Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is Your Lipstick Giving You Breast Cancer, Fibroids, and Endometriosis?

Lipstick is one of the many toxic products that women use on a consistent basis which is making them sick. Just about everything that women consume and wear on their bodies here in toxic America makes them sick. This is why the average women has puts close to 515 synthetic chemicals in their bodies today! A new study documents how lipstick contains high amounts of lead, cadmium, manganese, and aluminum which are all toxic heavy metals. Even natural brands like Burt’s Bee, which is owned by the toxic chemical company Clorox, has been found to contain lead. 

What is the Link Between Heavy Metals and Fibroids, Breast Cancer, and Endometriosis?
The heavy metals cause these diseases because lead and cadmium actually mimic estrogen. Fibroids, breast cancer, and endometriosis are all estrogen dependent disease and when you are exposed to synthetic estrogens, estrogenic chemicals, and heavy metals which mimic estrogen then you are increasing your risk of developing the disease. The lipstick label does not say that the product contains heavy metals which cause these diseases because then you would not buy it. Lead is an extremely toxic heavy metal which causes permanent and significant brain damage, pancreatic cancer, violent behavior, and numerous other health problems. The label is more likely to say “help in the fight against breast cancer” even though the product actually causes it. This is known as pinkwashing. This is when companies donate money to breast cancer awareness and research while simultaneously selling and making products or chemicals which CAUSE breast cancer. It is a mere manipulative and deceptive marketing strategy to get female consumers to buy more toxic cosmetics by tapping into their sense of altruism or activism.

It is my recommendation to look for cosmetics which are organic and do not contain any lead or heavy metals. Beware of so-called “natural” brands like Burt’s Bees. Natural is a totally meaningless label used these days to manipulate people into buying toxic products. Organic is being significant watered down too but it is still the best we have left in the marketplace because the term “natural” has been totally hijacked by Big Business who are looking to capitalize on people’s concerns about toxins in beauty products and foods. I have personally seen too many “natural” women’s products which are loaded with unnatural and toxic additives. You can check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Study on lead-free lipsticks to find out which brands do not contain the toxic heavy metal. 

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