Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why Police Brutality is Good for the "Economy"

In this video, I discuss why police brutality are great for the fake economy will live in and thus will not be eliminated. Police brutality and terrorism are the products of capitalism which is based on slavery and will not be eliminated by capitalism. Modern police evolved from slave patrols that existed early in the US which had everything to do with protecting capitalism i.e. chattel slavery and the interests of the propertied i.e. the rich. Blacks were considered to be the property or "capital" at the time and these slave patrols were responsible for controlling and terrorizing this "capital". This is where the racism of police first originated. Even more, billions are made by weapons and war manufacturers selling weapons and ammo to police departments and the more police terrorism, brutality, and militarization against the masses there is, the more profits are made. Furthermore police brutality is actually something to be profited from, not eliminated, hence why the proposed solutions to police brutality i.e. Tasers/body cameras either don't decrease and/or actually increase police brutality. These solutions are truly designed to further enrich criminal corporations like Taser International. Capitalism just like the police does not serve the masses; they never have and never will.. They only benefit and serve a select few i.e. the rich. Until capitalism and its protectionist institution known as the state are eliminated, blood will continue to be spilled on the streets due to police.

Solution? This is why we need an entire new economic system, a resource based economy as promoted by the Zeitgeist Movement. The global economic system cannot be reformed. It must be dismantled and replaced with a new system.


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