when it is being hidden under so many names. In this groundbreaking report, I tell you what those names are so you can avoid them! Here is also what you will receive in this report:

  • Why most of the food you buy including health food has MSG in it.
  • What common sweeteners are often sources of MSG
  • Why vegetarians are at greater risk of eating MSG laden foods in very high amounts
  • Why health food stores are more likely than anywhere to have foods loaded with MSG
  • What "natural and organic" seasonings are actually MSG in disguise
  • What protein powders contain MSG and how these MSG laden popular protein powders
  • Why non-dairy milks could be harming you and your children
  • A popular cooking oil that contains MSG
  • The common foods that contain MSG so they can be avoided
  • How to heal your brain from MSG damage?
  • Do dairy products contain MSG?
  • How to protect yourself from the dangers of MSG
  • Eye-opening resources for your further study and understanding of the dangers and deception of MSG.

This special report is must if you are a eater in America as most of the food people consume today is loaded with MSG! This is true even if you are health food eater! Order this special report, for the great price of $1.95. Click on the buy now to get your copy today!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the concern and I've ended up here as a result of researching MSG in our diet. I'm a British vegetarian of 37yrs standing. So far I see that the origins of MSG discovery were in seaweed. I also read that MSG in TVP for instance is a by-product of the hydrolysing / Texturing process and the quantities are small. I normally verge on the extra-wary side but I get the impression from your blog post that MSG is an outright deliberate attempt to poison us with a Neurotoxin. It's not like Aspartame a laboratory synthesised compound, and MSG seems more like an otherwise 'benign' by-product of a Veg-Protein production. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a slight 'emotional exageration' to some peoples' claims as to the real carcinogencic/neurotoxin risks of this originally seaweed derived componenent. I'm open to genuine discussion as to how deliberate or malign the presence of MSG in our foodstuffs is.


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