Saturday, April 19, 2014

Does Eating Raw Foods Makes You Infertile and Impotent??

In this video, I describe why the raw foods diet is scam and anti-human diet, how eating raw foods can make you impotent and infertile, why eating cooked foods is better for you, and how cooking made us human.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Uterine Fibroids Treatments Cause Uterine Cancer According to FDA Warning

According to a new FDA report, a commonly used treatment for fibroids actually uterine cancer! The procedure known as laparascopic power morcellation actually has been found to increase women's risk of developing a fatal type of uterine cancer by almost nine times! This is good for business though because then Big Pharma can sell more drugs and chemotherapy which will also kill women too! This is why I do not recommend any type of medical intervention for fibroids including surgery or hysterectomies because all of the medical interventions for a benign tumor known as fibroids are extremely dangerous. The treatments for fibroids are more dangerous then fibroids themselves!

Big Pharma intentionally create fibroids and breast cancer via estrogen mimicking chemicals such Bisphenol A (made by Bayer maker of aspirin) so they can sell more drugs and treatments. The drugs and treatments i.e. chemotherapy, hysterectomies, laprascopic power morcellation then cause even more problems so again more drugs and treatments can be sold. Profit is made off creating the problem and then off selling the solution which causes more problems so even more profit can be made! That is the nature of the beast know as capitalism!
Fibroids can be cured naturally though. I have an excellent and highly informative product which will help you to shrink fibroids in a matter of weeks. It is called Live Fibroid Free is based on my close to 5 years of research into ailment and how to cure it naturally. You can purchase your copy learn more by clicking here.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Is Shampoo Making Making Women Fat?

Obesity is not calories but about hormones. Most female skin and hair care products are LOADED with female sex hormones and the FDA does not require these hormones or hormonal chemicals to be labeled. When women are exposed to higher levels of estrogen, they gain weight, hence the reason why women gain weight during pregnancy even though they don't eat more. Similarly, when women are unknowingly being exposed to estrogen in cosmetics and personal care products, it also makes them fatter. How ironic that the companies which make women feel the most insecure about their bodies, beauty and cosmetic companies, also make them fat with their hidden ingredients. The link below exposes a chemical known as pthalates that is commonly found in personal care items.

To learn more about the dangers of women's personal care items, makeup, and hygiene products, check out my awesome recording, Harmed By Hormones: How Estrogenic Chemicals Harms Women's Health.  which details the hidden dangers found in virtually all of products women consume on a daily basis.

Homosexuality and The Chemical Feminization of Men

You can listen to the archive of a controversial and highly explosive show that I did few weeks ago on homosexuality and the chemical feminization of men below. It was a mind blowing show! I will discussed the feminization of males and the chemicals that are behind the reason why testosterone levels have declined, impotence is increasing, sperms count are dropping, men have smaller penises and increased birth defects. These chemicals are also behind the explosion of autism, ADHD, cancer, low libido, and more in men. These chemicals also decreasing the population of men and causing the to be gay. I start talking about thirty minutes into the show.
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