Monday, July 11, 2016

How Vaccines, Birth Control, Big Pharma, The Medical Mafia, & GMOs Are Killing Blacks

Here is an interview that I did recently on the Dr. Baruch show. In this explosive and highly informative interview, I discussed how sugar and wheat are the number# 1 killers of Blacks, why vaccines and birth control are Black genocide, why the entire premise and basis of the vaccination paradigm is based on a myth propagated by Big Pharma, why vaccines are intended to cause disease so Big Pharma can sell more drugs, how HPV vaccines are sterilizing Black women and girls throughout the world, why hysterectomies are done by racist and sexist OB-gyns for population control/eugenics, how psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are destroying the mental health of Blacks, why AIDS drugs are the number one cause of AIDS in Blacks throughout the globe, how genetically modified soy infant formula is being pushed in the Black community for eugenics, why so many Black women have fibroids because the very high rates of estrogenic chemicals in their bodies, and how homosexuality chemicals made by companies like Monsanto, etc are being dumped in Black communities for population control. I discuss all of this and their link to the Rockefellers, the founders of American eugenics movement and the developer of modern toxic wheat which is killing people throughout the globe

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Essie said...

Excellent show. I learned so much, and what you said explains many experiences that I have had in family and in my community. Thank you

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