Monday, February 18, 2013

Do Shopping Receipts Cause PCOS and Female Facial Hair

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a very common condition which affects close to 10 percent of the female population and is a major cause of infertility and unwanted facial hair. This condition did not exist 100 years ago and rates have now exploded. In this video, I explain why hidden chemicals found in shopping receipts are fueling the epidemic.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nutritional and Holistic Health Consultation

Do you want to be healthy, slim, and energized?

Do you want to overcome diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure?

Do you want to know the secrets to longevity and anti-aging?

Do you want to have a better sex life?

Want to have glowing skin and more youthful appearance?

Want to know the REAL truth about healthy eating which is unknown by billions of people?

I have the answers you need! First let me tell you about myself. I am one of the world's most knowledgeable health experts out there. I have spent close to a decade independently researching health and wellness and I know everything there is to know about health. I have even tried doing raw food and vegetarian diets (which I do not recommend) and researched a wide range of topics on health including nutrition, lifestyle, stress, herbs, sex and sexual health, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and alternative medicine. It has taken me a long time and trial and error to gather all the information I have and I firmly know why people are sick. You are supposed to be sick if you live in this country because trillions of dollars are made of people being sick. However, you do not have to be sick but most people are because they lack the information they need to be healthy. There is a truly a conspiracy to make you sick! That is the reason why I do the work that do. Through my years of research, I understand the root causes of why people are sick and how to effectively resolve sickness and disease. I am here to empower you with the information you need to be healthy because it is your birthright.

By scheduling a nutritional and holistic health consultation with me you can learn the following which is all based upon sound scientific and evolutionary research:

  • The proper diet for human beings to follow. (No it is not a low fat, vegan or raw food, processed and fast food, or USDA diet)
  • Proper lifestyle habits that you make you happier, healthier, and sexier
  • How to effectively reduce and eliminate stress
  • Why low self-esteem could be sabotaging your health and how to improve it
  • How to overcome just about any disease with proper lifestyle and diet changes
  • How to effectively increase testosterone and libido if you are a man
  • How to effectively increase libido if you are a woman
  • What supplements to take for optimal health and disease prevention
  • What foods to avoid and to consume
  • What dangerous personal care and household products to avoid
  • How to avoid dangerous chemicals linked to heart disease, birth defects, diabetes, obesity, and cancer
  • How to overcome depression and other mental disorders with proper nutrition
  • And much more!
My consultations are totally individualized based upon your individual concerns and totally confidential. You just let me know what you are dealing with and I will tell you what to do to fix it. 


"Health & wellness is a life long journey that is often filled with doctors, hospital visits, and medication that treats the illness but doesn't look to truly heal the person. One of the most valuable things I have learned from Curtis Duncan is not only how to heal myself, but the importance of practicing preventative health care. Understanding that everything is essentially related from what and how you eat to the way that it makes you feel. What I appreciate most is the genuine love Curtis has for seeing people lead a healthy life and his willingness to accompany you along your journey. " Shalay 

"Hi Curtis,

Thanks so much for checking in with me!! I am doing well as I am down about 25 pounds and keeping up my healthy habits.  I send ppl links to your YouTube page all the time now.  Summer was tough with traveling and all but after labor day I hope to get down 25 more pounds!! My Christmas gift to myself!!" Teresa

"I met Curtis Duncan at a time when I knew very little about autism or even where to start. I was new to this and felt lost in it all. After a consultation, I hired him at a very reasonable price and he helped make a clear roadmap for me. Mr. Duncan has shown great patience, support and kindness. He was available to answer any questions that I had and always responded within a reasonable time to my inquiries long after our consultation. He is someone who really cares about people and helping them and it was evident from day one. The information that he has provided me with has been invaluable and it is evident that he has done the research. I am so grateful to have met him and used his services because the wealth of knowledge that he has is priceless. I would recommend him to anyone. "

Consultation Time


Curtis Duncan is a one of world’s most knowledgeable holistic health and weight loss experts and researchers and a master Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. Curtis has been spent over 10 years independently researching holistic health and is one of the world’s most knowledgeable health experts. His areas of expertise include the Law of Attraction, the amazing power of self-love, mind-body medicine, Vitamin D and the miracles of sunlight exposure, agriculture, nutrition, the dangers of environmental chemicals and GMOs, herbal medicine, natural remedies, holistic weight loss, the dangers of stress, women's and men's health, preventing and curing disease, the dangers of Western Medicine and pharmaceuticals, mind control and propaganda, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, eugenics, and food and health conspiracies. He has a deep understanding of the politics and business of obesity and "disease", the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and conventional medical treatments, and the fraudulent global Medical Monopoly and their conspiracy to make humanity sick and so they can make endless profits at individual’s and society’s expense.  

His philosophy is your health is your birthright. His mission is to empower people to be "Healthy As Ever" and have the kind of body that they desire. He is truly passionate and committed to helping people to improve their quality of life. He knows that armed with the right information and tools, people can make better choices for their health and longevity. He has the necessary information and tools so people can people live life more abundantly. He has worked with many clients and people have gotten phenomenal results applying the tools or information that he has. He is the creator of several health oriented products which include “Live Fibroid Free: The Secrets to Preventing and Curing Fibroids”, "Harmed by Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harm Women's Health" and "The Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men”. His mission is to empower people to be healthy by giving them excellent information.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Live Fibroid-Free: The Secrets To Preventing and Shrinking Fibroids

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH WOMEN'S WOMBS TODAY. Women are suffering from extraordinarily high rates of fibroid tumors and no one seems to know what to do about it. An astounding 80 percent of women today will develop the condition and fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomies in America. Fibroids cause infertility, heavy and painful menstruation, painful sex, and urinary problems. Having fibroids is also a sign that a woman may have type 2 diabetes which is one of the leading causes of death for women in the US. 

The million dollar question is what is causing this epidemic of fibroids? The true reason for the epidemic is hormones specificially estrogen. It is widely known that fibroids is an estrogen dependent disease. If fibroids is an estrogen dependent disease than how are women being exposed to excess estrogen which causes fibroids? Through diet and the environment. Women are swimming in a sea of estrogens today and every single day, women are being exposed to a variety of untested, harmful estrogenic chemicals. These chemicals are hidden in the food, cosmetics, household items, and beauty products that millions of women use on a daily basis. Women are also being exposed to these chemicals in the womb and it causes women to be born with fibroids!

Unbeknownest to most, Big Pharma is actually making these fibroids causing chemicals in order to produce more sick women who will need their profitable drugs, surgeries, and medical treatments. Women are being poisoned for profit!

Second, women also have excessive amounts of tumor-producing hormones in their bodies. These hormones are not estrogen or progesterone. Fibroids are benign tumors and excessive levels of these hormones in a woman's body also fuel fibroids. Most women have excessive levels of these tumor-producing hormones because of their diet and lifestyle.

In my 1 1/2 hour long educational video, I will lay all the confusion to rest and tell you the real reasons why you have fibroids and how to cure them in 30 days or less! I will be giving you the world's best information on the ailment as this is something I have been studying for four years. I have worked with many women to cure the ailment and this is your chance to get the best information out there on preventing and shrinking fibroid tumors  During my highly informative webinar you will learn:

  • The fibroids causing estrogens in personal care products, makeup, and lipstick and how to avoid them

  • Is packaged food giving women fibroids? Find out why it is and what you can do to avoid this risk!

  • The popular grain which causes fibroids. Learn the hidden dangers of this widely consumed grain and its link to fibroid tumors

  • Are vaginal creams, lubricants, spermicides, sex toys, and condoms giving women fibroids? Find out the hidden dangers of your intimate products

  • Can eating fruits and vegetables give you fibroids? Absolutely! Learn about the hidden dangers in fruits and vegetables and how to avoid them

  • The toxic estrogens found in meats and other animal products and how to avoid them

  • Smell good and develop fibroids? Learn about the hidden dangers of scented products

  • The popular bottled drink that is secretly giving millions of women fibroid tumors

  • The common prescription drug used by million of women that causes fibroids

  • Does having love handles and being obese bring fibroids?  Learn about the dangers of belly fat and obesity and how to eliminate unwanted body fat in less than 30 days.

  • The natural chemical estrogens in many natural and organic products that cause breast cancer and dangerously increase a woman's estrogen levels

  • The dangerous estrogen mimicking chemicals lurking in your household products and how to avoid them

  • This deadly food consumed by millions of women on a daily basis which causes fibroids

  • The popular beverages consumed by millions of women which fuel the fibroids epidemic

  • Why eating healthy will give you fibroids. Find out why following misguided government and nutritional guidelines will give you fibroids.

  • A list of the fake health foods which increase the levels of fibroid tumor producing hormones.

  • Are there estrogens in your drinking water? Learn about the dangerous estrogenic chemicals lurking in drinking water and how to filter them out

  • The hidden connection between diabetes and fibroids. Find out why fibroids may be a sign of one of the top killers of women, insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes

  • The widely promoted food which significantly increases women's levels of fibroid tumor-producing hormones. (It does not increase estrogen but another critical hormone)

  • What herbal teas and superfoods eliminate excess natural and chemical estrogens from your body and shrink fibroids tumors

  • The important nutrient, that are you likely deficient in, which cures fibroids

  • A simple, easy to follow diet plan to shrink fibroids in 30 days or less

  • Why women who are people pleasers and who have difficulty saying no to others are highly prone to fibroids

  • Why suppression of certain emotions causes fibroids tumors

  • A simple and easy to use Chinese medicinal technique that miracluously shrinks fibroids in a matter of days.

FREE GIFT: Anyone who purchases this webinar will also receive a free gift. My gift to you will be my excellent and highly informative recording, Death By Estrogen: How Hormonal Chemicals Harm Women's Health, which details all the sources of hidden estrogen mimicking chemicals which cause fibroids, breast cancer, and obesity. This recording will be sent to you for FREE just for joining my webinar immediately!

Note: You do not need PayPal to purchase this recording. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email from Transfer Big Files to watch the video. This email may go to your spam folder so be sure to check that folder. Be sure to include the proper email address during your PayPal purchase where you would like to receive this download.


"Health & wellness is a life long journey that is often filled with doctors, hospital visits, and medication that treats the illness but doesn't look to truly heal the person. One of the most valuable things I have learned from Curtis Duncan is not only how to heal myself, but the importance of practicing preventative health care. Understanding that everything is essentially related from what and how you eat to the way that it makes you feel. What I appreciate most is the genuine love Curtis has for seeing people lead a healthy life and his willingness to accompany you along your journey. " Shalay K.

"I have learned about more chemicals to avoid in foods and in the environment from Curtis Duncan. He is a great researcher." Safiar T.

Many thanks to you for presenting us with natural alternatives to treating and curing fibroids! It's refreshing to gather information from someone who has studied the condition and offers non-surgical treatment. I look forward to putting the techniques to use and getting positive results!" Tamiko J

This is the world's best information on preventing and curing fibroids! You will not receive this information anywhere else. Order your copy NOW!