Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homosexuality and The Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

Are chemicals making people gay and turning humans into mutants? I will expose the truth LIVE!!

Greetings all,
My name is Curtis Duncan and I am a holistic health researcher. I have spent the past four years conducting countless hours of research on endocrine disrupting chemicals and how they are harming humanity and literally turning us into sick, cancerous mutants. I have also researched how these chemicals are changing people’s gender identity and sexual orientation in the womb. Third, I have researched how the chemicals are the reason why there are less men on the planet and why so many people are infertile. Lastly, I have discovered and exposed the chemicals’ link to nefarious and secretive eugenics/population control organizations and individuals.

These chemicals are linked to, not only homosexuality, but they also change the DNA of human beings and these negative effects are passed along to generations until infinity. These chemicals are not only behind the explosion in homosexuality but behind the explosion of diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, male birth defects, autism, ADHD, early puberty, low testosterone, impotence, PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis just to name a few.  These chemicals are destroying humanity and there has been very little corporate media attention on the negative effects these substances have, although they are abundant in our bodies and environment.

I have been asked by Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media to do a show on these chemicals and the effects they are having upon people. During this show, I will provide a detailed list of the chemicals, how to avoid them, how to protect your families, and the overall population control/eugenics conspiracy behind these chemicals. I will give you all the many years of research I have done in a few hours for FREE!

In order to do this show and share the excellent research that I have, I will need at least 50 people to donate $20 dollars. This donation will compensate me for the loss of revenue I will incur for sharing this information for free. I do sell the information I have gathered and I will lose a significant amount of revenue by doing this FREE show.

Note: This show will be aired on Gnostic Media and will be available to listen to as an archive for FREE by December 29th.

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The information that I will be giving during this radio show will include the following:
  • The history of endocrine disrupting chemicals and how they have been used for genocide by the US government
  • The top manufacturers of these toxic chemicals and their history of genocide, war, human experimentation, eugenics, corruption, and environmental pollution
  • The Rockefellers, Oil, and the Feminization of Men
  • How the Koch Brothers, financiers of the Tea Party and right wing groups, make millions of a hidden homosexuality chemical
  • How Nazi eugenics corporations and eugenics organizations like Planned Parenthood push these homosexuality chemicals on the populace
  • How these chemicals are used for population control
  • How condoms and sex lubricants contain feminizing chemicals
  • How these chemicals are used for mind control
  • How chemicals found in plastic are making women more masculine
  • Why chemicals are making men’s penises and testicles smaller
  • How the feminist movement was used to chemically feminize and emasculate men
  • What pharmaceutical drugs contain the harmful estrogenic chemicals
  • How chemicals cause multi-generational health problems and how to prevent these effects
  • How high fructose corn syrup contain a hidden homosexuality chemical
  • The pervasive health effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • How to avoid all endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • How birth control is causing less men to be born
  • How chemicals are making men fat, lazy, and wimpy
  • How estrogenic chemicals are destroying women and causing multi-generational health problems
  • What products and chemicals cause women to develop fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer, early puberty, PCOS, and uterine cancer.
  • How chemicals are making men less interested in sex and more interested in porn
  • How chemicals are making kids dumber and more violent
  • How women can protect themselves from these chemicals
  • How chemicals make women less nurturing and interested in having kids
  • How chemicals are deliberately targeting men and the common male products which contain them
  • How men’s ability to produce testosterone is being destroyed
  • What supplements to take to detox the chemicals from your body and protect your health
  • How to remove these chemicals from your water which is now a chemical cocktail
  • What foods to consume to protect your body from these toxic chemicals
  • What foods to consume to optimize testosterone levels, a sex enhancer for men and women
  • What foods to avoid consuming

This radio show will expose the truth about these dangerous chemicals and the numerous effects that they have upon people’s health, sexuality, and fertility. I will expose the dangers of these chemicals and give you solutions to fight them. This information is life saving and changing! 

I have done several radio shows on this topic, one of which you can listen to below. However, none will be as informative and powerful as this one. I did not share a list of chemicals in my previous shows as I will give during this show. 

I have been exposing these chemicals for close to 4 years now and this show will be the hallmark of my research into the ubiquitous chemicals lurking in 94 percent of Americans’ bodies.

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I'm wondering about laminate flooring vs. carpeting in terms of toxicity? I'm going for laminate and wool rugs. Please help. I wish I lived in an old fashioned barn, but I have to figure out what's best and affordable for the house I have. Thanks your work is amazing and helping me make serious changes in my lifestyle. Keep up the great information sharing.

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