Sunday, February 7, 2016

Murder by Injection and Vaccine War on Blacks Radio Show

This upcoming Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 1am EST February 10th, I will be LIVE on air discussing how vaccines are murder/sterilization by injection and have been specifically designed that way from the very beginning of the introduction of vaccines in America. Vaccines are designed to poison and sicken people to produce a highly diseased, mentally ill, and brain dead population which Big Pharma stands to profit from. I will also discuss how vaccines have been deliberately designed to specifically kill and maim Blacks and how vaccines are currently being pushed and forced on Black and Brown people throughout the globe by billionaire eugenicists, eugenics organizations, the UN, WHO, and the imperialist US govt to kill them off for genocidal, imperialistic, and capitalistic purposes. I will also discuss the upcoming townhall meeting in Atlanta featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Minister Tony Muhammad to bring more attention to the documented CDC cover-up of vaccines causing a 240% increase in autism in Black boys specifically. It will be an amazing, eye opening, and shocking show! You don't want to miss it.

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