Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nazi Vaccine Maker, Big Pharma & Vaccine-Mandate Groups Major Backers of Trump Cabinet

Trump HHS Pick Huge Pharma Prostitute and Tied to Pro Vaccine Mandate Groups

When Trump was running for president, he rightly exposed how vaccines were linked to autism which in fact they are. He also had a meeting with Dr. Andrew Wakefield who was one of the first doctors to expose a link between vaccines and autism.  Trump also promised to drain the swamp of corporate lobbyists. This made many in the anti-vaccine and vaccine safety community feel optimistic that Trump presidency could possibly bring some accountability to Big Pharma and justice for hundreds of thousands of children who have been vaccine-injured. However, like most criminal politicians who make appealing promises before getting elected, he has abandoned those promises since being selected as president. Obama did this when he promised to label GMOs as a candidate and when he became president, he appointed numerous Monsanto lobbyists into his administration, and passed the Monsanto-written Monsanto Protection Act and the Dark Act which effectively crushed any possibility of GMO labeling in this country.  Trump’s recent HHS cabinet pick, Tom Price is a prime example. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the FDA and the CDC. Price is a huge prostitute for Big Pharma and has received $180k in bribes aka “political donations” from pharmaceutical companies. He has received more than $20k in bribes aka “donations” from some of the world’s top five vaccine makers i.e. (Merck, Glaxo, Novartis, and Pfizer). He also received $12k from the AMA who is a major proponent of vaccine mandates and announced that they would lobby local governments to eliminate exemptions to vaccines. Price is also a prostitute for the billionaire Koch Brothers who give him $20k. The Koch Brothers is a major investor in Big Pharma and one of the biggest manufacturers of formaldehyde, a major toxic component of vaccines. The Koch Brothers have spent years lobbying to keep formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in medicines and vaccines even while actively sitting on the board of cancer foundations.  Tom Price is also an alumni, aka former member of ALEC, corporate front group which bribes local legislators to enact vaccine mandates.  Furthermore, he is a major stockholder in vaccine makers and pharmaceutical companies. 

Money Control Politics in Hidden Ways
This is another way in which money controls politics. Politicians are self-interested, sociopathic businessmen (hence why most are multi-millionaires) and usually have investments and stocks in the very industries and corporations who they oversee and often claim to be against (i.e Bernie/Stein railing against Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Wall Street while simultaneously owning their stock). This means that there are never going to do anything to hurt the very companies which they own and will even push for laws that will boost the value of the companies. It is in their best interest to do so since they actively control whether their stock portfolio goes up or down.  A video exposed this practice in terms of the Wall Street bailout where politicians who owned stock in the financial institutions supported the bailout because it would ultimately benefit for them along with their Wall Street donors, of course. Politicians are also legally allowed to engage in insider trading which permits them to trade stocks based on pending legislation usually written by corporate lobbyists. This means they can buy more stocks in pharma company for example because they know that stock will be more valuable due to a pending law written by that same pharma company which is about to passed. It is a win-win situation for the prostitute aka “politician” and for the corporation who gets a payback i.e. corporate-written law for their bribe aka “political donation”. This is why politicians are always richer after leaving office because they can legally engage in otherwise illegal insider trading and pass legislation which boosts the value of their portfolios. Politicians are just here to make themselves and their criminal corporate backers richer while making you poor in the process. Politics is about making money; not “making America great”. 

Nazi Vaccine Makers Big Supporters of Trump Cabinet Pick
Even more shockingly, Nazi vaccine maker, Sanofi was a major donor to Price. The company donated $7,500 to Price. Sanofi is one of the world’s largest vaccine makers and was a spin-off of IG Farben, a former Nazi corporation who owned concentration camps and who had been a major supporter of Adolf Hilter. Sanofi has an extensive list of criminal activities in intentionally selling drugs contaminated with HIV, selling contaminated vaccines with mold and otherwise, developing deadly vaccines for the bird flu hoax, pedophilic abuse and destruction of children during drug trials, and scamming Medicaid program and robbing taxpayers of $96 million. Furthermore, Sanofi used to be another major sponsor of ALEC or the American Legislative Exchange Council who has been pushing for vaccine mandates in nearly every state legislature. They are no longer a member but Sanofi is a member of the pharmaceutical lobbying front group PhRMA which is heavily invested in and involved with the corporate front group ALEC which wine and dines politicians and then gives them bills to pass.

Medical Fascism
Fascism as defined by Benito Mussolini is the merger of state and corporate power. The front group ALEC is the perfect definition of this as it is a corporate-funded front group which invites politicians to be members so they can do the corporations’ bidding.  Given that he has appointed a pharma prostitute as the head of the CDC and FDA, this means that medical tyranny, the war on health freedom, and pharma control of government and medicine will continue in America. Business as usual will continue.  Furthermore, vaccine mandates will be coming to America under a Trump Cabinet given that Sanofi and Big Pharma are major supporters of Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human cabinet pick. The government announced that wish to achieve mandatory vaccines by 2020 under their Healthy People 2020 initiative and the person who will be in office at that time will be Trump. His recent cabinet pick will definitely assure this as well. Trump, like all presidents, lied, corporations will get majorly paid, and the masses will be screwed.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Bio-Chemical War on the Black Womb: The Secret War on Black Women's Health and Fertility

Black women globally are being attacked.  This attack is a covert one and often times waged under the banner of “feminism” and “women’s liberation” but in fact it has everything with destroying Black women’s health, fertility, and wombs. This attack is being waged for purposes of imperialism, population control/eugenics, and profit. Billionaire industries like Big Pharma, the Medical Monopoly, Big Energy, Monsanto, and huge chemical companies are involved in this bio-chemical war. The US government and eugenics organizations like Planned Parenthood are also major players in this bio-chemical war to destroy Black women as well. This war has been secretly waged for several decades and as a result, millions of Black women have been sterilized, millions have had their wombs removed, millions have been killed by modern medicine, millions have been poisoned by toxic chemicals, and tens of thousands have been killed or maimed during hospital births. Black women now also have the highest rates of diabetes, obesity, fibroids, and breast cancer. The weapons and warriors in this war are the government, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, billionaire population control eugenicists, the CDC, doctors, hospitals, feminists, OB/GYNs, modern medicine, Black hair care products, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, birth control, drinking water, plastic bottles, and food. In this ground-breaking, explosive, and highly informative recording, I will expose the Bio-Chemical War on Black Women and what you can do protect yourself and loved ones. 
In this recording, you will learn:

  •  Why Black Hair Care Products Are Sterilizing Women and Causing Fibroids, Endometriosis, and Breast Cancer
  •  Why Birth Control Was Invented to Sterilize Black Women for Population Control/Eugenics             
  • How poor Black and Brown women in Puerto Rico were used as guinea pigs and killed during birth control trials                     
  • How Black women in Atlanta, GA were used as guinea pigs and killed during Depo-Provera trials
  • How Black Women globally are being targeted with dangerous contraceptives
  • How the US-backed and financed Israeli government uses birth control to sterilize Black women for population control
  • How Vaccines Were Invented to Sterilize Black Women and Girls 
  • How Black Women and Girls are Being Targeted with Anti-Fertility Vaccines
  • How the CDC pushes anti-fertility HPV vaccines onto Black women and girls
  • The history of anti-fertility vaccines and how they were created by billionaire population control eugenicists
  • How Bill Gates is spending billions on sterilizing Black women with dangerous contraceptives
  • How Genetically Modified Foods Were Invented for Black Genocide and how GMOs are being pushed in Africa for Population Control and Eugenics
  • Monsanto’s history of environmental racism and killing off entire Black communities
  • Why Sugar is so destructive to Black women’s womb and health
  • How Estrogen Mimicking Chemicals, which are disproportionately found in Black women, cause multi-generational infertility, breast cancer, fibroids, PCOS, and endometriosis
  • How sterilizing chemicals and drugs are intentionally added to drinking water to sterilize Black women
  • How environmental racism and big chemical polluters are causing entire communities of Black women in the US to lose their wombs and be sterilized
  • The racist history of OB/GYNs and how Black women are still being exploited and tortured by these legalized butchers, murderers, and mutilators
  • The OB/GYN destruction of midwifery and the dangers of hospital births
  • Why all hysterectomies are unnecessary and how Black women are being targeted with these dangerous and barbaric medical procedures
  • The history of the eugenics movement and how it was financed by billionaires
  • The racist history of Planned Parenthood and how they were financed by billionaire eugenicists to depopulate Black America 
  • The history of forced sterilizations of Black women and how famous civil rights leaders like Fanny Lou Hamer were forcibly sterilized
  • How the forced and covert sterilization of Black women throughout the globe became a national security priority for purposes of imperialism, repression, and resource theft
  • How Modern Medicine kills millions of Black women via the toxic and deadly combination of drug, cut, and burn medicine for population control and profit and suppresses natural cures, remedies, and medicine
  • This recording comes with a 67 source reference guide for your reference, education, and independent research

Click below to purchase this recording today. Once your purchase is complete, it will be immediately sent to your email for download. 


Wow! You most certainly covered a lot of ground and exposed a great deal of ways in which our government and others are doing not only the black community, but others harm. There are so many things wrong with what is going on. I recently watched a mini-documentary about vaccines that were causing adverse reactions in Canada so, instead of dumping them, they changed the name and sent them to third world countries where, of course, the results were the same. India has also been targeted with GMO's and is causing great harm and loss of life. European countries are banning them, so they are being sold to those who are vulnerable. That said, why the US still allows them is anyone's guess. 

When you talk about products and damage, another one to mention is deodorants with aluminum. These have been linked to breast cancer.  It's crazy!  Birth control in all forms are heavily supported by our government as you well know. Depo provera was pushed on my when I was in my 20's and I took one shot and suffered migraines. I used oral contraceptives for years.  Who knows if they played a role some how in the issues my children now suffer or my own medical problems.

The Rockefeller's are most certainly behind all of this and it dates back to the '30's? I believe when they first became involved. I believe all that you have to say and find it appalling and scary that we are so far gone, people think this is okay or turn a blind eye or perpetuate such atrocities. I hope your message gets out to those who need to hear it and that it makes a difference. Oh, as for cell phones? Another tip is not to put it behind your bra strap. I know many women who do this to avoid carrying it--BAD idea as you well know.
The challenge is how to get clean, GMO-free food to those living in poverty?  People struggling to feed their families will likely opt for what they can afford (if GMO-free food is even available--another issue).  I know there is a list called the "dirty dozen" which you should do your best to avoid if you can and stick with those that have less pesticide residue, etc.

Well, thank you for sharing that with me. It serves as a reminder that vaccines are not our only problem! 

Hey, Curtis the recording was great

"I Bought “The Bio-Chemical War On The Black Womb” to give to a friend. I didn’t feel I needed to listen to it because I thought this was information I was already aware of. Like vaccines and gmo’s. I actually ended up listening with my friend just to see if I was right in my assumption. I was shocked to learn information about Black women, hair products and fibroid tumors. This was huge for me especially since as a Black woman I know how obsessed we are with our hair. So glad I listened.

Curtis breaks all of this information down in a very easy to understand manner. This is information that needs to get out to every one. Not only every Black person but every person needs to be privy to this information. I highly recommend this mp3 buy It and then encourage your friends to buy it. It will save your life, and I’m not joking"
V. Henry

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Free Vaxxed Screening Tickets for Low-Income Blacks in Atlanta

I recently co-sponsored a promotion where I gave out dozens of free tickets to low-income Blacks to learn how vaccines are destroying them and it received such great and very touching feedback. Lives were saved and parents finally learned the truth about these lethal injections which govt and Big Pharma falsely claims are "safe and effective". Based on the great responses I received, I decided to do another promotion :) I am giving out 12 free tickets for any low-income Black family here in Atlanta to go see the groundbreaking film "Vaxxed" when it shows here in Atlanta on August 2nd, 2016 at 7:30pm. The film exposes the vaccine fraud at the CDC which is destroying millions of people, particularly African Americans who have a 167% to 240% increased risk of autism from vaccines. It is important for people to be educated about these dangerous vaccines and how the government is not protecting them at all but rather protecting the criminal pharmaceutical cartel. We want poor Blacks to have access to this information because it is poor Blacks in particular who are usually the victims and guinea pigs of the Medical Mafia and government corruption. Only a few decades ago, poor, illiterate Black sharecroppers were used as guinea pigs in the barbaric Tuskegee experiment which the CDC was responsible for. Now that same CDC is covering up that vaccines disproportionately harm Blacks. Big Pharma, prostitute politicians, and corrupt govt agencies are now pushing to make vaccines mandatory throughout the country and vaccine mandates will disproportionately hurt and violate the informed consent and rights of Blacks.

So if you are a low-income Black individual who lives in the Atlanta area who is interested in learning the truth about vaccines and gov't corruption and seeing the film, please email to receive your free tickets. No questions asked and no obligation to receive this offer. Please show up at the AMC theater in Decatur, GA to receive your tickets in person.  No more than two tickets can be given per family. Thank you for your interest.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Genocide by Injection: How Vaccines are Bio-Weapons Against Blacks (Free Lecture)

Image result for vaccines black children

This Thursday on July 14th at 8pm EST, I will be doing a free lecture on how vaccines are a bio-weapons against Blacks. My lecture will be shown on Periscope too at cdcvjoeatl for those who cannot attend in person. In this lecture, I will discuss how Black populations throughout the world are being targeted with deadly shots for genocide and population control purposes, how vaccines exclusively given out in Africa, Haiti, and other parts of the Third World contain homosexuality chemicals to achieve population control, and sterilizing agents or agents which immediately terminate pregnancies. I will discuss how vaccines are being genetically engineered to kill or harm Blacks. Lastly, I will discuss how the US gov't has secretly spent millions developing race-based bio-weapons and how former VP, Dick Cheney and the National Security Establishment of the US gov't recommended and promoted their usage. I will also discuss how the push for mass vaccinations in Africa and Third World is all about eugenics and is financed by billionaire white supremacist eugenicists like the Rockefellers and Bill Gates. I will be an eye-opening and explosive lecture which you don't want to miss!

Address: 985 Martin Luther King Jr. Suite 3, Atlanta GA 30314


Monday, July 11, 2016

How Vaccines, Birth Control, Big Pharma, The Medical Mafia, & GMOs Are Killing Blacks

Here is an interview that I did recently on the Dr. Baruch show. In this explosive and highly informative interview, I discussed how sugar and wheat are the number# 1 killers of Blacks, why vaccines and birth control are Black genocide, why the entire premise and basis of the vaccination paradigm is based on a myth propagated by Big Pharma, why vaccines are intended to cause disease so Big Pharma can sell more drugs, how HPV vaccines are sterilizing Black women and girls throughout the world, why hysterectomies are done by racist and sexist OB-gyns for population control/eugenics, how psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are destroying the mental health of Blacks, why AIDS drugs are the number one cause of AIDS in Blacks throughout the globe, how genetically modified soy infant formula is being pushed in the Black community for eugenics, why so many Black women have fibroids because the very high rates of estrogenic chemicals in their bodies, and how homosexuality chemicals made by companies like Monsanto, etc are being dumped in Black communities for population control. I discuss all of this and their link to the Rockefellers, the founders of American eugenics movement and the developer of modern toxic wheat which is killing people throughout the globe

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Prince Killed By Medical Mafia, US Opium Imperialism, and Predatory Capitalism

 Musical genius, Prince, recently passed away and many people noted that he might have been killed by the record industry in order to obtain his masters which we won back from Sony after years of struggling with them. This is definitely plausible and could have been the “unofficial” cause of his mysterious death. Millions of musical geniuses were either killed by the CIA, government agents, or through some conspiracy. However, officially, Prince died of a prescription painkiller overdose and he is one of the thousands of Americans every year who die from prescription painkiller overdose. Given his official cause of death, Prince was killed by another more entrenched and deeper “conspiracy”, which means when a group of individuals get together and plan to commit a crime. He was killed by the Medical Mafia, US imperialism, and capitalism. 

First, right now the United States is currently waging the longest war in US history, which is the war in Afghanistan. This war has absolutely nothing to do with Al-Qaeda but is in fact a modern-day opium war. One of the reasons the United States invaded the country was to make sure that the CIA, the world’s largest drug trafficker, and its corporations had a steady supply of opium. There are numerous pictures and stories where US soldiers actually stand guard of opium farmers which illustrates how the war on drugs is a complete farce. This invasion and continued occupation has literally flooded the US with opium, illicit and legal i.e. prescription painkillers. In America, there is an opium epidemic with numerous individuals addicted to prescription painkillers and to illicit heroin. This is a such a growing problem that President Obama, who was instrumental in continuing the war in Afghanistan even though he pledged to get out, announced a new federal program to assist people who have this drug addiction. Of course, the reason there is such a huge heroin addiction in the first place is because of US’s modern day opium war so it would be make much sense to stop the Opium War. That would be bad for business though. In the dominant culture too, the CIA controlled hip-hop industry is promoting the usage of heroin too with rappers glorifying the consumption of Percocet, the prescription painkiller which Prince died from and heroin syrup, “lean.

So this invasion has tremendously benefitted Big Pharma because they have a cheap and steady supply of opium which they then turned into a huge business with prescription painkillers. Heroin or other opiates i.e. morphine has always been used to treat pain particularly for those in surgery or those with severe pain. Thus only a limited amount of people used these drugs and doctors rarely prescribed them since the opiates are so powerful and have such a high potential for addiction. Now Big Pharma has flooded the market with these highly addictive drugs and of course millions take them because they have legitimate pain and then get hooked on them not because the stuff is so addictive. Of course, millions more take them because of they are legal form of heroin and you don’t have to worry about getting sent to jail for consuming the drugs. Because the painkillers are so addictive, so widely available, and government approved, millions of people end up abusing the drug and die as a result of overdose. The drugs were intentionally made addictive by Big Pharma so they can generate more drug sales too. Big Pharma was actually fined and found guilty for lying about the addictiveness of the drugs before too. Big Pharma knows about the addictiveness and subsequent deaths but is not their problem since they are not paying for the deaths just like they are paying for the foot soldiers in Afghanistan in engage in resource theft for their benefit. Those foot soldiers often end up injured and need the very highly addictive and highly profitable painkillers made by the corporations which the troops are fighting for.

Big Pharma has also sought to crush any competition to their deadly painkillers hence why marijuana is still banned. Pharma has spent millions of dollars bribing politicians to continue to ban marijuana and also financed phony scientists to lie and hype up the supposed dangers of marijuana. The ban on weed has always been about protecting Big Pharma and it is still about that to this day. Studies show that states that legalize weed have much lower rates of prescription painkiller deaths because people actually have A CHOICE to take something effective for their pain that won’t kill them and turn them into a junkie. Big Pharma is the world’s biggest cartel and the world’s biggest monopoly. They spend hundreds of millions bribing politicians to ban weed, give them subsidies, i.e. corporate welfare and grants to develop their poisonous drugs, and to ban the importation of cheap, generic drugs. They also own the FDA who functions as their militarized police force to maintain their monopoly. The FDA routinely imprisons, intimidates, or attacks natural doctors who have natural treatments for cancer, etc and companies which sell vitamins, herbs, and supplements. Of course, no herb, vitamin, or supplement can ever be prescribed to people for their medical condition even if it is effective since it is not “FDA approved” which also maintains Pharma’s monopoly. Then the DEA does terroristic SWAT raids of purveyors and consumers of medical marijuana even in states where it is legal like California to crush Big Pharma’s competition and to intimidate people from taking weed for medical purposes. So in effect, Big Pharma has two militarized, federal, taxpayer-funded police forces that are protecting and maintaining its deadly, cutthroat monopoly.  Pablo Escobar and El Chapo wished they had it that good.  Being the number #1 lobby and donor to politicians has its perks.  

Minnesota, the state where Prince lived, recently legalized medical marijuana and maybe had happened earlier, Prince would still be alive today. All the corruption, tyranny, and fraud I mentioned before are all the nature of capitalism. Wars are waged on behalf of capitalism so resources or land can be stolen and exploited, private property protected, and profits earned. The supposed government regulators are taken by over the companies they are supposed to be regulating and those regulators end up protecting and serving the very industry they are supposed to regulate. Adam Smith, famous free market economist warned of this in the early 1700s. Since capitalism is based on competition, this naturally results in monopoly and entrenched monopolies like Big Pharma then use any means necessary to destroy their competition including the power of state. As oil monopolist John D. Rockefeller said, competition is a sin. Capitalism is based on consumption and thus things are intentionally made to break, made to create the very problem it is supposed to eliminate, or made to be addictive. Food companies add addictive food additives like MSG and make highly addictive processed foods with fat, sugar, and salt, to make you eat more food and foods which you don’t need like junk and processed foods. Big Pharma make prescription painkillers intentionally addictive so they can sell more painkillers often times at exorbitant prices. Big Pharma also make vaccines which contains the very disease they are supposed to eliminate which ends up creating an outbreak of supposed “vaccine preventable disease” and thus creating the need to sell more vaccines. Apple makes rip-off smartphones which self-destruct usually around the time when they are going to release new more expensive rip-off. The politicians, the FDA, DEA, and Big Pharma are not corrupt, capitalism is corrupt. It is a sociopathic system which rewards sociopath corporations like Big Pharma, government agencies, and politicians. It has killed millions in the process and will continue to do so until it is dismantled. It is in the process of killing itself through climate change, water scarcity, ecosystem destruction and collapse, peak oil, technological unemployment, inequality, future riots and instability, and food shortages. Sadly, Prince was just one of millions of victims of this predatory system.  

AIDS, Opium, and Diamonds by Dr. Nancy Banks
Drugs as Weapons Against Us. The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other Activists by John Potash