Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Monsanto Dumped Chemicals into Black Communities that Make Men Wear Dresses

Monsanto, the company that makes most of the genetically modified (GMO) food that we eat today, has a dark past. It was originally a chemical company that manufactured a variety of chemicals that have some very harmful effects. One of the those chemicals that Monsanto made was PCBs which were and are some of the most dangerous chemicals ever made. These chemicals were made in Anniston, Alabama in a mostly Black area of the town and Monsanto knew since the 1930s that these chemicals were dangerous and they intentionally dumped them in the community. Monsanto hid what they knew for decades. The late civil rights attorney, Johnnie Cochran, actually represented the residents of that area and they won a settlement but not without much destruction, death, and damage being done to the area. Here is a clip below from "The World According to Monsanto" which discusses this case of environmental racism and crime by Monsanto.

The interesting thing about PCBs is that they are also hormonal chemicals. I have done a lot of research into the abundance of hormonal chemicals out here in the environment that effeminize men and cause male infertility, lower sperm counts and testosterone levels and even impotence. These chemicals are hidden and abundant and men today are being being effeminized, sterilized, and castrated often times forcibly. What the research from Eramus University of Rotterdam shows about is that when pregnant women are exposed to PCBs, they give birth to boys who dress up in female clothes and play with dolls! Monsanto dumped these effeminizing chemicals into this Black community in Alabama which was not an accident! How do PCBs effeminize men? Because these chemicals block the production of testosterone in a male fetus and when a male fetus does not get exposed to testosterone then he undergoes a feminization process in the womb. He develops the mind of a woman! These chemicals also cause a developing male fetus to have a smaller penis, undescended testicles, deformed genitalia, and they also cause testicular cancer. These substances and chemicals are so abundant in our society now and they are the primary reason why less men are being born. They are also the cause of declining testosterone in the past several years and why sperm counts have been cut in half in the past 50 years. These chemicals have really bad effects in developing boys and they have bad effects on grown men too. They suppress testosterone and effeminize men and cause man boobs, shrunken testicles, impotence, obesity, diabetes, infertility, defective sperm, low sperm counts, male breast cancer, prostate cancer, and premature ejaculation. Without a doubt, there is a chemical assault on men today and Monsanto is one of the primary corporations doing this! This criminal organization makes 75 to 80 percent of the food that we eat today! They do this via the genetically modified foods i.e. corn, soy, canola, and cotton many of which are drenched in RoundUp which is a chemical effeminizer and via chemicals like PCBs which are still present in the environment. PCBs are found in many meats that people consume today! The research I have done will blow your mind and I have documented all the hidden sources of the chemical effeminizers and castraters in my great recording and how to avoid them including what foods still contain PCBs. You can order a copy of my excellent recording, The Chemical Feminization and Castration of Men by clicking here. It is the best information out there on the topic and absolutely vital information for men and women who wish to give birth to healthy sons.

The excellent film "The World According to Monsanto"


Anonymous said...

PCB's are also in many plastics such as toys and baby bottles.its difficult but essential we minimise our exposure to these posions. It also causes early puberty and hairiness in girls its a common side effect in very early premature babies because of the plastics in iv tubing and medical supplies used for the childs whole hospitalization. its a serious but virtually unknown problem thank you for your information!

Tena said...

I happen to have grown up a great deal of my life in this very place, Anniston, AL. Sadly, yes the chemicals were dumped into our waters, foods, and communities. I have seen so many of my friends' loved ones suffer from and eventually die from various cancers and other illnesses that I personally believe is linked to these chemicals that Monsanto manufactured. I even remember, when I was in high school, a time when Monsanto bought out many homes and other businesses because the areas were contaminated with PCBs. This particular case that Johnny Cochran worked on awarded people certains sums of money depending on the amount of PCBs that were detected in their systems. I also remember how sad it was that so many people felt like they hit the jackpot and went through the money only now to still suffer from the effects of these terrible chemicals. There was a clinic established in the area that provides "medical care", but the last time I heard, a family member told me that the clinic is actually supposed to be closing in a few years. Which is ironic considering some people will not see longer term effects of the chemicals until after the clinic closes, if indeed it is closing.

Thank you very much Curtis for opening people's eyes to these terrible chemicals and the effects on the body and one's livelihood. It really is time for people to wake up! Blessings to you my friend and keep up the wonderful work!

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