Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take Birth Control and Get Fibroids? Learn the Shocking Truth!!

Fibroids is a condition which affects almost 80 percent of women in America including a large percentage of Black women and it is the leading cause of hysterectomies which are really forced sterilizations as ALL hysterectomies are medically unnecessary and done for the sole sake of profit. It is an absolute crime to remove woman's wombs but the Medical Mafia is just carrying out their anti-woman agenda which doctors and psychiatrists have done for centuries now.

What causes fibroids though? Estrogen! Estrogen fuels fibroid tumors and that is why fibroid rates have exploded in this country in the past several decades. Women are being exposed to unprecedented amounts of estrogen and the estrogen does not come from their bodies but from synthetic chemicals and the birth control pill. When a woman takes the pill, her estrogen levels skyrocket and this excess estrogen stimulates benign tumors or fibroids to grow in her womb. The excess estrogen also stimulates breast cancer and this is why the birth control pill is a huge cause of breast cancer. Even if you don't take the birth control pill, it is now in your drinking water so you are being exposed whether you take them or not via drinking water which increases your risk of breast cancer and fibroids! Fibroids were virtually non-existent before the birth control pill and so was breast cancer but the promotion of synthetic hormones has had disastrous effects and killed or harmed millions of women! Fibroids as a result of the pill is one huge so-called side effect of its consumption. Due to the government's recent mandate of FREE birth control, I expect fibroids and breast cancer rates to climb even higher. The government is not your friend when it comes to cancer. The government has given Big Pharma and Big Business a free pass to promote these harmful hormones to women and dump a plethora of estrogenic chemicals on the public which actually causes women to develop fibroids and breast cancer in the womb!

So if you are women, you definitely want to avoid the pill for the prevention of breast cancer and fibroids. To learn more about natural and safe methods of contraception, buy my best selling e-book "A Woman's Guide to Herbs".

The birth control pill mentioned above are not the only estrogens that women are exposed to on a daily basis. There are hundreds of estrogenic compounds that women are exposed to on a daily basis which cause women to develop fibroids and other reproductive ailments. 

So how do you identify and avoid this estrogenic compounds?

In my highly informative educational video, Live Fibroid Free! The Secrets to Preventing and Shrinking Fibroids, I will share how to avoid all these estrogen mimicking chemicals which are giving you fibroids and other diseases such as breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer. It is based on over three years worth of research and it is the world's best information out there on shrinking and curing fibroids as I address the emotional, nutritional, and hormonal causes of the ailment and how to remedy them. Get your copy TODAY by clicking the link this link HERE!