Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Capitalism Destroys Human Needs and True Wealth

In this first episode of 'Capitalism Must Die", the myth that capitalism is a system of wealth creation and generation is destroyed. In reality, capitalism is a system which destroys human needs and true wealth which we were originally given to us i.e. clean air, clean water, good health, and clean food. Excessively high levels of air pollution, water, pollution, and pesticides, GMOs, toxic chemicals, and toxic food additives in food are all examples of this. Globally, 10 million people die from air pollution annually and in the US alone, $2.3 trillion dollars is spent annually to remedy our health destruction. Furthermore, capitalism is in the midst of completely obliterating our most precious home and greatest form of wealth which we ever have, planet Earth. Environmental destruction, water pollution, air pollution, species extinction, deforestation, soil erosion, climate change, ecosystem collapse, resource depletion, desertification, water scarcity, acidifying oceans, and loss of biodiversity are all examples of planetary destruction. Once our precious home is destroyed, humans will be destroyed too. Besides if capitalism were about "creating" wealth, then why is the biggest industry around the globe entirely based on destruction or "war"? Why are trillions spent on nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, war, military bases, chemical weapons, electromagnetic weapons, depleted uranium weapons, robotic weapons, assault weapons, guns, missiles, and bombs all of which destroy people and things?

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