Monday, July 28, 2014

How Breakfast is Making You Fat

In this video, I discuss why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, the benefits of skipping breakfast for your health and weight loss, why traditional breakfast foods makes you fat including the healthy ones like low fat yogurt and whole wheat bagels, and why breakfast foods are the perfect drugs

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bras, Armpit Shaving, Estrogenic Chemicals, and Anti-Perspirants Cause Breast Cancer

According to a new study, bras, armpit shaving by women, and anti-perspirants are linked to breast cancer. This study is very relevant because in the Western World, women shave their armpits and wear bras and anti-perspirants all which cause breast cancer. It has been well documented that bras are risk factor for breast cancer particularly those extremely constrictive wire strap/push ups bras which are popular trend. The book "Dressed to Kill" documents how bras are linked to breast cancer. Women were quite wise to burn them in the 1960s because they are sign of female oppression particularly given that women are not allowed to show their breasts and are harassed and subjected to state violence for showing their breasts in public.  Most of the time these women are merely breastfeeding their children. Bras are also known to contain the cancer causing chemical, formaldehyde. Victoria Secret was caught selling bras laced with the chemical. Victoria Secret ironically kicked a woman out their store for breastfeeding in public too which is a sign that want to coerce women into covering up and wearing the toxic bras they sell.

The reason why armpit shaving is linked to the disease is because of the damage that results from shaving. Armpit shaving leads to cysts which increases the likelihood of breast cancer. It is not natural for women to be shaving their armpits, legs, vaginas, or their body. Gender expectations, capitalism, and our culture of beauty dictate that women do so. The idea that women should shave their underarms came from a mind control aka "advertising" campaign done by surprise, surprise, Gillette, makers of razors for women done in the early 1900s. Behind every gender expectation for women i.e. wearing makeup, high heels, being obsessed with their beauty and body, is somebody making a profit from it and that is why wealthy businessmen create those expectations via popular culture, media, and advertising so then they can sell women more BULLSHIT! Women naturally have hair on those areas and it is there for a purpose. When this hair is removed, it can lead to negative consequences like breast cancer. That is probably why women in Europe and other societies where armpit shaving is uncommon have lower rates of breast cancer.

Anti-persiperants are extremely toxic and should not be worn by anybody. It is natural for your body to perpsire and blocking this process results in negative consequences. Anti-persipants block the sweat ducts which again lead to the formation of cysts and increases the incidence of breast cancer.

The study also notes that many cosmetics also contain estrogen mimicking chemicals like parabens and aluminum salts which cause breast cancer as well. Breast cancer is an estrogenic disease and breast cancer rates have exploded because of the influx of estrogenic chemicals which are now in women's products and the environment.

My advice is for women to wear bras only when necessary. Don't expect your politicians to legal female frontal nudity anytime soon. Armpit shaving is unnecessary and if you are going to do so, try to do it as unfrequently as possible. Never wear anti-persiperants and avoid any cosmetic which contain parabens or any aluminum or "alum" ingredient. You should also avoid the myriad of estrogenic chemicals out there. I have an excellent, highly informative recording on how to avoid the numerous estrogenic chemicals which are hidden in women's cosmetics, foods, menstrual pads, beauty care, and more. Order your copy here now!

Vitamin D is also a very powerful weapon against breast cancer. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by almost 77 percent! I have an excellent guide on how to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Order your copy here!