Monday, May 12, 2014

How Fruit Juice and Smoothies Are Making You Fat and Flabby

In this video, I expose the so-called healthy drinks and beverages: smoothies and fruit juice are making you fat. I also discuss how eating too much fruit will make you fat and flabby.


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Jelle de Jong said...

I agree that we need to eat whole foods and that fruit juicing by removing the fibber is not health promoting. I checked your URLs and could not find the research about lipogenesis occurring in only four hours after consuming sucrose, can you share the link to this research, and quote the paragraph.

I strongly disagree that sugar from whole foods is unhealthy, Bonobo monkeys and other more intelligent apes have a diet consistent of primary sugars from whole fruits and thrive on it, its there natural diet.

All of the these below researchers concluded that a diet consistent of natural sugars results in the best human diet:

Maybe you can do an interview with one of these scientist/doctors?

I have not seen a person yet that got fat from many years of eating fruits, I have seen people getting fat from eating fatty foods. There are also loads of people eating more then 2500kcal worth of fruit a day and have done insulin response tests and show that everything is fine. The insulin response goes bad, when you mix to much fat with sugars.

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