Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Dark Side of Veganism

In a recent radio interview, I discussed the dangers of veganism and vegetarianism. The recent vegan propaganda film, "What the Health" has brought veganism into the spotlight and increased its popularity but the increased adoption of the vegan diet will actually do more harm than good. In this show, I discuss why the vegan diet is a New Age scam which only leads to brain shrinkage, disease, infertility, and malnutrition. It is not good for the environment, does not make more peaceful but rather more depressed and delusional, definitely does not make you more "spiritual", and does not improve health but rather destroys it. I also discuss why veganism is boon for Big Pharma and the soy and grain industry. I also discussed how the the vegan diet is promoted by global elites for eugenics and population control and by cults for mind control. It is a very informative and eye opening show.

In this show, I discuss:

1. The origins of vegan diet in America and how it was never about health but suppression of human sexuality
2. The dangers of the vegan diet and why it is a starvation diet
3. The importance of animal fats and cholesterol for proper brain health
3. My four year experience as a vegan and why it led to depression and even suicidal thoughts
3. The dangers of grains, soy, fruit and other seemingly "healthy" plant based foods
4. Why humans are not herbivores nor carnivores but rather omnivores or a mixed eater
5. The dangers of vegan diet for babies and why it could destroy their proper development
6. How Blacks are being targeted for genocide with soy infant formula
7. Why type of animal foods you should consistently incorporate into your diet
8. Why veganism is a clever marketing ploy by the soy and grain industry to increase consumption of their toxic foods
9. Why veganism is excellent for creating more life long customers for Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia
9. Why veganism leads to infertility, impotency, homosexuality, and smaller penises hence why it is used for eugenics and population control
10. Why we need animal protein and fats why plant based protein is inferior.  And why is protein through other foods not nearly as good and usable as animal protein?
11. Why cults and other oppressive organizations often advocate vegan diets for brainwashing and to control and dumb down their followers. 

Listen to this explosive show here

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