Monday, May 26, 2014

The Obamas: The Poster Children for Health Hypocrisy

The Obamas are the poster child of hypocrisy when it comes to health. Michelle Obama has an organic garden and shops at Whole Foods, but her husband has been the most GMO friendly politician ever and has signed laws protecting Monsanto against lawsuits, appointed Monsanto lobbyists into his administration, approved close to 11 new GMO crops, and appointed a Monsanto puppet politician as head of the USDA. We will likely see GMO apples and salmon under the Obama administration as well. Obama even wants Africa to have GMOs to supposedly feed the poor in Africa which is dubious which GMOs crops actually decrease agricultural yields and cause more poverty and malnutrition. Michelle Obama also has a fraudulent Let's Move Campaign to encourage physical activity when in reality a lack of physical activity is the not the cause of obesity. The cause of obesity is fructose/sugar and Michelle Obama does not allow her kids to consume high fructose corn syrup. Her husband gives billions of dollars in corporate welfare to wealthy corn farmers to grow the poison though and make it really cheap to encourage people to buy it. I am sure most people would call this corruption but it is not. Politicians are merely prostitutes in suits and for sale as is everything in this world. They are merely doing the bidding of the predatory companies and wealthy businessmen who bought them.


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