Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Vitamin D is Responsible for the Different Races

Research shows that skin color ("race") is really a matter of human species evolving to absorb more Vitamin D. When the early humans left Africa, their dark skin prevented them from getting enough Vitamin D via the sun which is more scarce in northern climates. Thereby lighter skin (white and yellow) was developed through evolution to absorb more Vitamin D. Without Vitamin D, these darker individuals living in Northern climates died out and were unable to hunt their food due to having rickets. The women were also unable to reproduce due to having pelvic deformities. White skin and lighter skin was developed through evolution so humans could live in northern climates and not have a Vitamin D deficiency which illustrates that Vitamin D was VITAL for the survival of people. They also would have died off from infections as Vitamin D is also the basis of a healthy immune system and has been used for over 60 million years to prevent disease. Vitamin D also regulates the proper functioning of our genes. Vitamin D was that important millions of years ago and it is important NOW. 80 percent of Americans are deficient and over 97 percent of African Americans are deficient in this life-saving nutrient. Vitamin D is vital if you want to be healthy and prevent disease. A Vitamin D deficiency causes every single pathology that we deal with in America from diabetes to heart disease. No single nutrient can do what Vitamin D does for curing and preventing disease. My special report will provide you with the information you need to know about getting this life-saving nutrient. I tell you how to get it via the sun, food, and supplementation. Order your Vitamin D report NOW by clicking here.


DeWayde Perry, MD said...

Can you please provide the reference for the "research" you mention at the beginning of the post?

Curtis Duncan said...

Here are the links:,9171,840985,00.html

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