Saturday, March 26, 2016

CDC Fraud, Health Freedom, and Vaccine Danger Protest in ATL On 04/22

I have partnered with the Vaccine Injury Awareness League as we protest the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the government agency which is protecting them not the public, the "Centers for Disease Creation" or CDC.  In 2014, a CDC whistleblower by the name of Dr. William Thompson came forward and revealed he had conducted a study which found that the MMR vaccine caused a 240% increase of autism in Black boys. I did a video back on this in 2014. He also revealed that the CDC covered up the dangers of the vaccines by throwing out the data in order to skew the results of the study done in 2004. This study was used as one of many fraudulent Big Pharma/CDC studies which the government has used to deny valid claims of vaccine injuries under the National Vaccine Compensation Program (which has paid out $3 billion in vaccine injury claims since 1986 yet we constantly told that vaccines are sooooo safe). The study was also used extensively by the corporate media to downplay any risks of vaccines and to smear and attack so-called "anti-vaxxers". The CDC has actually known since 2000 that vaccines were causing autism and held a meeting with pharmaceutical executives and World Heath Organization officials to cover this up.  The CDC and Big Pharma are in cahoots with the intentional destruction of young people throughout the country with these vaccines which they know are harmful. Thereby concerned parents, citizens, religious leaders, holistic doctors, and more will be protesting this scientific corruption that literally killing and harming our youth. We will also be protesting SB277, HPV mandates, and other state and federal laws which violate our health freedom and choice be forcing harmful vaccines down our throats. We will standing up for our children and their right to be healthy. Please join us. This Truth, Transparency, and Freedom protest will be from 7am to 2pm on April 22nd at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Our last protest was held on October 22nd and it was the 2nd largest protest in CDC history.

Immediately after the protest on Friday at 5pm, there will be a fundraising dinner at a delicious healthy restaurant in Atlanta where you can dine and meet with world-renowned vaccine experts and activists. We only have less than 50 tickets and they will sell out as we sold out our last fundraising dinner on October 22nd. Please click here to buy your ticket now! 

Then on Saturday, there will be be an International Vaccine Summit at Life University in Atlanta on Saturday April 23rd from 9am to 4pm EST. The purpose of this FREE educational event is to expose and inform people to the dangers of vaccines, the flawed nature of the entire vaccination paradigm, the scientific corruption at the Centers of Disease Control, the lack of accountability for Big Pharma for vaccine injuries/deaths, and the epidemic of childhood diseases which vaccines are linked to.

The list of outstanding speakers includes:
James "Jack" Lyons-Weiler
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Minister Tony Muhammad
Marcella Piper-Terry
Claire Dwoskin
Curtis Duncan
Keidi Awadu
Dr. Brian Hooker
Dana Gorman
David L Lewis
Allison Folmar
and more!!
Reserve your seat by clicking here. Seats will go fast!

For more information, please visit the website for the Vaccine Injury Awareness League.

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