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Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Make Women Fat, Sick, and Infertile

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH WOMEN TODAY. The rates of breast cancer are exploding and this is a now global phenomenon. Contrary to conventional wisdom, breast cancer is actually not genetic but rather a MAN-MADE disease! Ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and vaginal cancer rates are also rapidly increasing throughout the world. The rates of fibroids have exploded with almost 40 percent of women having the condition. Girls are going into puberty at the age of 7 and 8 years now and the earlier a woman experiences puberty, the more likely she is to develop breast and uterine cancer and fibroids.

Endometriosis and PCOS, painful conditions that results in infertility, has also been increasing over the past several decades too and affect millions of women. Hundreds of millions of women now struggle with obesity and can never seem to lose weight no matter how hard they try. Millions of women also cannot have a child and many more when they do become pregnant, often miscarry. It is also estimated that 43 percent of women have libido problems and 78 percent are non-orgasmic. What is happening to women? Why are women so fat, sick, and non-orgasmic?

The answer is ESTROGEN! Yes, estrogen is one of the top killers of women today. However, women are not just having their health destroyed by their body's natural estrogen but by the myriad of synethic and chemical estrogens that are now omnipresent in women's bodies and the environment today. These estrogens are found in hundreds of products and foods that women consume everyday. These estrogens, shockingly enough, change women's gender and sexual orientation and make them BEHAVE MORE MASCULINE! These substances are behind the exploding rates of breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian, and vaginal cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, female infertility, miscarriages, and early puberty.

Women today are acutally being born with breast cancer and other health ailment due to these chemical exposures. Even worse, these synthetic hormones are driving the female obesity epidemic because they cause fat storage and creation which then increases a woman's risk of fibroids and breast cancer. Women are also being exposed to excesssive natural estrogen because of belly fat and obesity which is often caused by these same synthetic estrogens! CDC research shows that chemical and synthetic estrogens are now found in almost ALL women! All these synthetic estrogens are literally creating a nightmare for millions of women.

In my Grounbreaking Recording,
I expose what these harmful synethic estrogens are, where they are found, how to avoid them, and how to remove them from your body. I will also explain what causes excess natural estrogen to occur in your body and how to eliminate this problem. This information will definitely help you to improve and preserve your health, feminity, fertility, and sexuality and dramatically reduce your risk of fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, obesity, breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical, and vaginal cancer and protect you and your family from experiencing early puberty. This information will also make you lose up to 15 pounds without dieting in a matter of 6 weeks. In this recording, you will receive information on the following:

  • The breast cancer causing estrogens in personal care products and how to avoid them

  • Is canned food giving women breast cancer? Find out why it is and what you can do to avoid this risk!

  • Are vaginal creams, lubricants, spermicides, sex toys, and condoms giving women fibroids and breast cancer? Find out the hidden dangers of your intimate products

  • Can eating fruits and vegetables give you breast cancer? Absolutely! Learn about harmful estrogens in fruits and vegetables and how to avoid them

  • The extremely estrogenic food that are promoted as beneficial but are really extremely hamful for them. This information will shock you!

  • The toxic estrogens found in meats and other animal products and how to avoid them

  • Smell good and develop breast cancer? Learn about the hidden dangers of fragrances and air fresheners

  • Are you washing your clothes with estrogenic breast cancer causing chemicals? The dangerous estrogens lurking in your household and cleaning products and how to avoid them

  • Does bottled water equal breast cancer? Learn about the hidden dangers of plastics and plastic drinking bottles

  • Are there breast cancer causing estrogens in your prescription drugs? Learn about the hidden dangers lurking in your pharmaeutical drugs

  • How chemical estrogens actually masculinize women, cause them to produce excess testosterone, and cause women to born as lesbians or bi-sexual

  • Why women are being masculinized while shopping and how to prevent this

  • Does having love handles and being obese bring endometriosis, fibroids, and breast cancer? Learn about the dangers of belly fat and obesity and its effect on your body's natural estrogens

  • The dangerous estrogen mimicking chemicals lurking in your household products and how to avoid them

  • Are there breast cancer causing estrogenic chemicals in your pizza and fast food? Find out the hidden dangers of pizza and fast food.

  • The natural chemical estrogens in many natural and organic products that cause breast cancer and dangerously increase a women's estrogen levels

  • The dangers of birth control pills and other synthetic pharmaceutical estrogens that your doctor won't tell you

  • Are There Female Sex Hormones in your drinking water? The dangerous estrogenic chemicals lurking in drinking water

  • What herbs and superfoods eliminate excess natural and chemical estrogens from your body and what natural supplements protect you from the dangers of chemical estrogens

From Janine: "Thankful that I invested in this recording. The info is practical and is the type of content that I'm sure many of us overlook while living day to day. I've learned a lot thus far during the past 45 minutes. *Thankful*

From Zipporah: "I just listened to your webinar, Harmed By Hormones.  Whew!  Thank you so much for providing this information about the links between estrogen-mimicking chemicals and dis-ease in a woman's body.  I did not know all of this was happening in my home environment and what I've been consuming"  

From Safiar: "I have learned more about chemicals to avoid in foods and in the environment from Curtis Duncan. He is a great researcher. 

    This will be the absolute best female health information ever! I have spent several years researching and have gotten numerous requests from women on this particular topic and now the information will be yours for your empowerment and well-being! I will be giving you information that will make you lose to 30 pounds and eliminate or drastically slash your risk of breast cancer and most other female health ailments. This is information is absolutely vital if you are woman so order NOW!

    About Me: Curtis Duncan is a holistic health consultant, a world premier health researcher, weight loss expert, and master Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. He seeks to empower people through education and high quality information so they can lead healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives!

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    Anonymous said...

    I've only just discovered you today Dr. Curtis. Interesting stuff you're putting out there. Here's hoping more women wake up and shake up their ability to have more faith in their vital life force and stop giving it away to.....men!!
    It's not easy going against the flow;
    The flow being a societal belief system that dictates and rules by putting the fear of just about every thing,in every ones faces at every given opportunity.
    So.....I hope you're hard hitting facts and info strike the right chord and begin to enlighten, and I mean TRULY enlighten, people into taking off the blinkers and ditching the mechanical monsters and robots.
    Choose life, famous line from a great old film.
    I did and you know what?
    Being a winner feels amazingly free..and...... healthy of course!!!!!

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