Sunday, June 26, 2016

Prince Killed By Medical Mafia, US Opium Imperialism, and Predatory Capitalism

 Musical genius, Prince, recently passed away and many people noted that he might have been killed by the record industry in order to obtain his masters which we won back from Sony after years of struggling with them. This is definitely plausible and could have been the “unofficial” cause of his mysterious death. Millions of musical geniuses were either killed by the CIA, government agents, or through some conspiracy. However, officially, Prince died of a prescription painkiller overdose and he is one of the thousands of Americans every year who die from prescription painkiller overdose. Given his official cause of death, Prince was killed by another more entrenched and deeper “conspiracy”, which means when a group of individuals get together and plan to commit a crime. He was killed by the Medical Mafia, US imperialism, and capitalism. 

First, right now the United States is currently waging the longest war in US history, which is the war in Afghanistan. This war has absolutely nothing to do with Al-Qaeda but is in fact a modern-day opium war. One of the reasons the United States invaded the country was to make sure that the CIA, the world’s largest drug trafficker, and its corporations had a steady supply of opium. There are numerous pictures and stories where US soldiers actually stand guard of opium farmers which illustrates how the war on drugs is a complete farce. This invasion and continued occupation has literally flooded the US with opium, illicit and legal i.e. prescription painkillers. In America, there is an opium epidemic with numerous individuals addicted to prescription painkillers and to illicit heroin. This is a such a growing problem that President Obama, who was instrumental in continuing the war in Afghanistan even though he pledged to get out, announced a new federal program to assist people who have this drug addiction. Of course, the reason there is such a huge heroin addiction in the first place is because of US’s modern day opium war so it would be make much sense to stop the Opium War. That would be bad for business though. In the dominant culture too, the CIA controlled hip-hop industry is promoting the usage of heroin too with rappers glorifying the consumption of Percocet, the prescription painkiller which Prince died from and heroin syrup, “lean.

So this invasion has tremendously benefitted Big Pharma because they have a cheap and steady supply of opium which they then turned into a huge business with prescription painkillers. Heroin or other opiates i.e. morphine has always been used to treat pain particularly for those in surgery or those with severe pain. Thus only a limited amount of people used these drugs and doctors rarely prescribed them since the opiates are so powerful and have such a high potential for addiction. Now Big Pharma has flooded the market with these highly addictive drugs and of course millions take them because they have legitimate pain and then get hooked on them not because the stuff is so addictive. Of course, millions more take them because of they are legal form of heroin and you don’t have to worry about getting sent to jail for consuming the drugs. Because the painkillers are so addictive, so widely available, and government approved, millions of people end up abusing the drug and die as a result of overdose. The drugs were intentionally made addictive by Big Pharma so they can generate more drug sales too. Big Pharma was actually fined and found guilty for lying about the addictiveness of the drugs before too. Big Pharma knows about the addictiveness and subsequent deaths but is not their problem since they are not paying for the deaths just like they are paying for the foot soldiers in Afghanistan in engage in resource theft for their benefit. Those foot soldiers often end up injured and need the very highly addictive and highly profitable painkillers made by the corporations which the troops are fighting for.

Big Pharma has also sought to crush any competition to their deadly painkillers hence why marijuana is still banned. Pharma has spent millions of dollars bribing politicians to continue to ban marijuana and also financed phony scientists to lie and hype up the supposed dangers of marijuana. The ban on weed has always been about protecting Big Pharma and it is still about that to this day. Studies show that states that legalize weed have much lower rates of prescription painkiller deaths because people actually have A CHOICE to take something effective for their pain that won’t kill them and turn them into a junkie. Big Pharma is the world’s biggest cartel and the world’s biggest monopoly. They spend hundreds of millions bribing politicians to ban weed, give them subsidies, i.e. corporate welfare and grants to develop their poisonous drugs, and to ban the importation of cheap, generic drugs. They also own the FDA who functions as their militarized police force to maintain their monopoly. The FDA routinely imprisons, intimidates, or attacks natural doctors who have natural treatments for cancer, etc and companies which sell vitamins, herbs, and supplements. Of course, no herb, vitamin, or supplement can ever be prescribed to people for their medical condition even if it is effective since it is not “FDA approved” which also maintains Pharma’s monopoly. Then the DEA does terroristic SWAT raids of purveyors and consumers of medical marijuana even in states where it is legal like California to crush Big Pharma’s competition and to intimidate people from taking weed for medical purposes. So in effect, Big Pharma has two militarized, federal, taxpayer-funded police forces that are protecting and maintaining its deadly, cutthroat monopoly.  Pablo Escobar and El Chapo wished they had it that good.  Being the number #1 lobby and donor to politicians has its perks.  

Minnesota, the state where Prince lived, recently legalized medical marijuana and maybe had happened earlier, Prince would still be alive today. All the corruption, tyranny, and fraud I mentioned before are all the nature of capitalism. Wars are waged on behalf of capitalism so resources or land can be stolen and exploited, private property protected, and profits earned. The supposed government regulators are taken by over the companies they are supposed to be regulating and those regulators end up protecting and serving the very industry they are supposed to regulate. Adam Smith, famous free market economist warned of this in the early 1700s. Since capitalism is based on competition, this naturally results in monopoly and entrenched monopolies like Big Pharma then use any means necessary to destroy their competition including the power of state. As oil monopolist John D. Rockefeller said, competition is a sin. Capitalism is based on consumption and thus things are intentionally made to break, made to create the very problem it is supposed to eliminate, or made to be addictive. Food companies add addictive food additives like MSG and make highly addictive processed foods with fat, sugar, and salt, to make you eat more food and foods which you don’t need like junk and processed foods. Big Pharma make prescription painkillers intentionally addictive so they can sell more painkillers often times at exorbitant prices. Big Pharma also make vaccines which contains the very disease they are supposed to eliminate which ends up creating an outbreak of supposed “vaccine preventable disease” and thus creating the need to sell more vaccines. Apple makes rip-off smartphones which self-destruct usually around the time when they are going to release new more expensive rip-off. The politicians, the FDA, DEA, and Big Pharma are not corrupt, capitalism is corrupt. It is a sociopathic system which rewards sociopath corporations like Big Pharma, government agencies, and politicians. It has killed millions in the process and will continue to do so until it is dismantled. It is in the process of killing itself through climate change, water scarcity, ecosystem destruction and collapse, peak oil, technological unemployment, inequality, future riots and instability, and food shortages. Sadly, Prince was just one of millions of victims of this predatory system.  

AIDS, Opium, and Diamonds by Dr. Nancy Banks
Drugs as Weapons Against Us. The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other Activists by John Potash

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Naturally Overcome Eczema

I am very sensitive to the topic of eczema because I had the skin condition very badly when I was younger and when I got older. Being a child, it was very disheartening to have the condition while having to apply embarrassing creams to remedy the condition. Based on what I now know about ezcema, it is an extremely easy condition to overcome. In this audio recording, I will go through the causes of eczema and how to avoid exposure to these different causes. I also share highly effective supplements, foods, essential oils, lifestyle changes, and topical oils that can heal your eczema in a matter of days. I also discuss how the Emotional Freedom Technique, a miraculous simple acupressure technique, can heal eczema quickly.
In this recording, you will receive information on:
  • The environmental and diet-related causes of eczema
  • How eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and how this condition is directly related to our consumption of inflammatory foods. Omega 6 fatty acids are one type of inflammatory foods, and I will disclose the others.
  • Why eczema can also be a manifestation of "toxic" blood and what herbs are effective at detoxing and purifying the blood
  • How common household products, skin care products, and fragrances can cause eczema and what natural alternatives can be employed to reduce your risk
  • What natural remedies can be used for severe cases of eczema where infection or bleeding might occur
  • What particular foods and oils can be consumed to easily heal eczema
  • What miraculous acupressure technique can be used for the itching and pain associated with eczema and even heal it.  This acupressure technique is also most effective in managing stress in which eczema is directly related!
  • What kind of compress to use for itching
  • What miraculous topical oil can get rid of eczema in a matter of days!
  • What oil taken internally is highly effective in healing eczema
  • What essential oils, oils/butters and herbal ointments are helpful for externally healing eczema
  • Other pertinent tips and practices for healing eczema