Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Naturally Overcome Eczema

I am very sensitive to the topic of eczema because I had the skin condition very badly when I was younger and when I got older. Being a child, it was very disheartening to have the condition while having to apply embarrassing creams to remedy the condition. Based on what I now know about ezcema, it is an extremely easy condition to overcome. In this audio recording, I will go through the causes of eczema and how to avoid exposure to these different causes. I also share highly effective supplements, foods, essential oils, lifestyle changes, and topical oils that can heal your eczema in a matter of days. I also discuss how the Emotional Freedom Technique, a miraculous simple acupressure technique, can heal eczema quickly.
In this recording, you will receive information on:
  • The environmental and diet-related causes of eczema
  • How eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and how this condition is directly related to our consumption of inflammatory foods. Omega 6 fatty acids are one type of inflammatory foods, and I will disclose the others.
  • Why eczema can also be a manifestation of "toxic" blood and what herbs are effective at detoxing and purifying the blood
  • How common household products, skin care products, and fragrances can cause eczema and what natural alternatives can be employed to reduce your risk
  • What natural remedies can be used for severe cases of eczema where infection or bleeding might occur
  • What particular foods and oils can be consumed to easily heal eczema
  • What miraculous acupressure technique can be used for the itching and pain associated with eczema and even heal it.  This acupressure technique is also most effective in managing stress in which eczema is directly related!
  • What kind of compress to use for itching
  • What miraculous topical oil can get rid of eczema in a matter of days!
  • What oil taken internally is highly effective in healing eczema
  • What essential oils, oils/butters and herbal ointments are helpful for externally healing eczema
  • Other pertinent tips and practices for healing eczema

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