Friday, April 15, 2016

Min. Farrakhan, Dr. Nancy Banks, & Keidi Awadu Headline FREE Vaccine Summit in ATL

On Saturday April 23rd in Atlanta, GA, there will be an amazing Vaccine Summit from 9am to 4pm at Life University. This summit will expose the dangers of vaccines, why the entire vaccination paradigm is a fraud, your legal rights when it comes to vaccines, the government's assault on parental choice and health freedom, why the CDC vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety or efficacy, why there never be any safe vaccines since Big Pharma seeks to produce patients not public health, why the CDC is here to protect Big Pharma not the public, how vaccines are being used for population control and eugenics, the allegations of the CDC whistleblower that the MMR vaccine was causing a 240% increase of autism in Black boys, why vaccine makers have no legal immunity for vaccine injuries (vaccines have been ruled unavoidably unsafe by Supreme Court) and much more. It will be the world's best vaccine summit and one of a kind! You definitely do not want to miss it!
We have an amazing line up of speakers for you. Speakers include Marcella Piper Terry, Keidi Awadu, Dr. Nancy Banks, Alison Folmar, Dr. Judy Mikovitis, James "Jack" Lyons-Weiler, Claire Dwoskin, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Curtis Duncan, David L. Lewis, Dr. Brian Hooker, and Minister Tony Muhammad. It will be FREE and open to the public. Register by clicking here

On Friday, there will also be a protest on April 22nd in front of the CDC from 7am to 2pm to protest the on-going corruption at the CDC and the fact the CDC threw out data which shown a 240% increase of autism from the MMR vaccine in Black boys. As a result of this suppression of this data, close to 100,000 to 250,000 Black boys now have autism as a result! That's genocide and hence why we protest on April 22nd. Please join us. More info here

On Friday evening, there will be a delicious fundraising dinner and movie at a private location where you will get the chance to network and meet vaccine experts from around the country. We will also be screening a documentary as well. The funds will be used to offset some of the costs for hosting the free vaccine summit which include speaker travel (speakers will not be paid to speak), audio/camera crew, and promotion costs. Click here to buy a ticket to this magnificent affair.    

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Assault on the Male: BBC Documentary on the Feminization and Sterilization of Men

This is an excellent documentary from the (BBC) British Broadcasting Corporation which documents why male sperm count has significantly dropped within the past several decades.  It also notes why there are increased rates of testicular cancer, smaller testes, and undescended testicles amongst men. The film also documents how male fish are being turned into females and are developing female sex organs!

The film was done in 1993 and male fertility and testosterone is still on the decline.  A recent study documents how the sperm count of French men has dropped by a third.

All of this is happening because of the overwhelming estrogenic chemicals that men are being exposed to on a daily basis. These chemicals have been dumped into the environment in the past several decades and are found in food, beverages, body and household products. These chemicals destroy male fertility, cause impotence, suppress testosterone, and shrink male penises. They also cause men to develop a female gender identity and to become gay! This is why I created my world-renowned and highly popular recording, The Chemical Feminization and Emasculation of Men, to help people avoid all these harmful estrogenic chemicals.

I recently did an interview where I discuss the conspiracy behind these chemicals on Red Ice Radio. These ubiquitous estrogenic substances were created for population control and eugenics purposes. You can listen to that excellent and highly informative show here.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why Smoothies, Just Like Soda, Are Making You Fat

In this video below, I detail why consuming smoothies is just as bad as drinking a soda and why many commercial smoothies have more sugar than TWO cans of soda.  Smoothies cause obesity because they are highly processed food as a result of blending which breaks down the fiber causing your liver to convert the fruit sugars into fat very quickly. Eating too much fruit alone causes obesity too.

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