Wednesday, August 12, 2015

HPV Vaccines Being Pushed on Boys to Sterilize and Emasculate Them

The continued push for these deadly HPV vaccines continues. HPV vaccines are deadly, toxic, and don't even prevent HPV. They are genetically engineered and have caused tens of thousands of injuries and numerous deaths.  By 2020, the CDC would like to dramatically increase the HPV vaccination rate to have an 80% acceptance rate meaning that 80% of kids receive Gardasil. This will be done through force of course. This will be done with mainstream new media and so-called "alternative" media putting out psychological warfare i.e. "vaccines are great" propaganda, fear mongering over the spread of HPV,  vaccine mandates, and threatening parents who refuse vaccination with jail time. The acceptance rate of Gardasil was very low hence why Big Pharma bribed Rick Perry, current presidential candidate to mandate the vaccine while governor, has bribed states to mandate the vaccine and has found new diseases i.e. oral and anal cancer, which the vaccine supposedly "prevents".

Initially, girls were told to get the vaccine to supposedly prevent cervical cancer, which it does not prevent do, and now Big Pharma and the CDC have recommended that boys get the vaccine. But why are they recommending this? The vaccines don't prevent anal or oral cancer so what's the real reason? The real reason for Big Pharma is obvious, to make money on the front end by administering the vaccine and on the back end by giving chemotherapy and more drugs since vaccines actually cause cancer, disability, death, and disease. The hidden eugenics reason is to sterilize them and suppress their ability to produce testosterone for population control purposes. One of the key ingredients in the vaccines is sodium borate. Read the below about sodium borate from this link:

"Borax is an acidic salt also known as sodium borate. When it enters the body, it becomes boric acid, an ingredient commonly found in rat poison, pesticides, flame retardants, and laundry detergent. When given orally, sodium borate and boric acid interfere with sperm production, damage the testes and interfere with male fertility when given to animals at high doses. Depending upon the dose, boric acid produces developmental defects, including reduced body weight, malformations and death, in the offspring of pregnant animals. Therefore, sodium borate has been banned as a food preservative in the United States and several other countries .According to the MSDS sheet for borax, the full effects of injecting boric acid is unknown, but if it this harmful to ingest it, how much more harmful is it to inject it? Researchers have known since at least 1979 that it takes only 6-8ppm of boron to effect the testicles, resulting in complete germinal cell aplasia. In the testicle, the germinal layer manufactures sperm and the Leydig cells produce testosterone. Little boys, injected with Gardasil, can develop normally, with normal testosterone levels, but be infertile when they reach the age of parenthood".

Essentially Gardasil sterilizes boys and suppress their testosterone levels.  This is exactly what chemicals, heavy metals like mercury, which are found in vaccines, and birth control pills, which are found in drinking water, are doing to men. Men today are being chemically assaulted on a global and massive level. I have exposed how estrogenic chemicals are sterilizing boys, lower the rates of male births, making boys grow boobs, and suppressing their testosterone. Documentaries have also exposed this chemical assault and books have exposed the harmful effects that this on-going emasculation of boys is having. Given that HPV vaccines are genetically engineered too and genetic engineering is code word for eugenics or population control, this would make sense that a genetically engineered vaccine would sterilize young boys and even girls. Of course, this vaccine will be pushed on Blacks, Native Americans, and other non-white populations for eugenics/racial hygiene purposes. Eugenics is scientific racism and is the practice of sterilizing, exterminating, and intentionally decreasing the population of those ethnic groups labeled inferior.  Bill Gates himself even said that vaccines will be used for eugenics or population control purposes and the Gates Foundation has been spending  millions pushing HPV vaccines around the world particularly in Third World Countries. Without a doubt, HPV vaccines are genocidal, lethal injections and attempts to mandate them should be opposed.


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