Sunday, August 16, 2015

How Soybean Oil, Found in All American Food, Makes You Fat and Diabetic

A new study shows how soybean oil causes more obesity than sugar or saturated fat. It does this by causing insulin resistance and when you develop insulin resistance then you will be become fat and diabetic. You will become fat because insulin is the hormone which tells your body to create and store fat and to not burn it. When you have insulin resistance, you have continuous very high levels of insulin which keep you fat particularly in your belly. Insulin resistance is also one of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and close to 50% percent of Americans now have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Soybean or "vegetable" oil is toxic and usually genetically modified. 92 percent of soybeans grown in America are genetically modified and sprayed with a highly toxic pesticide known as Round Up. Round Up itself has been shown to cause numerous health problems and cancers.Since government subsidizes the growth of soybeans to the tune of billions of dollars, it is extremely cheap and is added to all of the processed foods in America. Most fast food restaurants use soybean oil to make their fried foods too. When soybean oil is heated, it becomes extremely toxic as it oxidizes and generates free radicals. This oxidized fat clogs your arteries and causes heart disease. Soybean oil, even when uncooked, causes heart disease because it contains omega-6 fatty acids which are pro-inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of heart disease. Most restaurants/food companies use soybean oil to make their toxic fried foods since saturated fat i.e. lard, ghee, tallow has been demonized by the veggie oil industry.  Fast food restaurants used to make their fries with tallow until the soybean industry funded a supposed consumer front group to demonize saturated fat and the calories found in the fries. Restaurants then started using trans fats which are a huge cause of heart disease. This is why heart disease has not gone down in America even though Americans are eating less saturated fat and veggie oils. They are eating the very foods which CAUSE heart disease!

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