Friday, June 20, 2014

How Advertising Makes You Obsessed With Being Thin and Simultaneously Fat

The job of modern advertising is to manipulate, deceive, mind control, brainwash, and lie and it works! That is why companies spend close to half a trillion dollars a year on advertising. Companies spend close to as much money brainwashing and manipulating people as the US government spends on war! Advertising is psychological warfare too. The obsession with thinness and eating disorders is completely an advertising/media driven phenomenon. Advertisers do this to make women, primarily, feel insecure about their bodies so they buy more bullshit i.e. liposuction, cosmetics, plastic surgery, diet pills, fraudulent weight loss products, and gym memberships. It is also designed to make naturally thicker women i.e. women of color, feel like shit so they will also consume more bullshit which statistics show has been quite effective considering the high levels of consumerism in Black communities. It is set up though because advertising paints this ideal image of women, i.e. thinness but then simulatenously promotes everything which will make them FAT! Advertisers heavily promote candy bars, soda, so-called natural "soy laden" foods, high carbohydrate foods, fast food and processed foods, diet foods, and sugar laden low fat foods all of which make people fat! Advertisers are the reason why people are fat and ashamed of it which then makes them even more obsessed with being thin! Advertisers create the problem of obesity so they create more demand for ideal images of thinness.

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Feeding Frenzy - Food marketing and the rise of a health epidemic (Trailer) from Mundovision Canada on Vimeo.


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