Sunday, January 17, 2016

Great Documentary On Why Sugar Even "Natural" Sugars Make You Fat

I recently saw a great documentary, "That Sugar Film" in which a guy goes on a high sugar diet as an experiment and documents its deadly effects. It is similar to the guy who filmed "Super Size Me" when he ate McDonald's for several days and became sick from eating their trash. I liked it because he did not just eat the traditional sugary foods i.e. candy, chocolate, soda, etc, he actually ate supposed "healthy" foods which contained moderate to low amounts of sugar. Just by eating granola, fruit juice, smoothies, low fat yogurt, fruit puree snacks, whole grain cereal and other "healthy" foods with added sugars, he gained a whooping 15 pounds and developed diabetes and liver disease in a matter of months! Sugar is indeed toxic and its negative metabolic effects actually happen within four hours so eating a high sugar diet for several days is sure to magnify its toxic effects.

I also liked the film because it discussed how sugary foods have destroyed the traditionally healthy Aborigines in Australia, how you can be a tofi or thin on the outside but fat on the inside from eating a high sugar diet, how sugar is destroying the dental health of kids, and how it is extremely addictive. It also discusses how sugar promotes weight gain by dramatically raising insulin levels, a hormone which tells your body to create and store fat and to not burn it. The film also does a good job discussing how the government's and nutritionists' phobia over fat in the 1970s helped spur the dramatic increase in the amount of sugar in American foods. The film correctly discusses how the sugar barons and the criminal corporations who push this addictive and destructive drug, sugar, on the populace are deliberately destroying people's health for profit. Public health is not their priority.

This film is definitely a must-watch for everyone particularly for those of you who want to lose weight and "health foodies" who have been fooled into believing that a low fat diet, smoothies, fruit juice, agave nectar, and granola are good for you. They aren't and those foods are probably the reason why you struggle to lose or are still overweight or obese.

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