Monday, May 26, 2014

The Story of Cosmetics: A Must Watch for Women

The culture of beauty definitely kills women! Cosmetic companies are probably the most anti-women companies out there! Society and capitalism demands that women be beauty objects and cosmetic companies are one of the main purveyors that women must be defined and judged for their looks. Cosmetic companies manipulate women via media, advertising, news media, popular culture, and Hollywood into putting all this toxic crap on their bodies which causes them to get cancer. The development of cancer causes women to look really bad and lose their hair due to the toxic chemotherapy and radiation given to cancer patients. And of course, the cosmetic companies are right there to donate free cosmetics to female cancer patients even though they are the reason why they got cancer in the first place. The cosmetics companies then play the good guy and support breast cancer walks while continuing to sell products which cause breast cancer. Meanwhile, they bribe politicians to keep their toxic products on the market and prevent any government oversight of their products, and bribe scientists to deny that there is any link between their products and breast cancer. Beauty companies are nothing more than ugly predatory companies.

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Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of The Beauty Industry

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