Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nestle: "Humans Have No Right to Water, Water Should be Privatized and Sold"

According to Nestle and other proponents of water privatization and commodification, human beings have NO right to water. It should be privatized and sold which means if you lack the money to pay for safe water, you will just die which ten of thousands of people do every single day. This deadly "market" ideology is one of the reasons why thousands of residents in Flint lack safe, drinking water because they supposedly have no "right" to safe, drinking water. Ideologically speaking, bottled water companies essentially support denying people access to safe drinking water so they can sell more bottled water. Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi are currently making billions in profits from this water crisis through bottled water sales. America's water infrastructure is crumbling and its water supply is heavily polluted and this benefits the mega-banks like Goldman Sachs and bottled water companies who wish to privatize the world's water supply and make trillions from it. Banks already force 3rd world countries to sell their world supply once they get the countries in debt. Failing infrastructure and water pollution become two market-created problems which require fraudulent, market-driven solutions i.e. bottled water and water privatization. Of course, corporations are responsible for the failing water infrastructure since everything is built to break or fail in the country via planned obsolescence and many of the corporations, i.e. Nestle and Coke who push bottled water, are responsible for the tremendous pollution of the water supply today. 

Companies like Nestle are buying up the world's water supply in effort to make profits of the world's fresh water scarcity while simultaneously polluting the world's fresh water so they can sell bottled water in the first place. When these companies get their hands on the world's water, millions will die of thirst, wars will be fought over water, and fresh water will continue to be more scarce and polluted. The coming global water crisis and privatization of the water by banks and huge corporations is just another example of how kapitalism kills!

Here are some excellent documentaries below to learn about the global water crisis, corporations' and banks' stealing of the world's water supply, the fraud of bottled water, the future wars which will be waged for water, water pollution, and cause of water scarcity.


Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit By Vandana Shiva

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dangers of Vaccines & CDC Cover-Up (10 Part Interview)

In this exclusive interview on People TV in Atlanta on October 22nd, 2015, myself and Michelle Ford, founder of the Vaccine Injury Awareness League discusses the dangers of vaccines which the CDC covers up, how vaccine makers face no legal or financial liability for making dangerous vaccines which injure and kill thousands a year, how gov't vaccine science is a fraud, why vaccines are about Big Pharma profit not public health, how vaccines are driving the childhood disease and learning disability epidemic, why new vaccines mandates are a complete assault on freedom, and what you can do to fight back and protect your family. Watch all ten parts of this excellent and informative interview below:

Vaccine Injury Awareness League:

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Great Documentary On Why Sugar Even "Natural" Sugars Make You Fat

I recently saw a great documentary, "That Sugar Film" in which a guy goes on a high sugar diet as an experiment and documents its deadly effects. It is similar to the guy who filmed "Super Size Me" when he ate McDonald's for several days and became sick from eating their trash. I liked it because he did not just eat the traditional sugary foods i.e. candy, chocolate, soda, etc, he actually ate supposed "healthy" foods which contained moderate to low amounts of sugar. Just by eating granola, fruit juice, smoothies, low fat yogurt, fruit puree snacks, whole grain cereal and other "healthy" foods with added sugars, he gained a whooping 15 pounds and developed diabetes and liver disease in a matter of months! Sugar is indeed toxic and its negative metabolic effects actually happen within four hours so eating a high sugar diet for several days is sure to magnify its toxic effects.

I also liked the film because it discussed how sugary foods have destroyed the traditionally healthy Aborigines in Australia, how you can be a tofi or thin on the outside but fat on the inside from eating a high sugar diet, how sugar is destroying the dental health of kids, and how it is extremely addictive. It also discusses how sugar promotes weight gain by dramatically raising insulin levels, a hormone which tells your body to create and store fat and to not burn it. The film also does a good job discussing how the government's and nutritionists' phobia over fat in the 1970s helped spur the dramatic increase in the amount of sugar in American foods. The film correctly discusses how the sugar barons and the criminal corporations who push this addictive and destructive drug, sugar, on the populace are deliberately destroying people's health for profit. Public health is not their priority.

This film is definitely a must-watch for everyone particularly for those of you who want to lose weight and "health foodies" who have been fooled into believing that a low fat diet, smoothies, fruit juice, agave nectar, and granola are good for you. They aren't and those foods are probably the reason why you struggle to lose or are still overweight or obese.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why Money Will Always Control Politics in A "Free Market" System

There is this notion out there by many on the right and left that money is corrupting our political process and therefore, we must seek to remove the corrupting influence of money in politics. This is true. Corporations and other special interests group spend billions of dollars every year legally bribing politicians to do their bidding. From creating Obamacare, to receiving oil subsidies, to mandating vaccines, to creating so-called trade deals which work in their favor, corporations are literally writing and crafting their own bills and legislation and politicians function as mere prostitutes in suits. However, there is this erroneous notion on the right and left that this is corruption when in fact it is the so-called "free market" at play.

Let me explain. Any economist will tell you that we live in a "free market" society based on competition and the exchange of currency for something else of value. This is true. Now many economists will condemn monopolies particularly state-sanctioned monopolies such as the Federal Reserve Bank. However, whenever there is any game or competition to be played, there will be winners and losers. The winner will have a monopoly. Last time I checked, only the Patriots were crowned Super Bowl Champions not the Seahawks. The Patriots have a monopoly on the Super Bowl Trophy.  In the real life market game, there are also winners and losers and that is why certain savvy business owners will bribe politicians and use state power to make sure they "win" and crush their competition. People consider this to be "cheating" but it is not in reality, it is winning. In any zero-sum of competition, people will cheat to win. This has been shown throughout history. So of course, corporations like Big Pharma, taxi companies, oil companies, or obstetricians would use state power to crush their competition or bribe politicians to give them massive subsidies or bailouts to ensure that they "win" at the market game and continue to. As the savvy billionaire John D Rockefeller said, competition is a sin. What he is saying is whenever you are playing a game, people will do whatever they have to to win which includes destroying their competition or "cheating". 

Secondly, we live in a monetary based society where is everything and everyone is assigned a monetary value including human beings. The only value that anything has in this world is monetary. Thereby, this means that anyone or anything can be bought for the right price. You can fuck someone, kill someone, corrupt someone, and brainwash someone all for the right price.  The practice of human trafficking still exists illegally and legally. It is exists legally via the prison industrial complex and sports industrial complex. It is exists illegally through trafficking people as sex slaves. Given that everything and everyone has a monetary value and can be bought, this also includes the golden prize of state protection and favorable legislation if you are big businessman. Since America was founded in 1776, big businessmen aka "The Founding Slavemasters (Fathers)", have always had that prize in mind since they created a "Big Government" to protect their interests. The world of politics is not exempt from this market reality of everything being available for sale. Government and legislation are "things" which exist to bought in a monetary based society and you can give currency to the people who work within these institutions, politicians, in exchange for favorable actions, state protection, bailouts, or subsidies. That is the "free market" at work, working perfectly. Just like a businessman can be bribe or "pay" an athlete to favorably promote their product, spend millions in advertising to get more exposure for their product and crush their competition, or an employer can bribe or "pay" an employee to increase their sales of their product. Politics is no different. This is not corruption at all. If so, this means that the entire system is corrupt since everyone and everything can be bribed or "bought".

The truth of the matter is, the entire system is corrupt and there is no point in trying to reform it. The people who actually want to reform it in reality, seek to keep it around. Politicians must raise money to compete at the political game or win the election and thereby are beholden to those who "donate" to their campaign. If the politician does not fulfill the demands of their donor, they will lose future donations and will face negative consequences just like a media corporation that does not advertise for a company that has paid to do so will be accused of "theft" and will be fined. In the case of politician, the politician could be blackmailed and forced to resign as payback from stealing from their rich donors. This can be easily be done since news media and coverage is also available for the right price! Many reformists will say yeah I agree that is why we need to get the money out of politics and have publicly financed elections. This will accomplish nothing but create a huge black market of political bribery. This will only lead to politicians receive suitcases full of cash rather than receiving "campaign donations" or secret "super pac" donations. Politicians will get still bribed and will do the bidding of the other corporate or special interest groups since the competitive, pay to play nature of the free market will drive people to do so.

The solution to get money out of politics to eliminate money and eliminate this predatory competitive market game known as capitalism. We don't need money anymore and we don't need to live in zero-sum game where certain winners i.e. the rich take everything while billions continue to starve, suffer, and die. We need an entirely new economic paradigm which is a resource based economy as proposed by the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.