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Surviving The Pharma-Induced Flu Outbreak

The flu season is upon us and according to new published reports, it may extend until the late spring. The flu is said to have caused a tremendous amount of deaths and hospitalizations this year. News reports come out daily with reports of little children dying from the flu. Scared yet? Well you should not be. Whenever mainstream media starts fear mongering about a relatively harmless virus and a disease outbreak, you should ask some simple questions. Who benefits from me being afraid? Secondly, is the threat actually real or more media hysteria? In this article, I will explain why the recent much-hyped flu outbreak is actually a hoax and natural ways that you can protect yourself from infectious diseases.

Does The Flu Really Kill 36,000 a Year?
First and foremost, are people really dying from the flu? According to government’s data, there are 36,000 flu deaths annually. However, most of these deaths are “flu-related” deaths which is not the same thing as an actual flu death. What public health officials do is lump any death they think may be caused by the flu and then call it a “flu death”. This fabricated number includes respiratory, circulatory, cardiac, and pulmonary deaths which have absolutely nothing to do with the flu. These fraudulent statistics are complete lies which are designed to sell more flu vaccines. In reality, the true amount of people who die from the flu annually is closer to 500 people which is a far cry from the mythical 36,000.

Is The Flu Vaccine Really Effective?
Secondly, the flu shot is a completely ineffective solution to prevent the flu. The flu shot only protects you against a few strains of the flu when there are several strains that may cause the flu. Flu shots often target the wrong strain too. The flu vaccine this year is only about 10 percent effective which means it is 90% percent ineffective. Flu vaccines have a long history, going back for decades, of being woefully inadequate. The over-usage of the flu vaccine in our society actually leads to more virulent and deadly mutations of flu strains which again create more demand for flu vaccines which again offer virtually no protection. 

What Are The Hidden Dangers of The Flu Shot?
The flu shot is far more dangerous than the actual disease. Flu vaccines are actually the most dangerous vaccine based on the government’s own vaccine injury compensation data. It has been shown to cause instantaneous death, narcolepsy, febrile convulsions, asthma, and Guiliain-Barre syndrome (a fatal neurological condition and autoimmune disorder that leads to ascending paralysis). It is extremely dangerous for children to get the flu shot as it causes autism, ADHD, and seizures. The flu shot is often recommended for pregnant women too. What is not disclosed to expecting mothers is that the flu shot causes miscarriages, preeclampsia, and pre-term births. In seniors, the flu shot causes Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The flu shot also contains extremely toxic levels of the deadly heavy metal, mercury, which is one of the most toxic substances known to man and is not safe in any amount. Public health officials and media will often lie and say that the flu shot has no more mercury than a can of tuna. This meant to placate people when in reality, flu shots are far more dangerous than a can of tuna since you are injecting this mercury directly into your bloodstream and it thus cannot be eliminated like you can during digestion. The amount of mercury in a multi-dose flu vaccine is 50,000 ppb which is 25,000 times the amount that the FDA considers to be safe for drinking water and 250 times the amount that the EPA considers to be hazardous waste and extremely toxic. The amount of mercury in “mercury free” vaccines is 300 ppb. Studies have shown that ingesting foods with 200ppb of mercury can cause permanent brain damage. Now when you inject an extremely toxic amount of mercury (300 ppb or 50,000 ppb of mercury) directly into the bloodstream, you will totally destroy the brain and the nervous system. No wonder dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, anxiety disorders, depression, autism, and multiple sclerosis are at all-time highs in this country. This is completely insanity and these injections are making us insane! Also pregnant women are told to avoid eating tuna for mercury concerns but then told that injectable mercury in vaccines is safe. This is complete nonsense. Here are some of the other poisons found in the flu shot:
  • Egg antigens (causes allergies, asthma, and autoimmune ailments)
  • Monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxin which causes permanent brain damage Alzheimer’s, and autism)
  • Thimerosal (mercury compound known to cause neurological damage)
  • Formaldehyde (a carcinogen)
  • Polysorbate-80 (known to cause infertility)
  • Antibiotics (causes gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, stomach pain, yeast infections, and loss of healthy bacteria which maintains the proper balance of microflora to maintain digestive health and immunity)

Do these ingredients sound like poison or “protection”?

Does The Flu Vaccine Causes Flu Outbreaks?
 Big Pharma is in the business of producing customers, not public health. Public health is the enemy of Big Pharma and that is why Big Pharma is in the business of creating disease. Their sole purpose for existing is to maximize profits for their shareholders which they are legally obligated to do. Since they are in the business of disease, they are legally obligated to maximize the amount of disease so they can maximize their profits. In order to create disease, they inject millions of people with these disease-creating vaccines because these vaccines create outbreaks which leads to more vaccine sales. The flu vaccine definitely causes outbreaks because it actually used to contain the actual flu virus. Whenever you injected with a live virus, there is a process known as shedding where the virus spreads to other people. Furthermore, research has shown that the flu vaccine weakens your immune system causing a 250% increase in flu infections in subsequent years. Furthermore, the immune system weakening as result of the flu vaccine makes one more likely to contract the flu strains not found in the vaccine. Remember, the flu shot only offers protection against a few strains of the flu and often times targets the complete wrong strain. All of this and along with the fact that over-use of flu vaccines actually causes flu virus mutations which makes the virus more virulent and deadly demonstrates that flu vaccine-induced outbreaks and mutations are big part of Big Pharma’s business plan.

How to Naturally Protect Yourself Against the Flu
The best thing you can do to protect yourself against the flu is reduce sugar intake. Sugar suppresses the immune system and it was shown in the early 1900s that polio outbreaks directly correlated to increased sugar intake. You should also eat more anti-inflammatory foods like organic fruits and vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables and less pro-inflammatory foods like grains, wheat, dairy, commercial meats, and processed vegetable oils.  Vitamin D, which can be obtained naturally from the sun during the summer months, is the most critical component to having a strong immune system. Vitamin D supplements are beneficial for the flu but I recommend getting your Vitamin D levels checked first before supplementing with Vitamin D3. Your levels should be between 60 to 80 ng/ml. Vitamin C from fruits like berries, grapefruit, and vegetables like broccoli are also great immune enhancers. The most beneficial herbs to take to prevent the flu and stimulate the immune system are astralagus, elderberry, olive leaf, turmeric, goldenseal, reishi mushroom, and echinacea. Oil of oregano and aged garlic extract are also great natural remedies for the flu.
A weakened immune system is often due to stress too. Thereby it is important to walk in nature, meditate, and practice yoga. People who are often people pleasers and who have weak boundaries often have weakened immune systems according to groundbreaking research from Dr. Gabor Mate. Learn to say “no” and to seek your own approval and validation.

You can prevent the flu and keep you and your family healthy. Just do not expect Big Pharma or public health agencies to help you out though. The sicker you are, the more money they earn. That is why it is important for to take control of your health and not rely on the medical experts who seek to profit from your disease, not your well-being.  Thank you for reading.

When The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Mate

Curtis Duncan is a holistic health researcher who has studied close this topic close to a decade. He can be reached at or via email at

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