Friday, April 18, 2014

Uterine Fibroids Treatments Cause Uterine Cancer According to FDA Warning

According to a new FDA report, a commonly used treatment for fibroids actually uterine cancer! The procedure known as laparascopic power morcellation actually has been found to increase women's risk of developing a fatal type of uterine cancer by almost nine times! This is good for business though because then Big Pharma can sell more drugs and chemotherapy which will also kill women too! This is why I do not recommend any type of medical intervention for fibroids including surgery or hysterectomies because all of the medical interventions for a benign tumor known as fibroids are extremely dangerous. The treatments for fibroids are more dangerous then fibroids themselves!

Big Pharma intentionally create fibroids and breast cancer via estrogen mimicking chemicals such Bisphenol A (made by Bayer maker of aspirin) so they can sell more drugs and treatments. The drugs and treatments i.e. chemotherapy, hysterectomies, laprascopic power morcellation then cause even more problems so again more drugs and treatments can be sold. Profit is made off creating the problem and then off selling the solution which causes more problems so even more profit can be made! That is the nature of the beast know as capitalism!
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