Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Free "Vaxxed" Tickets for Low-Income Black Families In Atlanta!

I and the Vaccine Injury Awareness League are offering 25 free tickets for any low-income Black family here in Atlanta. The film will be showing in Atlanta from May 13th to 19th at the Landmark Movie Theater. The film exposes the vaccine fraud at the CDC which is destroying millions of people, particularly African Americans who have a 167% to 240% increased risk of autism from vaccines. It is important for people to be educated about these dangerous vaccines and how the government is not protecting them at all but rather protecting the criminal pharmaceutical cartel. We want poor Blacks to have access to this information because it is poor Blacks in particular who are usually the victims and guinea pigs of the Medical Mafia and government corruption. Only a few decades ago, poor, illiterate Black sharecroppers were used as guinea pigs in the barbaric Tuskegee experiment which the CDC was responsible for. Now that same CDC is covering up that vaccines disproportionately harm Blacks.

So if you are a low-income Black individual who lives in the Atlanta area who is interested in learning the truth about vaccines and gov't corruption and seeing the film, please email dr.curtisduncan@gmail.com to receive your free tickets. No questions asked and no obligation to receive this offer. Please select the times you wish to attend by clicking here. The tickets will be sent to you via email. No more than two tickets can be given per family. Thank you for your interest.