Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Truth About The Barbaric Practice of Male Genital Mutilation or Circumcision

Circumcision is one example of how barbaric our society is, how profitable is to exploit and harm men, and how men are disposable. Right when a male is first born he has his genitals mutilated without any anathasiea subjecting the infant to extreme amounts of pain and trauma. Female genital mutilation is rightly outlawed in this country and considered to be totally unacceptable but male genital mutilation is considered to be perfectly fine, promoted, and even acceptable. That is because male genital mutilation is quite profitable for doctors, the beauty industry, and the medical industry. Men's penises are mutilated without their consent for profit, their foreskins are obtained for free, and then they are added to women's cosmetics and sold for profit. Money is the name of the game! Could you imagine companies adding mutilated clitorises to their products and then trying to sell them? It would never happen and if it did, there would be immediate national outcry! Circumcision is totally unnecessary, does not prevent STDs or HIV, causes psychotic behavior and personality disorders later on in life, reduces a male's sexual pleasure since the foreskin contains thousands of nerve endings. People wonder why men in this society can be crazy, violent, hostile, and psychopathic. It is because as soon they get out of the womb, they had their penises cut! Circumcision is violence against men which only leads to more violent men.


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