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The Pill Causes Multi-Generational Breast Cancer??

Breast cancer rates have exploded in the past several decades with 1 and 8 women projected to develop the disease during their lifetime. When scientists and medical doctors love to blame genes on the disease, breast cancer is not caused by genes. It is caused by epigenetics which means under the gene. The science of epigenetics explains how genes are expressed because genes themselves do not change.  Our genes can express in ways that promote disease and bad health and they cause express in ways that promote well-being and good health. What determines how our genes are expressed? Our environment, stress, diet, life experiences, and chemicals. When it comes to breast cancer, this disease is caused by estrogen and the early exposure to estrogenic chemicals create epigenetic changes that causes multi-generational cancer and health problems. This means that the early exposure in the womb to estrogenic chemicals or synthetic estrogens like the birth control pill create epigenetic changes which is based onto future generations which can cause a mother, daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter to all develop breast cancer.  These epigenetic changes that occur as a result of exposure to chemicals are inherited by future generations. These epigenetic changes that have occurred in women as result of being exposed to the birth control pill are definitely one of the reasons for the explosion in breast cancer.
DES and multi-generational disease
The birth control pill is not the only synthetic estrogen which was shown to have multi-generational effects. A synthetic estrogen known as DES which was an FDA approved drug given to women to prevent miscarriage has also been proven to cause multi-generational breast cancer, birth defects, and health problems in women. DES was later banned after it was shown to be extremely toxic but the story of DES proves that power of early exposure to environmental and synthetic estrogens and its long lasting effects.
Is the pill found in your drinking water?
The pill is one of the top drinking water contaminants in the US and that is why it is so dangerous. When women take the pill, 80 percent of the estrogen ends up in the drinking water where it is not filtered by traditional filtration methods. The estrogen found in the pill does not readily degrade either and tends to remain the environment and soil for a long time.  When pregnant women consume this water, then the female fetus will be exposed to this estrogen, the epigenetic changes will occur, and the female fetus will develop breast cancer later on in life along with future generations.  The massive cost to clean up the massive pollution of the water supply caused by the birth control pill has been estimated to cost $30 billion in England alone! Consuming public drinking water is also a major cause of breast cancer and it is loaded with synthetic estrogens and pesticides like the birth control pill which cause breast cancer.  My recording, Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harm Women's Health, tells you how to filter out all the hidden estrogens in drinking water.
Is the pill found in your food?
A large portion of food grown in America is actually made with toxic sewage sludge. Sewage sludge is what is left over when the government treats all the raw sewage.  Sewage sludge is really toxic waste which should be disposed of but the government sells it as a “natural fertilizer” to farmers. Sewage sludge is loaded with toxic heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, jet fuel, and even nuclear radiation. The birth control pill is also a big contaminant of sewage sludge. Sewage sludge is literally dumped over the soil in which food grows and the plants uptake many of the chemicals found in sewage sludge. Besides avoiding genetically modified foods and pesticides, this is another reason why you should buy organic. 

I definitely recommend that you avoiding take ALL oral and hormonal contraceptives as they are extremely dangerous. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should also avoid taking the pill too. The pill is not the only synthetic estrogen that causes multi-generational health problems. Bisphenol-A or BPA is another chemical that has been show to cause multi-generational health problems and is chemically similar to the harmful estrogenic drug, DES. Most likely, it will cause multi-generational breast cancer too. To learn how to avoid these estrogenic chemicals which cause early puberty, PCOS, obesity, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, and breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer, be sure to purchase my highly informative and awesome recording, Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harm's Women Health.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is Your Lipstick Giving You Breast Cancer, Fibroids, and Endometriosis?

Lipstick is one of the many toxic products that women use on a consistent basis which is making them sick. Just about everything that women consume and wear on their bodies here in toxic America makes them sick. This is why the average women has puts close to 515 synthetic chemicals in their bodies today! A new study documents how lipstick contains high amounts of lead, cadmium, manganese, and aluminum which are all toxic heavy metals. Even natural brands like Burt’s Bee, which is owned by the toxic chemical company Clorox, has been found to contain lead. 

What is the Link Between Heavy Metals and Fibroids, Breast Cancer, and Endometriosis?
The heavy metals cause these diseases because lead and cadmium actually mimic estrogen. Fibroids, breast cancer, and endometriosis are all estrogen dependent disease and when you are exposed to synthetic estrogens, estrogenic chemicals, and heavy metals which mimic estrogen then you are increasing your risk of developing the disease. The lipstick label does not say that the product contains heavy metals which cause these diseases because then you would not buy it. Lead is an extremely toxic heavy metal which causes permanent and significant brain damage, pancreatic cancer, violent behavior, and numerous other health problems. The label is more likely to say “help in the fight against breast cancer” even though the product actually causes it. This is known as pinkwashing. This is when companies donate money to breast cancer awareness and research while simultaneously selling and making products or chemicals which CAUSE breast cancer. It is a mere manipulative and deceptive marketing strategy to get female consumers to buy more toxic cosmetics by tapping into their sense of altruism or activism.

It is my recommendation to look for cosmetics which are organic and do not contain any lead or heavy metals. Beware of so-called “natural” brands like Burt’s Bees. Natural is a totally meaningless label used these days to manipulate people into buying toxic products. Organic is being significant watered down too but it is still the best we have left in the marketplace because the term “natural” has been totally hijacked by Big Business who are looking to capitalize on people’s concerns about toxins in beauty products and foods. I have personally seen too many “natural” women’s products which are loaded with unnatural and toxic additives. You can check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Study on lead-free lipsticks to find out which brands do not contain the toxic heavy metal. 

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Acne: Are Sugar, Grains, and Milk the Cause?

Acne is a huge problem in this country and millions of dollars are made selling these fraudulent acne therapies and drugs. All of these drug sales are based on the myth that acne is caused by bacteria and excess oil in the skin which is a complete myth. The real cause of acne is sugar, grains, and milk. Why? Because you secrete excess sebum on your face as result of your insulin levels being high. Insulin is a hormone secreted in response to consuming foods which raise your blood sugar. Foods that raise your blood sugar are carbohydrates primarily and foods that are high on the glycemic
index which measures how high your blood sugar is raised when a certain time period, definitely cause your develop ugly acne.  The higher the food is on the glycemic index, the higher your levels of insulin will be raised. Also the more carbohydrates you eat, the more likely you are to develop acne.

Sugar, sugary drinks, and high fructose corn syrup are very high on the glycemic index and the main reason why teens particularly male teens suffer from such bad acne. Sugar raises your insulin levels very high and also causes insulin resistance which results in chronically high insulin levels. Teens are the biggest consumers of sugary drinks with male teens being the highest.  I remember I had horrible acne when I was a teen and it was because I consumed 2-3 cans of soda per day.  Little did I know what I was doing to myself by consuming so much sugar. Sugary drinks are the top source of calories here in America so as long as we are consuming sugar, Americans will always have bad acne.

Milk definitely does not do your face good. Milk particularly skim and 2 percent milk are huge causes of acne.  You are more likely to develop acne by drinking low fat-milk than whole milk.  The processing of whole milk to make skim, 1 percent and 2 percent, actually increase the levels of hormones in the milk which causes acne. Low fat milk also raises your insulin levels even more. Skim milk, 1 and 2 percent milk is a complete scam. If you are going to drink milk, you are much better drinking organic, grass fed whole milk. In moderation of course, unless you want to develop acne.  You might be thinking, well milk is not  a carb why does it cause acne.

1.       When you consume milk, you are actually consuming insulin and milk dramatically raises
your insulin levels. Milk can increase your insulin levels by 300 percent!

2.      All milk even the milk treated without Monsanto’ genetically modified growth hormones also contains insulin growth like factor which also linked the development of acne.  Consuming industrial milk which is often treated with artificial growth hormones increase the levels of insulin growth like factor which increases your risk of developing acne.

We have been told to eat as many grains as possible particularly whole grains but this is not really good for our skin’s appearance. Grains are essentially sugar and when you grains like wheat, you are going to significantly raises your blood sugar and thus insulin levels. White and whole wheat bread raise your blood sugar and insulin levels as high as a candy bar. Whole wheat is very high on the glycemic index and is equal to white bread. This is because when you mill the grain to a flour, it becomes readily absorbable and thus raises your blood sugar and insulin levels very high.  Given that the USDA food pyramid recommends to consume a high grain diet (which is done to increase the profits of the grain companies and big wealthy farmers), Americans are again doomed to have acne problems.

Ditch the sugar, milk, refined grains, wheat, potato chips, fruit juice, and consume less carbohydrates over all, your face will be acne-free. Definitely avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index. You should consume no more than 100 grams of carbohydrate a day if you want to be acne-free. Consuming omega 3 rich fish i.e. wild caught salmon, mackerel, grass fed beef, and sardines is also a great way to improve your skin health too.

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Feminizing Fragrances: How Cologne and Scented Products Cause Impotence

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Energy Drinks: Heart Disease, Death, Obesity, and Impotence In a Can

Energy drinks are some of the worst beverages ever invented and they have become widely popular especially amongst teenagers and men. However, these beverages are actually worse than soda. First, they are loaded with high amounts of caffeine which has caused people to end up in the hospital. The high amounts of caffeine can cause heart palpitations and even instantaneous death.  Thousands of people have ended up in the hospital as a result of consuming these drinks.

Two, these drinks are extremely addictive. Caffeine itself is an addictive drug which is the reason why people consume high amounts of coffee in this country every single day. Coffee is actually the world’s second most traded commodity after oil. Why? Because caffeine is an addictive drug and coffee is a great source of that drug. One of the ways that soft drink companies hook their consumers onto their beverages is by adding extra caffeine.  There is no other reason to add this substance to a soft drink other than to make it more addictive and thus encourage repeat consumption and addiction. Not only that but the products are loaded with sugar which has been proved to be just as addictive as cocaine. Food companies know that sugar is addictive and that is why they add it to everything. When companies add sugar to food, when buy more of it and humans are actually hard-wired to crave sugar and the taste of sweets.

The high amounts of sugar found in the beverages also causes heart disease and diabetes. Sugar is toxic and has to be metabolized by the liver and when you consume it in high amounts, it causes insulin resistance which is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes which is an epidemic in this country. Close to 100 million Americans have prediabetes and diabetes. Consuming sugar in a liquid form also increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Sugar also causes heart disease and strokes too. We have been taught that saturated fat does this but there is ZERO evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease. But sugar certainly does. One, sugar causes metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides which is a risk factor of heart
disease. It also causes high blood sugar or insulin resistance which is another risk factor of heart disease.  Sugar also causes belly fat which is another big risk factor for heart disease. Finally, sugar increases the levels of small LDL cholesterol which is the type of cholesterol that has been shown to cause heart disease.

Energy drinks also a major cause of obesity because they are a sugary beverage. Whenever you drink a sugary beverage, you are literally eating FAT because sugar gets converted into fat usually within four hours of its consumption. Your body often then stores the excess fat around your mid-section which is really bad for your health. Sugar is definitely the reason why we have the obesity epidemic in this country because it just converts into fat and also raises your insulin levels since it is a carbohydrate. By being converted into fat by your liver, causing insulin resistance which raises your blood sugar levels, and significantly raising your blood sugar levels since sugar is high on the glycemic index, sugar is the ultimate obesity food. Consuming sugary beverages versus sugary treats like donuts makes it even more likely that you will be fat and diabetic because the sugar is immediately metabolized and digested and this raises your blood sugar even more and results in your body converting it into fat. Sugar actually turns on your body’s fat switch and makes you obese.

The high amounts of sugar in energy drinks also fuels cancer. Why? Because sugar actually feeds cancer by raising your insulin levels which is a cancer promoting hormone. Cancer cells have receptors for insulin on them which means that insulin will transport the high amounts of glucose or
blood sugar into the cancer cells to be used as energy for the cancer to grow and flourish. Sugar also is a major cause of pancreatic cancer which is one of the deadliest forms of cancer out there. Our excess sugar consumption is primary reason why so many people are afflicted with pancreatic cancer today.

The can could be the most toxic part of energy drinks!

The can which the energy drinks is found in is toxic too! The can contains a toxic, estrogen mimicking chemical known as Bisphenol-A or BPA which has been shown to cause breast and prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Even worse, if you are a man, the chemical causes impotence and low testosterone. If you are a women, the can causes breast cancer, fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Virtually all canned foods in America contain this hidden toxin and that is why BPA shows up in 93 percent of Americans’ bodies.  BPA has actually been shown to make people be born with breast and prostate cancer which are two common types of cancers that have been steadily increasing the past several years.

To learn more about the dangers of estrogen mimicking chemicals and how they are destroying your health, fertility, and sexuality, check out my awesome and highly informative recordings, The Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men or Harmed by Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harm’s Women Health

For all the reason above, it is in your best interest to ditch those energy drinks!