Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Legally Avoid Being Robbed Via Traffic Tickets

Recently I had to go to Atlanta Municipal Court for getting a traffic ticket. I don't worry about going to court anymore because I know the law and my rights. Traffic tickets are hidden tax and are revenue generators for the government. They have nothing to do with public safety. All government are corporations and corporations seek to make extra money by robbing people via all these municipal violations. Police officers have an incentive to write as many tickets as possible since their salaries are often paid via traffic tickets and related court fines. In the City of Ferguson, it was revealed the second largest source of the entire city's budget was made via the issuing of traffic tickets and fees and that police officers routinely targeted Blacks for traffic violations. Many were unable to pay which led them to being thrown in jail under debtors prisons which are supposed to be illegal in America. I have legally avoided paying close to a $1,000 dollars in traffic tickets over the past several years by doing the following:

1. When you go to court for a traffic ticket, make sure you appear on time and plead not guilty. Traffic tickets are criminal offenses and whenever government accuses of committing a crime, you have the constitutional right to a trial by jury of your peers. Make them present EVIDENCE that you violated said offense. Just by pleading not guilty you will get off because police officers usually never have veritable evidence that you committed the traffic violation.

2. Absolutely never plead guilty or NOLO because you essentially waiving your rights and admitting that you committed a crime or traffic violation without having any evidence being presented against you. Plus, you get points on your license which raises your insurance and can hurt your chances of getting some jobs. Even further, you are giving government the power to rob you via these tyrannical taxes a.k.a. traffic tickets! If you admit your guilt and you can't pay then you can be turned over to private probation company who will further rob you under the threat of imprisonment or you give government the power to jail you for not paying. Flex your rights and request a jury trial! 

3. Absolutely never request a bench trial or trial by judge. A judge sits on a bench which in Latin means bank. A judge is here to raise money for government which are really corporations. Never let one person dictate your fate because a judge will always be biased to what the police officer says because they are working for the same gang, government! 

4. Once you appear for your hearing to a jury trial, the D.A. will usually have your case dismissed because again, they have no usually evidence to try your case. Also, America is a mass incarceration nation and D.A.s did not have time to be trying minor traffic offenses.

For further information on how to legally contest your traffic or parking tickets, you can check out the Traffic Ticket and Parking Ticket Manual written Djehuty Maat-Ra of Dhealthstore.com. This information helped me tremendously fight my tickets and even parking tickets. It should helpful to you too. I recommend that everyone contest their ticket and stand up for the rights. Given that traffic tickets and fees and subsequent license suspension/imprisonment for non-payment are the New Jim Crow, I highly recommend that Blacks in particular learn the law, know the rights, and take this information very seriously so they can fight this crooked and corrupt injustice system.

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